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Are Ford Parts Cheap?

Manufacturers  ·  August 10, 2022

Are Ford Parts Cheap?

Are you buying a Ford car? More likely than not, you’re only thinking about the upfront costs of the car, but did you know that you’ll spend more for parts and maintenance once you have your car? 

So, one question to ask when buying a Ford is whether Ford parts are cheap

Yes, Ford parts are generally cheap and highly accessible. You can get your hands on Ford genuine parts at a reasonable cost without looking too far. You can reduce your costs on Ford parts by sourcing from local parts dealers, buying online, or purchasing second-hand Ford parts.

Know more about why Ford parts are cheap and how you can save even more when shopping for the parts you need.

Are Ford Cars Good to Buy?

Firstly, let’s talk about Ford cars overall. Are they a good buy? 

The simple answer is YES.

That should come as no surprise, considering how Ford is a world-renowned brand that you can buy in pretty much any city or country.

There are plenty of reasons behind Ford’s popularity with car buyers, including how long it remains serviceable after leaving the showroom.

One of the essential qualities of Ford cars is this: Finding new, used, and aftermarket Ford parts is easy and affordable.

Better yet, the Ford brand gives car buyers a chance to be sporty without burning a hole in their wallets. You can buy a sporty vehicle from Ford and find the lowest prices for parts compared to other brands of sportscars. 

So, overall, yes, buying a Ford vehicle is an excellent choice, especially when purchasing spare parts to keep your car running optimally.

Does Ford Use Chinese Parts?

Yes, when you invest in a new Ford or buy Ford parts to fix one, there’s a chance that those parts come from China.

Like most leading auto brands, Ford does not make all the parts it needs for its vehicles. Instead, it sources parts from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) worldwide, including China.

One example is Summit Plastics, a company based in Nanjing, China, that produces components for instrument panels installed in various Ford models.

Ford not only sources parts from Chinese manufacturers, but it has also shifted its overall manufacturing capabilities to China for economic reasons. In 2021, the American automaker started building its Ford models in China. 

That's not the start of a new trend, either. In 2017, Ford chose China over conventional manufacturing locations like Mexico and Michigan to build its Ford Focus models.

Why Does Ford Use Parts from China?

It’s not surprising that Ford uses China-made parts—it is for the same reason that other leading carmakers have begun sourcing parts from the world’s manufacturing centre.

As mentioned, Ford has moved many of its factories to China for the following reasons:

Are Ford and Motorcraft the Same?

In a way, yes. Motorcraft is an auto parts brand owned and operated by the Ford Motor Company.

Ford established Motorcraft in 1972 to supply OEM Ford parts to buyers. Since then, the business has grown to supply parts that also fit other vehicles from Ford’s luxury brands like Mercury and Lincoln.

These days, Motorcraft also sells aftermarket Ford parts and consumables like motor oil and automatic transmission fluid, to name a couple.

Are Motorcraft Parts Genuine Ford Parts?

Not in the strictest sense, though there is little to no difference between Genuine Ford parts and parts you’d buy through Motorcraft.

Motorcraft is owned by Ford, and it sells both OEM and aftermarket Ford parts. Meanwhile, Ford genuine parts come directly from Ford and are the same as the parts used in manufacturing Ford vehicles.

Despite the similarities in quality, Ford genuine parts are generally costlier than the OEM parts you can get through Motorcraft.

It helps to know this distinction, especially when buying parts at a workshop or ordering them online. Motorcraft parts should come slightly cheaper than brand-new genuine Ford parts. 

How Do You Find Cheaper Ford Spare Parts?

Whether you buy Ford genuine parts or those from Motorcraft, never forget that there are plenty of ways to save money when buying spare parts for your Ford.

Here’s how you can get Ford parts cheap:

Check with your local auto wreckers, junkyards, or even the Marketplace at CarpartAU. Used parts sellers test and clean parts before selling them. Plus, many offer warranties and fitting services on those parts, too.

We have posted many articles about these car part sellers to make it easier for you to find them. You can start with this Adelaide wreckers or this dismantler in Brisbane.

By Ray Hasbollah

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