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Auto Wreckers & Car Part Suppliers in Adelaide SA – A Master List

Car Part Suppliers  ·  May 1, 2023

Auto Wreckers & Car Part Suppliers in Adelaide SA – A Master List

This is a handy listing of all wreckers in Adelaide and other cities and suburbs in Southern Australia, with links to featured car part suppliers to help you search parts fast and get the best possible deals! 

The business names are arranged in alphabetical order. You will see that some companies' names are bolded, which means that you can read more about them - their history, services offered, and contact details.

That's not all! We know you want to know more about them, specifically what their customers say about them and their services - that's why we've included some snippets of customer reviews.  

This is a long list, so let’s get started!

A - CD - MM - W

1. A Richmond Motor Salvage

33. DBR Holden Dismantlers

65. Mitsiwreck Magnawreck

2. A.P. Panel Warehouse

34. Dry Creek Auto Wreckers

66. Niss Commercial

3. Active Motor Wreckers

35. Early Landcruiser Spares & Repairs

67. Nisswreck (Wingfield)

4. Adelaide 4X4 Wreckers

36. Eddy Wreckers (Gillman)

68. Northern Pick-A-Part Wreckers

5. Adelaide Auto Wreckers

37. Exclusive Jap Parts and Imports

69. Olympic Motors Wreckers

6. Adelaide Car Removals

38. F100 & Ford Spares

70. Oriental 4WD & Commercials

7. Adelaide Commodore Spares & Repairs

39. Garner's Garage / Recycling

71. Paradise Auto Parts

8. Adelaide Corolla Recyclers

40. Gawler Motor Wrecking

72. Penfield Auto Wreckers

9. Adelaide Jap Dismantlers

41. Gen 2 Automotive

73. Port Road Commercial And 4WD

10. Adelaide Wrecker

42. Glynde Auto Wrecker

74. Richmond Auto Parts & Southern Auto Wreckers

11. ADwreck

43. Grand Auto Wreckers

75. River Murray Auto Wreckers

12. All Cars Dismantlers

44. Hilliers Auto Salvage

76. SA Auto Spares

13. Ascot Auto Parts (Edwardstown)

45. Horizon Automotive

77. SA Car Removal

14. ASV Euro Car Parts (Dry Creek)

46. Hotline Recycled Auto Parts

78. SA Wreckers Part

15. ASV Euro Car Parts Pty Ltd (Allenby Gardens)

47. J.V. Auto Wreckers

79. Salisbury Auto Parts

16. Athol Park Ford Wreckers

48. JapCo Auto Wreckers

80. Sleeka Spares

17. Auto Tech Parts

49. JCS PARTS (Port Adelaide)

81. Smart Road Auto Wreckers

18. Black Diamond Auto Dismantlers

50. JCS PARTS (The Barton)

82. Stanvac Korean Auto Parts

19. Bridge One Stop Wreckers

51. JCS PARTS (Wingfield)

83. Subareck Auto Wreckers

20. Brit Parts

52. JCS PARTS (Gilles Plains)

84. Top Spot Auto Dismantlers

21. Car Wreckers Adelaide

53. Jetis Pty Ltd (Adelaide)

85. UPULLIT Auto Dismantlers

22. Cash & Carry Wreckers

54. JSC Auto Parts (Adelaide & Wingfield)

86. Van Works

23. Central Hills Auto Wreckers

55. Just Bumpers & Panels

87. Vitale Group Pty Ltd

24. Christies Beach Auto Wreckers

56. Just Nissmaz Wrecking

88. Waikerie Auto Wreckers

25. City Central Wrecking

57. Just Toyotas Wrecking

89. Waterloo Auto Wreckers

26. City Dismantlers (Gepps Cross)

58. Just-Jap Auto

90. West Coast Dismantlers

27. City Truck Dismantlers

59. Komplete Auto (Just Little Car Spares)

91. Wills Auto Parts

28. City Trucks

60. Late Model Commodore Store

92. Wingfield Auto Wreckers

29. CMG Auto Parts  (Hindmarsh)

61. Lonsdale Auto Spares & Repairs

93. Woodville Auto Wreckers

30. Complete Auto Dismantlers

62. Mazwreck

94. Wrecking Plus More (Port Wakefield)

31. Confederate Motor Wreckers

63. Metro Car Removals Adelaide


32. Costless Auto Parts

64. MitsiBits


Whether it's a generalist you need or specialist Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda, or Holden wreckers in Adelaide, you'll find them in this list and in linked blogs.

For those listed without links, you can find more about them from our Directory. We hope you find this list useful in locating auto wreckers and car parts in Adelaide, its suburbs, and other cities in Southern Australia. Happy hunting! Hope you find the auto parts you need and the best deals, too!

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