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BMW M8 Competition

Car Reviews  ·  September 29, 2021

BMW M8 Competition

The BMW 8 Series is generally seen as a comfortable two-door grand tourer meant for the longer journeys, but the M8 Competition leans more on the last part of its name to become more performance than comfort-oriented. 

The BMW M8 Competition has Intelligent M xDrive capabilities paired with an Active M differential, providing for a great driving experience with a lot of potentials. 

Some of the additional high-performance components include M compound brakes, racetrack cooling systems and the M1 and M2 Drive buttons. For those who would like a bit more adrenaline, the M Sport exhaust system provides an enhanced sound experience. 

BMW M8 Competition Specs & Features


The sleek styling of the BMW 8 Series gets more aggressive with the M8 form due to the traditional M styling, which includes flared arches that house 20-inch alloy wheels. The front and rear bumpers are quite aggressive as well with air curtain designs to guide the air to the brakes for cooling purposes and a power bulge hood. 

There are other complementing features as well, such as the traditional tailpipe quartet at the back. The M8 Convertible attains some of the attributes from the other non-M-models like the Icon Adaptive LED headlights that have BMW laser-light technology. 

From the exterior, distinguishing the BMW M8 Competition from the standard model is a unique M Star-spoke bi-colour design with the badges getting a black 'Competition' detailing. 

BMW M8 Competition Interior

If there is one area where the M8 feels like the grand tourer, it is the cabin. It entails BMW's complement of craftsmanship on display. There is quilted leather on the door panels, blending well into the laser grilles which cover the Bowers & Wilkins sound system. 

The front seating is supportive and comfortable, while the rear is opulent but non-functional. There is limited head and legroom, though it is compensated by the trunk space which allows sufficient space for clubs and suitcases. 


The BMW M8 Competition is one of the most overtly powerful models in the market. The 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 is worth 460 kW and 749 Nm of torque. Unless it is on open roads, the driver will hardly get the chance of achieving the upper end of the vehicle's performance. The V8 engine is matched to an eight-speed automatic transmission. 

How fast is a BMW M8 Competition?

The M8 Competition can accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in 3.2 seconds and has a top speed of 306 km/hr. The trade-off is it will not be an eco-warrior when it comes to the gas mileage. The EPA estimates that it would return 6 kilometres to the litre in the city and 8.9 on the highway. These numbers hinge though on one's levels of restraint. 


The usual complement of quality in tech is on display with the BMW M8 Competition. The 10.2-inch screen illustrates it on the dash that runs the iDrive system. The interface is quite responsive in its daily use and boots in a hurry during cold starts. The new screen is part of the new BMW Live Cockpit Professional that entails a digital 12.3-inch instrument cluster which shares the same graphics with other models like the Z4 and the X5. 

Upon selection of the driving mode, it adopts a race-inspired design, lending it a race car feel. It also has the new M steering wheel wrapped in leather and attributive red M buttons. The standard seating is also replaced with M Sport seats featuring heavier bolstering, diamond pattern stitching and M seat belts. 


There are some adjustability attributes aboard the BMW M8 Competition. Instead of the usual modes, the Setup features a menu of what can be adjusted and in which ways. The engine and suspension have a Sport Plus option which the steering and the brakes do not. The throttle can be a bit touchy, however, and the ride can be quite hard. 

Trying to drive the BMW M8 Competition in a sedate manner is possible, though it will not be as comfortable as the GT. The engine is going to come along at the low revs and provide sufficient torque to do city driving, but even when the active exhaust is turned off, it is still quite loud. The transmission can be hard when coming to a stop during slow speeds, but it becomes smoother once traction has been gained. 


There are several safety packages on board, but these can be costly. The standard driver-assist kit entails automatic emergency braking only. The single-lane holding system has full-speed adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, but requests for this have to be issued. The car can even be outfitted to park itself but with surround-view cameras and parking sensors. 

The package includes lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, side collision avoiding, evasive steering assist, and semi-autonomous highway driving functionalities. The available night vision camera overcomes those deficiencies the driver might have within low light settings. 

BMW M8 Competition Price Australia

The M8 Competition is quite pricy considering that at $352,900, it is $77,000 above the base price of the M850i xDrive. The BMW M8 Competition price in Australia goes northward of $350,000, depending on which options and body style you choose (sedan or coupe).

Final Thoughts

It was improbable that BMW would be able to bring a better model than the M850i so soon, but the M8 Competition defies expectations. It combines the comfort which is available in the 8 Series with heart-stopping performance. In the age of compromise where most models are opting for smaller engines and hybrid setups for emission's sake, the BMW M8 Competition is a brazen product that was created for the sole purpose of performance. 

As a proper race car, it capitalises on a sizeable twin-turbocharged engine complete with sophisticated transmission. The technological accents make it feel more intimidating on the road. The only issue is the fuel economy as the sacrifice for a brazen powertrain setup. 

The exterior is sleek, exuding the practical elements of the M series design language. Similarly, the safety packages and suspension are also on point allowing for a great driving experience. The culmination would be the BMW M8 Competition price tag which shows this is a choice car and not for the faint-hearted.

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