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Why pay the outrageous prices that car dealerships are asking for new car parts?

Troubles Wreckingis a car wrecker that supplies genuine car parts that will do the job at only a fraction of the price!

Troubles Wrecking is your one stop shop for all your car parts needs, specialising in supply and fit of all recycled spare car parts, We stock all Makes and Models and are constantly buying in stock to provide every one of our customers with every used car parts requirement. We are Affiliated with over 750 other recycled car parts dealers, so by calling us you are reaching most the used car parts world. If we don’t have your spare parts, we will find it for you…. FREE!

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Being one of the original car wrecking yards left, we of all people know that car wrecking is not for the untrained eye. Troubles Wrecking is a car wrecker known for its ability to send our customers the right car part first time, every time. With so many variances in car parts these days, People often seem to fall in the trap of dealing with a less experienced car wrecker and end up paying labor charges two or three times more than necessary. This is due to a car wrecker supplying the wrong car part to the mechanic who then ends up fitting and removing the wrong part two or three times. This results in the customer being charged two or three times by the mechanic for the extra work involved.

We at troubles wrecking provide a car part supply and fitting service and are one of the few car wreckers that do, Any car part that is supplied and fitted by Troubles wrecking comes with a labor warranty as well, making us a safe car wrecker to used. Troubles Wrecking also deals with hundreds of other car wreckers that we find to provide a satisfactory service to our standards. So please do not hesitate to use us to locate a car part for you from any other car wrecker from around Australia.  

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“New and non Genuine car parts available for nearly all makes and models”