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Are Alpina Cars Available in Australia?

Manufacturers  ·  February 21, 2023

Are Alpina Cars Available in Australia?

Alpina is a little-known automaker that's typically only familiar to enthusiasts. They're an independent company that takes BMW vehicles and produces more luxurious, higher-performance versions. Alpina vehicles are rare, so can you get them in Australia?

Yes, you can get Alpina cars in Australia as they’re imported by ASG Melbourne Pty Ltd. Only a limited number of models are available in the country, namely, the Alpina B3, B4, XD3, and the Alpina B8 Gran Coupe. Aside from the whole vehicle, you can also purchase Alpina accessories like body kits and alloy wheels, among many others.

Read through this guide to learn about getting Alpina cars in Australia. You'll also learn about Alpina's history and relationship with the BMW Group.

Can You Buy Alpina in Australia?

Yes, you can buy BMW Alpina cars in Australia. The vehicles are produced exclusively at the Alpina location in Germany, and only a few of their models are brought into Australia.

Currently, you can buy the following models in Australia:

Aside from those models, you can also buy Alpina accessories in Australia, including body kits, alloy wheels, and much more.

How Is Alpina Different from BMW?

Alpina takes existing BMW models and builds high-performance versions of them. Approximately 300 Alpina staff members in Buchloe, Germany build engines by hand and tune the vehicle's parts for higher torque and overall performance.

Aside from what’s under the hood, Alpina also customises the luxury interiors with special badging, colours, and other options that you won’t get with standard BMW models.

Then, those components are supplied to a BMW factory for the assembly process.

Finally, they return the vehicle to the Alpina facility to put the final touches on the interior and the car’s tuning.

Does BMW Own Alpina?

Yes, Alpina has recently been acquired by BMW as part of the BMW Group as of 2022. Before that, Alpina was an independent company separate from BMW, albeit with a long-standing relationship with the latter.

The Alpina history shows that the company was founded in the 1960s, and their first product was a BMW tuning kit designed for the BMW 1500. Using that kit increased the car’s performance and put it on the same level as another model, the BMW 1800.

Alpina has continued producing BMW tuning kits and building high-performance versions of existing BMW models. They've developed and maintained a close relationship with BMW over the decades since the company was formed.

For Australia, Alpina vehicles are imported by only one company: ASG Melbourne Pty Ltd, which goes by the trading name ALPINA Automobiles. They’re the only company importing Alpina automobiles and Alpina accessories like body kits and alloy wheels.

Are Alpina BMWs Rare?

Yes, Alpina BMWs are incredibly rare; only a few people know they exist. Non-enthusiasts might not know what Alpina is, but die-hard BMW fans certainly do.

To put their rarity into perspective, you should know that Alpina only builds 1,700 cars annually.

That means Alpina vehicles are rarer than Ferrari (producing approximately 10,000 a year) and Rolls Royce (producing about 5,000 a year).

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By Ray Hasbollah

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