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Australian Car Part Manufacturer Launches Widest Range of Cylinder Heads for Over 140 Models

CarPart  ·  June 8, 2020

Australian Car Part Manufacturer Launches Widest Range of Cylinder Heads for Over 140 Models

Amidst all the negative news in the Aussie automotive industry lately, there are some silver linings to be happy about. Some auto businesses showed resilience and even thrived during these uncertain times. Take for instance HM GEM Engines over in Dandenong, Melbourne, which recently launched their most extensive range of brand-new cylinder heads!

These cylinder heads are designated for the local market to be used in light commercial vehicles, 4x4's and even passenger vehicles. Whether you're driving a petrol/diesel Toyota, Mitsubishi, Kia or any other of the 140 models that they cater to, they've got you covered. 

Best of all, they have it right when you need it, with 110 units ready-to-ship at any one time produced by nine different warehouses between Adelaide and Cairns.

Quality Control

HM GEM's primary manufacturing plant in Dandenong earned ISO accreditation (9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems) for the stringent standards it adopts in maintaining the quality of their plant and the off-sourced components. But quality isn't the only factor here, as these car parts must also be a good fit for the vehicles where they will be used. That's why HM GEM also pays very close attention to the suitability of the parts, making sure that they actually work for cars in the Australian market.

After passing through strict quality control measures, the parts will then enter the assembly stage. At this stage, the parts are handled by experienced machinists and fitters to produce OEM-quality replacement cylinder heads.

What's A Cylinder Head?

For those who have no idea about cylinder heads or their function, here's a quick lesson. A cylinder head is the top part of an internal combustion engine. The 'head' (as it's sometimes called) sits right on top of the cylinder block. When the head and the cylinder block are joined together (with a head gasket sealing that joint), they form the combustion chamber. As the name suggests, this is where combustion takes place and power is generated to move the vehicle. The cylinder head is also where parts like valves, fuel injectors and spark plugs are mounted.

About HM GEM

Just as impressive as this recent launch is the company itself. HM GEM was established in 1968 and has since worked its way up to becoming the largest engine re-conditioner in Australia. That's half a century's worth of expertise in engines and cylinder heads! 

The company delivers its parts and services to customers through its vast network of 20 warehouses and service outlets across Australia. 

Beyond the automotive industry, the company also serves the marine, mining, and power generation industries, to name a few of the sectors benefiting from its operation.

HM GEM is a part of the Headmod Group under the leadership of former mechanic Bruce Parker. Under Mr Parker's leadership, the company has grown significantly over the years, mostly through enhanced business practices, acquisitions, and market growth. Today, HM GEM is recognised as an industry leader in reconditioned engines and cylinder heads.

It's interesting to note that Australia's car part manufacturers and local supply chain continue to thrive even as the country's car manufacturing industry has long taken the opposite direction. Let's continue to support our local parts manufacturing industry and not allow it to suffer the same fate that befell our car manufacturers.

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By Ray Hasbollah

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