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2020 10 Most Reliable Car Brands in Australia

Manufacturers  ·  August 18, 2020

2020 10 Most Reliable Car Brands in Australia

When buying a new car, is reliability an important consideration for you? Do you first ask: What’s the most reliable car in Australia today? I’d like to think that majority of the car-buying population do so, knowing they won't have to bother about a reliable car for the next 5 or 7 years. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned, and problems start arising just months after getting the car.

While some issues are purely accidental, others have something to do with the car brand. For this reason, you need to weigh your options before deciding on a new car. We naturally lean towards cars with awesome looks – which is not wrong in any way – but not at the expense of reliability. It must be on top of your criteria, along with other factors based on your needs, budget, and personal preferences.

What are the most reliable car brands in Australia?

We can gauge the reliability of each car brand based on the average number of issues experienced within a time interval. Cars brands with the fewest issues rank as the most reliable cars.

There is no surefire way of determining and ranking car reliability since no person or agency can access data from the Automotive Retail and Manufacturing Syndicate, which collects data on the overall performance of cars from different makers. 

Even so, we can still rank cars according to their reputation. We can all agree that the brands with the least issues build the most reliable cars.

In Australia, Japanese automakers have proved to be among the most reliable for a while now. Toyota, for instance, has been named the most trusted car brand twice according to surveys conducted in Australia.

The same surveys showed that California-based automaker Tesla has reliable cars in the EV category. Volkswagen and the axed Holden brand occupied the lower spots. Volkswagen’s emission scandal has dented its credibility in the face of Australians and the global market.

Automotive and transport data from the Annual Risk Report by Roy Morgan revealed the top three most trusted car brands in Australia as Toyota, Mazda, and Tesla, respectively. It is worth mentioning that Toyota and Mazda have, in the past, occupied the top spots in terms of reliability.

In comparison, Tesla is a relatively new player in the Australian market yet seems to be doing great so far. The carmaker is widely known for its superb electric vehicle range and only entered the local market in 2014. 

Australia’s most trusted car brands

Below is a run-down of Australia’s most trusted car brands in 2020:

1. Toyota

2. Mazda

3. Tesla

4. Honda

5. Mercedes-Benz

6. Subaru

7. Nissan

8. Hyundai

9. Ford

10. BMW

Which brands have the lowest and highest running costs?

Like human beings, not all vehicles are created equal. Car brands have different prices, and their long-term running costs vary widely. Some cars have a relatively low sticker price and high maintenance costs. It is a good idea to consider the overall cost before making a purchase. 

Kia came out as the brand with the lowest maintenance cost according to the mid-2019 survey by the Royal Automobile Association, and thus is the best car brand to buy in Australia. The Picanto, Rio, and Cerato models all took the top spot as cheapest cars to maintain in the Micro, Light, and Small categories. The survey also revealed the Tesla’s Model X as the most expensive car to run in Australia.

Here’s the full report:


Kia Picanto S (AEB) JA MY19 5D Hatchback 


Mitsubishi Mirage ES LA MY19 5D Hatchback 


Fiat 500 Pop Series 6 3D Hatchback



Kia Rio S YB My19 5D Hatchback


Suzuki Swift GL Al 5D Hatchback I


Suzuki Baleno GL My16 4D Hatchback



Kia Cerato S (AV) BD MY19 5D Hatchback 


Holden Astra R BK MY19 5D Hatchback 


Mitsubishi Lancer ES Sport CF My17 4d Sedan



Toyota Camry Ascent Sport (Hybrid) 


Toyota Camry Ascent Sport 


Hyundai Sonata Active 



Holden Commodore RS (5yr) ZB 5D Liftback 


Holden Commodore RS (5YR) ZB 5D Liftback 


Toyota Camry SL V6 GSV70R MY19 4D Sedan 


People Mover

Honda Odyssey VTI RC MY19 4D Wagon 


Hyundai Imax Active TQ4 MY19 4D Wagon


Kia Carnival S YP MY19 4D Wagon 


SUV Small

Hyundai Kona Active (FWD) 


Honda HR-V VTI MY18 4D Wagon 


Suzuki Jimny GJ 2D Wagon 


SUV Medium

Toyota RAV4 


Ford Escape Ambiente (AWD)


Mazda CX-5 Maxx (4x4) 


SUV Large

Subaru Outback 2.5i MY18 4D Wagon 


Subaru Outback 2.0d MY18 4D Wagon 


Mazda Cx-8 Sport


SUV All-Terrain

Isuzu MU-X LS-M (4x4)


Toyota Fortuner GX


Mitsubishi Pajero Sport GLX (4x4) 


While some brands only experience issues occasionally, others have problems very often. This can be frustrating since it requires you to make costly repairs.

The good news is all car brands come with a warranty so you can get sorted out in case your car turns out to be nothing but a chunk of metal. There’s also the Australian Consumer Law. That said, you can always count on legal remedies, although they may involve lengthy processes.

Your best bet is to get a car from the most reliable car brands. This way, you don’t have to worry about frequent trouble issues arising. Although the automotive industry is one of the most trusted industries, not all car brands deserve this trust.


Don’t worry if you can’t spot your car on this list. Chances are that it is just as good and will serve you well. Even the most reliable car brands do have issues sometimes, and in such event, repairs and replacements are necessary. At Carpart, we have the best resources to help you locate the auto parts you need. Try our Car Part Finder - get a quote now!

By Sam O.

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