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Australia Eases Lockdown - Can I Drive My Car to a Friend’s House Now?

Controversial  ·  May 4, 2020

Australia Eases Lockdown - Can I Drive My Car to a Friend’s House Now?

The lockdown has undoubtedly been – and still is – a tough time for many of us and in ways that have never happened before. 

Thankfully, the COVID-19 restrictions did a lot of good for the country. From a peak of 460 new cases on March 28, we're down to fewer than 20 infections per day.

South Australia and Northern Territory have not had a single new case for weeks now, and Queensland has started seeing zero daily rate infection since Monday last week. In Western Australia, there were days last week when they reported no new infections. 

So, what does this mean for Australians? 

Can we now go for a drive?

Being able to get out and drive – other than to buy food and essentials – suddenly feels like an all-important expression of freedom. We used to take that for granted, but now it’s a big deal! The general rule is still the same – observe social distancing and stay at home as much as possible. The specific answer to whether you can go for a drive varies depending on where you live. 

Are we now allowed to visit other households or accept visitors?

In most areas, you may now leave your home more and do so for recreational purposes. However, it’s not the signal for holidaying yet. People are still encouraged to stay at home and refrain from unnecessary social encounters. The number of people that constitutes a social gathering also depends on the state or territory where you live.

What happens next?

For the last two weeks, the country heaved a sigh of relief as the daily new case rate averaged at less than 20, with April 23 and 27 registering only 8 new infections each. The government is optimistic that this trend continues in its downward direction until a vaccine is produced and the virus is eliminated. The figure yesterday (May 3) was at 18. 

States and territories have allowed more freedom, albeit cautiously. NT plans to reopen restaurants, gyms, and other public places on May 15 and lift all restrictions by June 5. Social distancing will remain to be a byword in every household in the country for the next few years.

Early mark for Australians

In a press conference last week, PM Scott Morrison expressed how well Australia has done in flattening the curve, saying that the people have ‘earned an early mark.’ The Prime Minister is scheduled to meet with the National Cabinet to discuss relaxing the restrictive measures and restarting the economy. He reminded the states and territories that the current crisis is uncharted territory, and it’s only prudent to exercise caution.

Indeed, easing too much too soon could prove risky and costly. Whatever form the new norm would take, we expect that social distancing and hygiene would be its core. The premature dropping of our guards will be tantamount to inviting a second wave, undermining our hard-won success. 

Stay tuned for more updates on COVID-19 in Australia. As you start driving to nearby cities and towns for that much-needed breath of fresh air, make sure that your car is in good shape. Check the kilometres on its odometer and refer to the owner’s manual for scheduled servicing or repairs that require car parts replacement. Inspect the tyres and the levels of fluids. 

Remember that servicing shops and auto parts suppliers are essential services and have not stopped doing business. Still, we encourage you to do contactless and, if possible, online transactions. If looking for sellers, try the find a part tool in our website! It’s the safest and most convenient way to shop!


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