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Aussie Car Rental Companies Offer Help for Doctors and Nurses

CarPart  ·  April 13, 2020

Aussie Car Rental Companies Offer Help for Doctors and Nurses

As assaults by the COVID-19 crisis on the economy mount, businesses suffer setbacks with each passing day. The spike in infections and deaths in March gripped the world with fear of a global recession. 

But it’s not a lost war, and our fate is not written yet. Majority of the governments worldwide have adopted measures like self-isolation, sheltering in, and quarantines. In Australia, travelling is restricted to contain the spread of COVID-19. Public transports are strictly regulated and, in some regions of the world, banned.

To perform essential activities, the safest form of transport would be to use a private vehicle. That would ensure proper distancing. Unfortunately, not all essential workers have access to a private car. That would have been the end of it - but no. The Aussies once more showed how businesses, regardless of how badly hit they are, care for their fellow humans. This story tells of two car rental companies who both have a heart that's bigger than any crisis. 

Europcar Car Rental Company

In Australia, car rental company Europcar is offering up to 55% discount on vehicles leased for healthcare and essential industry workers during this coronavirus outbreak. With a private car, it would be safer and quicker for essential workers to get to their jobs and back to their homes than if they went by public transport.

“Together” Program

Europcar has launched the “Together” program from the 2nd of April to express their oneness with the frontline fighters. Under this program, the car rental company leases vehicles to healthcare and essential industry workers for short, medium, and even long distances across the country at much-reduced costs, with discounts ranging from 35-55%. 

The company has even offered light commercial vehicles to help transport food, medical supplies, and logistics to meet the demands of hospitals and medical centres.

Europcar also assured healthcare professionals that all the cars in their fleet are thoroughly disinfected after each rental. 

Hertz Australia Car Rental

Hertz, a global chain of car rental companies, offers 240 rental vehicles to healthcare professionals in Australia for free. Healthcare professionals registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) can rent vehicles free of charge for 30 days initially. Hertz has allocated 30 cars for each state, and these are available for rent at specific Hertz locations in those states. 

Healthcare workers can collect a vehicle after proper verification. Hertz has also offered that health workers can rent the cars after 30 days at much-reduced costs. Unlike Europcars, it has specified some models for free rental. These include small cars like Toyota Corolla and small SUVs like Nissan Qashqai.

The company spokesperson stated that they are doing this in appreciation of what the Australian healthcare workers are doing to combat the COVID-19 disease. He added that Hertz is closely monitoring the coronavirus situation in the country and is taking necessary steps to assure the availability of free rental vehicles and the safety of its staff and customers.

Aussies Pay It Forward

This is a concrete example of how the various players of the Australian automotive industry are doing their share in this battle to support those at the frontlines. Car dealers, car part suppliers, and repair shops implement several measures to ensure that they’re on the same page as the rest of the country – implementing social distancing, conducting businesses online as much as practicable, and sanitising the workplace and their products. 

In line with these measures, we invite you to use online car part platforms when you search for parts or cars. It’s the best way to apply social distancing while keeping your car in healthy condition.     

Businesses and shops would also appreciate it if you call them first before going to their office or store. You will find our directory highly useful for this purpose. Like we often hear these days, this is the new normal, and the best way to survive in this challenging time is to adapt to the changes that it has brought. 

By Ghazanfar

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