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Top 10 Auto Wreckers in Brisbane

Recommended Wreckers  ·  March 24, 2022

Top 10 Auto Wreckers in Brisbane

Finding car parts in any part of Australia shouldn’t be a challenge. Aside from the Brisbane car parts sellers you're already familiar with, there's also a long list of auto wreckers that can supply you with new, used, and refurbished parts.

All you have to do is give them a call or check out their website to find out whether they’ve got the auto parts you’re looking for.

10 Best Auto Wreckers in Brisbane

Let’s check out 10 of the top auto wreckers Brisbane has to offer:

1. Boss Wrecking

What you can find here: When searching for used car parts in Brisbane, one of the first places you should check is Boss Wrecking. Their website tells us they’ve got an enormous yard spanning 8 acres in Tingalpa. So, whether you prefer full-service or self-service wrecking yards, this place will give you what you need.

Besides that, they also have an engine & gearbox fitting service that you might find handy. Their engines come with 3-month warranty coverage, whether for a private car or commercial/diesel vehicle.

They don’t show the vehicles they’re currently wrecking on their website, but you could always give them a call to find out if they have what you need.

2. GDM Wrecking

What you can find here: If you’re looking for Toyota wreckers in Brisbane, specifically, then GDM wrecking is one place you can check out. Like most wreckers, they work with many other car brands, like Mazda, Ford, Holden, and even four-wheel drives.

Their website has a part finder, and they also have pictures of the vehicles they’re wrecking. That should come in handy if you prefer doing some online browsing before giving them a call or checking out their location.

GDM Wrecking is a family-owned business that’s been around since 1972. They offer warranties on their parts, whether you’re buying auto body parts or whole second-hand engines.

3. Queensland Car Wreckers Brisbane

What you can find here: As you read in the intro, there are plenty of wreckers all around. But if it's wreckers on Brisbane southside that you’re looking for, check out Queensland Car Wreckers.

Like all the other wreckers on this list, they’ll offer you cash for any old cars you want to get rid of. But, of course, that comes with free quotations and free car removal services.

But when it comes to spare parts, they have a comprehensive offering that includes European, American, Japanese, and even Korean models like Hyundai and Kia.

Their website doesn’t show you the current models they’re wrecking, but you could always call them directly to find out what parts they have on offer.

4. Brisbane Car Wreckers

What you can find here: Brisbane Car Wreckers has everything you’d expect from a top wrecker anywhere. You can sell your old car to them, and they’ll tow it away for free, and on the same day.

Besides that, they also have several wrecking yards where you can shop for used parts at excellent prices.

Their website doesn’t show the vehicles they’re currently wrecking, though. So, like some of the other wreckers on this list, you’ll want to give them a call or visit their yards to find what you need.

5. Brisbane Auto Wreckers

What you can find here: Next up, we have one of the top Rocklea auto wreckers in Brisbane.

For starters, they offer the typical services you'd expect from an auto wrecker. They'll buy your old car regardless of its condition, and they'll even tow it away for free. 

Their team has decades of experience in car recycling, so you know they’ll do it right!

6. Capalaba Wreckers Brisbane

What you can find here: Over in Capalaba, we have Capalaba Wreckers. They offer both new and used parts for sale, catering to cars, 4x4s and even light commercial vehicles.

Their website has a parts search function and a page to show the vehicles they’re currently dismantling. 

They also have an eBay shop that you can check out to see the parts they currently have on offer.

7. Underwood Wrecking

What you can find here: Underwood Wrecking offers new and used car parts. Not only that, but they can also source any parts you need that they might not currently have in stock.

Check out their website to see listings and pictures of the vehicles they’re currently wrecking.

8. North Brisbane Wreckers

What you can find here: Now if you're looking for auto wreckers on Brisbane Northside, North Brisbane Wreckers will have what you need.

They’ll offer you a free quotation for any car you want to sell before scheduling an inspection and paying you cash on the spot. Plus, they also sell spare parts at excellent prices.

Their website tells us that they focus on disposing of cars using environmentally-friendly methods. So, that could be a plus for you if keeping the earth healthy is a priority.

Also, they do offer auto mechanic repair services, as well.

9. Eco Wreckers

What you can find here: Eco Wreckers in Rocklea is another business that prides itself on its environmentally responsible methods of car recycling. They’ve been around for over 20 years, and, like many other businesses on this list, they’re family-owned and operated.

They don’t have any current listings or pictures of the cars and parts they offer, but of course, they’re just a phone call away.

10. 4WD Wreckers Brisbane

What you can find here: This list wouldn’t be complete without a Brisbane wrecker that specialises in 4x4s. For that, we have 4WD Wreckers Brisbane in Coopers Plains.

They deal in a long list of top car brands, top-rated 4WD ones like Jeep, Land Rover, and many more.

Brisbane car wreckers can offer you lots of value if you live in the area, but of course, don’t be afraid to check out other places. For example, CarpartAU has a Marketplace where you can get excellent deals on used parts. 

Plus, you can also submit a parts request if you know what you want, either used or brand new. That request goes out to suppliers all over Australia, and those who have what you need will get back to you with their best offers.

Try these car part finding tools now!

By Ray Hasbollah

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