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Auto Wreckers & Car Part Suppliers in Perth WA – A Master List

Car Part Suppliers  ·  March 14, 2023

Auto Wreckers & Car Part Suppliers in Perth WA – A Master List

If you're in Perth WA and chasing a spare part for your car, you'll find this list very handy! It also has links that will provide you with more info, like contact details, reviews, and more!


A to B

B to M

M to W

1. A Part Motor Wreckers

26. Bunbury 4X4 & Commercial Auto Recyclers

52. MRZ Wreckers

2. A1 Malaga Auto Dismantlers

27. Bunbury Auto Wreckers

53. Northcom Wreckers

3. Able Automatics

28. Car Wrecker Perth

54. Paintless Dent Removal Perth

4. Absolutely Automatics

29. Cash 4 Cars Perth WA

55. Perth 4WD Centre

5. Advanced Auto Wreckers

30. Cash for Car Perth

56. PerthWreck Auto Parts

6. Alis Engine Room

31. Cash for Cars WA

57. Premier Metal Recyclers

7. All Car Removals Perth

32. Central Parts Perth

58. Select 4WD WA

8. All Commercial Wreckers

33. Cockburn Auto Wreckers

59. Shine Auto Parts WA

9. Alpha Auto Parts

34. Donnybrook Auto Recyclers

60. Soltoggio Truck Wreckers

10. ASV Euro Car Parts Pty Ltd (Kenwick)

35. DPF Sales and Service Australia

61. Speed Car Removal

11. Aus Auto Wrecker

36. Falcon Specialists Pty Ltd

62. SSS Auto Parts (WA)

12. Australian Auto Wreckers

37. Fremantle Wreckers

63. Sun City Wreckers

13. Australian G T Reproduction Parts

38. Hyundai Heaven

64. Suzishop

14. Auswest 4WD Dismantlers

39. Jandakot Wreckers

65. Swan Auto Wreckers

15. Auto Plus Wreckers

40. Japline

66. Thornlie Just Commodore

16. Auto Recyclers

41. Japwreck

67. Tony's Auto Wreckers

17. Auto Wreckers Perth

42. Jeep Spares

68. Topline Auto Wreckers

18. Autobarn Sterling

43. JTW Autoparts

69. WA Auto Parts

19. B&T JEEP Parts Sales

44. Junkyard Dogs Auto Wreckers Wedgefield

70. WA Auto Wreckers

20. Bayswater Motor

45. Just Louisville Pty Ltd

71. Wanneroo 4X4 Dismantlers

21. Beemer Motor Workshop

46. Keyline Auto Parts

72. War Built

22. Best West Car Removal

47. Landsdale Motor Wreckers

73. Westcoast Imports

23. Best Wreckers Bunbury

48. Leonhardt Automotive Mechanical

74. Western Metal Recycling

24. Bombsaway Car Body Removals

49. Loman Car Removals

75. Westwide Auto Recyclers

25. Boulder Car Parts & Towing

50. Maddington Auto Wreckers

76. Wrek King

26. Broome 4WD Recyclers

51. Mazparts WA

77. Wright Auto Wreckers

Some of the best car wreckers and auto parts suppliers in this listing are featured in separate posts. You'll notice them by their highlighted names, which are quick links to the URL featuring them. The posts will include information about the businesses' history, specialties, contact details, services, and yes, reviews and feedback from customers!

If the name of the Perth wreckers you're interested in is not highlighted, you can find their contact info by searching them on our directory.  

One way to make your parts-chasing less stressful is to know the supplier even before you make that first call. Find them all here!    

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