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2020 Nissan Patrol Ti-L

Car Reviews  ·  June 17, 2020

2020 Nissan Patrol Ti-L

For some time, the Nissan Patrol has been considered as an adventure-filled ride with a solid reputation as a four-wheel-drive wagon. Some of the words used to describe it include large and enormous, and Nissan made it a petrol-only proposition, so it was one of the more distinct purchase options. The 2020 Nissan Patrol is available with a facelift and revised standard equipment provisions. It also has updated safety technology and a higher price tag than its predecessor.


The 2020 model adds a new front and rear bumper, which takes the Patrol Ti-L into the next decade. The Ti-L dimensions are 5175 mm long, 1995 mm wide, and 1955 mm tall. The height is contentious, considering several car parks have a maximum clearance of only 1.9 metres. 

The SUV stands out with its chiselled styling, with a wall-like face that extends to a high and broad bonnet. The flat roofline leads to a vertical drop at the tailgate. The new look of the Patrol works well, giving it a sharper and more unified look, which minimises the bulbous appearance. 


The Nissan Patrol Ti-L provides sufficient spacing for eight passengers, which is no wonder considering the exterior dimensions. The driver and passenger seating are also lush, while the second row can seat three adults with ease. It does get tight in the third row, but a tall adult would not have to endure if it’s only a short trip. Even when the vehicle is occupied to full seating, there will still be about 468 litres of cargo space. With the third row folded and freed up, that figure goes up to 1413 litres. 

The head and legroom in the second row are excellent, with a 100 mm gap on average between the knees and the seatback of the passenger and driver seat. The boot space also has cargo hooks along with a 12V socket and tyre-changing tools underneath the flooring. The third row has a top tether point for anchorage. The three rows get air conditioning as there are roof-mounted vents and some storage spaces in the third row but no cup holders. The surfaces are padded with leather and soft-touch padded materials. The fit and finish are great and stylish.


The dash looks like an aircraft cockpit with a maze of knobs, switches, and dials. The front passenger and the driver have access to an 8.0-inch touchscreen, which is for multimedia or any of the overload of buttons in the centre console. It appears stylish and and has the main creature comforts that one would expect, such as satellite navigation and in-car entertainment. 

The Ti-L also has second-row seat entertainment screens, intelligent rearview monitor, driver's seat memory with two settings, 13 Premium Bose Speaker. The features include heated and cooled front seats, though the heating and ventilation options require some familiarisation. Unfortunately, the Patrol does not supply Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. 

The 4-wheel drive system and off-road controls are marked, allowing for easy user interface. There are generous door pockets, a decent-sized glovebox, and two USB ports at the front 12V power outlets. 


The engine is a 5.6-liter petrol V8 engine that churns 298 kW at 5800 rpm and 560 Nm at 4000 rpm. It is linked to a seven-speed automatic transmission that provides well-spaced ratios and smooth shifting capability. The Nissan Patrol gets off the mark quickly, considering it weighs almost 3 tons. 

It is agile and easy to manoeuvre within the city, which is quite unexpected for a vehicle of its size. The ride is quiet, and the steering is also precise, though the driving experience is not very engaging. The Nissan Patrol returns 14.4 litres per 100 km, which the 140-litre tank gives a range of 900 km.

The off-road experience is one of the strong points of the Patrol Ti-L. It does not only look the part but matches up design-wise. The ground clearance is 273 mm, and the approach angle is 34.4 degrees while the departure angle is 26.3 degrees. The wading depth is 700 mm. With these figures, there is not a lot that can stand in its way.


The Nissan Patrol Ti-L has gone through several safety upgrades over the years. The previous years’ upgrades saw the addition of advanced technologies, including automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, lane-keeping assistance, rear cross-traffic alerts, and blind-spot warning, making the driver steer back into their lane upon deviation. 

There are two ISOFIX points, and two tether anchor mounts in the second row for the child seats. Only the right-hand seating within the third row has a child seat installed, and there is a top tether anchor point. The Patrol also has the usual complement of front-seat-mounted, side-impact supplemental, roof-mounted, and frontal airbags.


The entry-level Patrol begins at $76,990. The Ti-L, which is the highest-level trim and comes with the full complement of features, is priced at $92,790. Nissan provides a five-year unlimited-kilometre factory warranty upon purchase of the model.

Final thoughts

If the objective is to get the biggest, most capable SUV for all-terrain and the family, then the Nissan Patrol Ti-L is the best choice to go. The exterior dimensions may seem imposing, but it was meant to give the occupants as much comfort as possible while keeping the off-road capabilities. 

The reliable reputation of the Patrol is well deserved, considering the Ti-L offers the full package of amenities and power. There's more than enough power for the 3-tonne vehicle from the V8 engine and transmission. The price tag is high; however, that is expected from the features and capacity that this large SUV offers.

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