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5 Most Affordable Compact SUVs in 2021

Manufacturers  ·  December 25, 2020

5 Most Affordable Compact SUVs in 2021

Versatility, lower purchase price, and efficient running cost have made SUVs the vehicles most favoured by Australians. SUVs have stepped up the competition by combining many of the best characteristics of family sedans, wagons, pickups, and minivans. Even compact SUVs offer more space, higher sitting position, and improved visibility to take a car owner's driving experience to the next level. It’s not surprising if they would soon become the new city cars. 

VFACTS figures show that about 50% of Australians bought SUVs in 2020, and this increasing interest has fueled a healthy competition among automakers. To get the attention of the buying public, top brands keep their packages attractive in terms of features, equipment, and price.

There’s no dearth of exciting SUVs in the Aussie market, and there are updates continually coming, so picking the best and most affordable model can be a bit of a task. Lucky for you, you'll find 5 of the cheapest compact SUVs in this list. 

Top 5 Picks for the Most Affordable SUV 2021

1-Honda HR-V

If you love aesthetics, Honda HR-V should always be your top choice because of its elegant design and spaciousness compared to its competitors. It is loaded with above-standard features and sharply priced at around $25,000. The driving comfort and cargo flexibility it offers make it ideal for long family drives. 

It has an adjustable steering wheel with incorporated buttons to operate Bluetooth, audio, and cruise control. For enhanced safety, this SUV also comes with a low-speed autonomous braking system. Lane watch and passenger-side blind spot camera further complement your road safety. Height-adjustable front seats improve frontal visibility, and excellent fuel economy makes it the top choice of Australian SUV lovers.

2-Mitsubishi ASX

Mitsubishi ASX is one of the old cars redesigned by the Japanese company in 2020 to give it a new look. Spaciousness, reliability, and a lower price tag will make it one of Australia's favourite vehicles in 2021. ASX has been consistently selling well in Australia for the last ten years due to its up-to-the-minute technology drive. This SUV offers a reasonable amount of cabin space that makes it ideal for avid travellers. The latest features in this SUV make it one of the trendiest and most tech-savvy vehicles roaming the Down Under. It is equipped with autonomous emergency braking, automatic high beams, pedestrian recognition, and lane-assist features. This hugely popular SUV comes with a state-of-the-art infotainment system to ease the long drives.

3-Mazda CX-3

We could see Mazda CX-3 continuing to perform well in the 2021 sales charts because of its dependable engine performance and the extra bit of comfort it comes with. The availability of variants is also an added advantage, giving buyers a good selection from which to choose. 

What’s interesting about this urban-focused SUV is that it behaves much like a sedan and is known for its reliability and versatility. It showcases the hard work that Mazda has done to improve its engine performance while reducing the noise. 

CX-3 combines the best elements of quality steering and impeccable suspension to provide a seamless driving experience. Its standard features include cruise control, reverse camera, infotainment system with AUX and USB support, window tinting, AEB, six airbags, and many more. In some variants, the steering and suspension give it a sporty feel. The only negative about the vehicle is insufficient trunk space as compared to its competitors.

4-Hyundai Tucson

Korean manufacturing giant Hyundai is also planning to launch fourth-generation Tucson by the first quarter of 2021. Here, it is pertinent to mention that Hyundai sold 18,251 examples of Tucson in 2019, making it the sixth most selling SUV. Now, this fourth-generation model NX4 is coming with many improvements to rival Mazda CX-5 and Toyota RAV4. 

Hyundai will launch Tucson with a hybrid option for the first time. There are also reports that Hyundai has based this SUV on the Vision T concept car unveiled last year. If this is true, the vehicle may have slimmer headlights, more sophisticated contour, and slightly larger dimensions. The experts are hopeful that the SUV will be an epitome of the latest technology and safety features in the field of automotive. It will come with ABS brakes, parking sensors, cruise control, lane-assist feature, and airbags.

5-Suzuki Ignis

Are you looking for the most affordable ultra-compact SUV? If yes, go with Suzuki Ignis, which comes with extra ground clearance to make it ideal for both on-road and off-road adventure. It started as a funky-looking subcompact car but crossed over as an SUV in its Cruze-based second gen. Suzuki has maximised the internal space by its angular body shape. It appears larger than the typical hatchback and offers more head and leg space. Suzuki Ignis comes loaded with the latest technology features and flexible luggage space, making it ideal for extended family trips. It boasts of a 7-inch touchscreen multimedia, equipped with satellite navigation and reversing camera. The manufacturer offers a five-year warranty for it, giving you a hint of its reliability. Suzuki Ignis is available in two variants with six colour options. Its bold, distinctive styling enhances the front visibility.

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