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5 Quickest Ways To Locate Cheap Car Parts In Adelaide

CarPart  ·  February 10, 2021

5 Quickest Ways To Locate Cheap Car Parts In Adelaide

Wouldn’t you like to save a few dollars on car maintenance expenditure? I bet you do!

The cost, the often daunting search process, and the possibility of getting the wrong fit are the primary factors that trouble us when replacing car parts or getting new car accessories. Fortunately, there are ways to get around these difficulties. You’ll save time, money, and energy. 

Replacing auto parts shouldn’t be a problem in today’s world as there are many ways to find a car part. And that’s true whether you’re buying small car parts or looking for a used transmission or a second-hand engine. The problem is today's people aren't aware of today's methods. 

But count yourself lucky! Since you’re reading this now, you’re about to leave behind your unknowing past. Let’s dive in and teach ourselves some of the quickest ways to buy auto parts.

P.S.: If you live in Adelaide, we got a unique tool (or call it a gift) for you near the end of the post. So stick around!

What Are Some of the Quickest Ways to Find Cheap Car Parts in South Australia?

1. Wrecking yards 

Wrecking yards are usually the first options that come to mind when we think of supercheap auto parts as they offer great value for your money. While some of them sell only used and recycled parts, others may also sell new parts.

2. Auto Part Retailers

Here’s another obvious one. You may directly approach general replacement body parts retailers or those specialising in certain car brands. The more specialised a store is on a particular brand or vehicle type, the likelier they’ll have the part you need.

3. Yellow Pages 

Yellow Pages are an option too. Instead of jumping on the road right away searching blindly for retailers and shops, you can first use Yellow Pages to condense the list. You can streamline your options using reviews, the store's proximity to your location, and so on. You could even call the shops. This will help you reduce your search mileage. 

This process might seem tedious at first since you still have to do some work, researching each seller and contacting them individually. If you have the time, though, it can be a pretty a smart approach. 

4. Swap Meets 

In Australia, you can also go to swap meets for car body parts. It's where car enthusiasts barter parts and socialize. These meets significantly increase your chances of getting those auto parts that has always evaded you in the past.

5. Car Dealerships

Calling the dealership is another way to locate a hard to find part as they would order the required auto part for you if they do not have it in stock. The downside is that this option can be costly. Online parts dealers and shops serve as a cheaper alternative and also have information on other potential sources that may have the part if they do not.

6. Car Clubs

Car Clubs attract a group of people who share a common interest in a specific type of vehicle. Since a few members will have probably faced the obstacle of locating similar parts, they can be helpful when you’re struggling to find car parts and accessories. They will usually offer suggestions to others in such situations. Also, some members may have the required parts for sale. 

In Adelaide, such clubs can be found online, and they also have a physical location where you can attend their special events. Some examples include the Sporting Car Club of S.A. Inc, The M.G. Car Club of S.A., and so many others.

7. Local Mechanics 

Another easy way to get car parts—especially when looking for hard-to-find parts— is to call a local mechanic specialising in the repair of your vehicle brand/type. Mechanics are well-versed in locating auto parts and always ensure you get the best quality of whatever parts you might need at a lower price – even if they have to source these parts themselves.

What Is the Best Way to Locate Cheap Car Parts in Adelaide?

Is it possible to use a few resources to easily search for car parts? Here are three tools that will make your search for cheap car parts a walk in the park. 

1. Web Search

First, let’s I’ll speak in generic terms. The internet has made it easier to get these things done. Platforms like eBay and Gumtree are the staples in this regard. Even independent auto part retailers and wrecking yards now have online storefronts. You can take the actual part number off a car part and search the web for it. Or you can search for stores. Whatever works for you! 

This seems obvious. But if you're a baby boomer or older folk, you're probably used to your old crude ways. Rather than searching for Yellow Pages in print, use the web. Get the drift? Remember, today’s search is only easy if you use today’s (21st century) tools for your search.

2. HAPSA (Hotline Auto Parts SA)

Speaking of today’s tools, HAPSA is one tool you be using if you reside around Adelaide. Yes, here's the tool I told you of early on. HAPSA was established in 1982 to source and supply replacement parts such as used and reconditioned engines, automatic and manual transmission gearboxes, differentials, suspension, and car panels. Visit the HAPSA website to use their car parts locator service, and they will source your desired parts for you. 

3. CarPartAU

Still speaking on today's tools, our game-changing auto parts locator tool at Carpart is possibly your quickest route to cheap yet quality car parts in Australia today. Search our marketplace for the part that you want, or you may request it by filling in this short form

Best of all, the service is free! Low-cost access to car parts has never been easier. 

By Damilare Olasinde

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