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Finding Auto Parts Near Me: A Step-By-Step Guide

CarPart  ·  March 1, 2022

Finding Auto Parts Near Me: A Step-By-Step Guide

I'm sure that you're searching for the best way to 'buy auto parts near me' because I'm also like that.

Buying auto parts from sellers near you is a great way to source car parts for at least 3 reasons. It lowers shipping cost, shortens the waiting time (the seller may even deliver within the day), and makes returning or claiming warranty so much easier and faster. 

You can even drive to the shop and pick up the item yourself.

These reasons are important, especially if you have a car waiting for the replacement part at a repair shop.  

Since maintaining a car is a long-term responsibility, I bet you'll want to master the skill of buying auto parts. So let's not waste any more time and get down to brass tacks.

Searching for Auto Parts Near Me - What to Do

1. Do Due Diligence and Research

A lot of research precedes buying auto parts. There are at least two great websites you should visit when deciding what to buy. - you can search its marketplace or use its Parts Finder to connect to sellers who have the part you need - whether new or used auto parts. 

eBay - as you and I very well know, eBay sells practically anything you can think of, including auto parts, whether you need them new, used, reconditioned or rebuilt. Here's how to search:

2. Verify Parts

Call your dealership to verify the correct part number before making a purchase. Some car parts are specially made for particular engines and transmission combos. You’ll also learn that there is a long list of car parts which could be potentially affected, such as computers, sensors, and essential items such as alternators or starters.

3. Be Smart When Haggling

Know when to drive a hard bargain and when not to. Always compare grapes with grapes. Never expect a wrecking yard to price-match its 30,000-mile engine with another engine nearby which has 300,000 miles written on it.

Do your homework by vetting the sites beforehand and always be honest. Wreckers have the same info that you have, and if you try to act funny, they will know it. It tell you, it will not be to your advantage.

4. Watch Out for Deals and Coupons

Retail shops for car parts are expensive. However, this does not imply that it should be the same all the time. Sometimes, you will find auto parts like starters and alternators which are 20 dollars lower than what you see on eBay or at a junkyard. 

They may even come with extra benefits, like a limited lifetime warranty and sometimes free shipping, if you're lucky.

You can shop for things like a battery, fluids, coolant, and filters from online stores like eBay or Amazon. While on it, snag free coupons and discount vouchers. These small perks add up and translate to savings, no matter how small.

5. Go to the Wreckers for Rare Parts

Some auto parts for hybrid cars, classics, and also high-end car models are unique. Sometimes, you will find these rare parts at the dealership but not on eBay or CarPartAU. 

You can visit the wreckers or yards that have such a vehicle in their inventory. You might find unique parts for your car at a fraction of the price for a brand-new part. The same is true for hard-to-find modules meant for older car versions or limited editions. 

Whenever you plan on buying a car part that is rare, unusual, and kind of hard to locate, try searching for it in the wreckers near you.

6. Pull It Yourself from Junkyards

If your online search for auto parts proves unsuccessful, then roll up your sleeves and pay a visit to a self-service junkyard. Check their yard map to see if they have your car make, model, and year. Of course, you'll want to call ahead to make sure you don't waste your time going there.

If you know what to do, take your tools and remove the part yourself. If not, take a buddy who knows the trade. While it requires your time and some elbow grease, it will save you a significant amount of money.

7. Seek Help from Online Forums

Sometimes, you might succeed in finding a rare car part, but it may be in a location that is quite far from you. This is where you need to get help from fellow car part enthusiasts. 

You will find a lot of people who use the same car make and model that you have. You can ask for their assistance in acquiring an auto part. There are sometimes dedicated threads for parts-listing on make or model forums.

There you have it - my own 7 quick and dirty tips for locating auto parts near me! Feel free to share them with friends and family.  

I hope that you'll find these tips useful and remember them by heart. Use them to sharpen your shopping skills when looking for the best-value auto parts for your car. 

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