Franky Rochetich

From Tennis Player, Tennis Coach, Wrecking yard dismantler, Phone salesman, Hotline operator of the year & now the CEO of

The worst few years of my working life struck when we lost our grandfather whom had worked with us for a decade, my dad had to go in for a triple heart bypass, and I was there to run the sales and warehouse on my own. Three generations, down to a temporary one, never to be those three again.

I look at this time as the years I learnt exactly how the world works. It isn’t a Willy Wonka factory; it throws punches you don’t see coming, it was up to me to keep the income stream of my whole family flowing.

Reflecting on those few years, I realized now that my ability to deal with adversity, play percentages and take risks when risked are required to be taken had been instilled into me by all those close wins and heartbreak losses during my tennis playing years. I had been groomed for this, one point at a time.

2016/2017 Most Professional Operator Award - This award has only been awarded to seven or so people.2016/2017 Most Professional Operator Award - This award has only been awarded to seven or so people. 

My father recovered and, when he was capable, he came back to work. Then, suddenly, it happened without anyone realizing it. Whenever someone called, they would ask for me. If there was an issue, they would ask for me. If someone needed a day off, they would come to me. The natural progression happened without anyone noticing… years went on… our sales multiplied 10x over.

The next phase which I like to call the climb, our shop went from one of the bottom-feeders to one of the busiest yards in Melbourne averaging over 200 to 300 phone calls a day. By this time, I was answering nearly 90% of the sales calls. The workshop became computerized entirely, a big jump from the days when Dad and I had to commit every part and part interchange into our memory. I had been in the industry now for 21 years.

After listening to the audio book “From Rock Bottom to Rockstar” by Ryan Blair and the audio book of Grant Cardone “Be Obsessed or Be Average,” I went and seen Mark Bouris speak in Melbourne, the founder of Yellow Brick Road & Mentored (the website) – each I found inspiration in.

Mark Bouris said something…

(How could one sentence make such an impact?)

“Who here hates turning up to their business every day?” The whole room raised their hands.

He asked us, “What problem is in your industry, and how can you solve it?” It hit me like a ton of feathers. This is my calling… to disrupt the automotive trade forever and make it easier for people around Australia to source parts, whilst raising the standards of suppliers.

Well, my trade has significant flaws,

  1. The buyers don't know what question to ask to get the correct part.
  2. 90% of the used parts interpreters have no idea what questions to ask or how to get the correct answers from the sellers. This trade isn't policed; buyers wouldn’t have a clue if they are talking to an experienced parts interpreter or a local chimney sweeper.
  3. Things like warranties, freight companies, rights as sellers and buyers are such a grey area that I think it’s time for us, as an industry, to raise our standards here in Australia and New Zealand and set some guidelines.
  4. Every single person that I can’t help with their item asks me if I could suggest another place they could try to locate their part to get their family car back on the road.

These are just a few of the problems afflicting the auto parts trade. Imagine a website that undertakes to overcome these flaws and limitations and address all of your concerns.

That’s exactly what does and more – check it out!

Franky Rochetich
CEO / Founder

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Ps. A very big and special thanks to Luke, & the team down at Digital Bridge Web Development, they helped created make my vision a reality, shared it with me and have absorbed the ups and downs of creating a platform like this one, whilst dealing with a person as hard headed as me.

I can’t recommend them enough, and believe me they have shared the same enthusiasm for this project as I have.

Pps. A super special thank to Inspiring Memories Photography (Janitta) for the awesome photo’s displayed in this small bio, check her out on Facebook for details.