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The 10 Best Mechanics Near Me QLD

Mechanics and Auto Professionals  ·  March 28, 2022

The 10 Best Mechanics Near Me QLD

Searching for a reliable mechanic is a challenge no matter where you are in the country. Aside from their technical abilities, you’ll also want to find one that’s friendly and approachable.

If you live in Queensland, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will introduce you to our top 10 picks for the best mechanics in QLD to help you find what you need, whether that’s the best mechanics in Brisbane or the best mechanics Gold Coast has to offer.

Top 10 Best Mechanics QLD

Let’s get to it.

1. Queensland Master Mechanics

What you can find here: Let’s kick off this list with a mechanic specialising in truck services and repairs. 

Queensland Master Mechanics in Brendale offers maintenance servicing and mechanical repairs for trucks of all sizes. They’ve also got a breakdown service to help you if you’re stranded on the road.

On top of that, they’re a fully licensed AIS station, which means they can issue Certificates of Inspection (COI) for trucks up to 16 tonnes and trailers up to 10 tonnes.

2. Rasmussen Mechanical & Tyres Mobile Mechanics

What you can find here: Next, we have a top-rated mobile mechanic called Rasmussen Mechanical & Tyres based in Townsville. They work on cars, four-wheel drives, and even trailers.

Their service offering is exactly what you’d expect from a reliable mechanic. They include logbook servicing, battery fittings, general auto repairs and even suspension repairs done at your location.

As the name suggests, they also provide whatever tyre services you might need like installation, inflation, and much more.

3. Manny’s Mechanical Repairs

What you can find here: Over in Enoggera, we have Manny’s Mechanical Repairs. They’ve got the gear and experience to work on almost any car, though their website highlights that they specialise in Ford, VW, Skoda, and Audi repairs.

They offer the standard fare of services that you’d expect from any proper mechanic, though there are a few items that stand out.

For instance, they have loads of tuning and diagnostics services like the Dyno or ‘rolling road’ tool. With this, they can effectively simulate heavy load conditions and test for all sorts of problems in your car.

4. Bowen Automotive

What you can find here: Bowen Automotive offers mechanical diagnostic and repair services, including safety certificate inspections.

Not only that, they’re also an excellent place to check out if you’re looking for panel beating services, including insurance accident repairs, colour matching, rustproofing, and rust-related repairs.

5. Ray’s Mobile Mechanics

What you can find here: Sometimes, you just need to have a 24-hour mobile mechanic on speed dial for emergencies. Ray’s Mobile Mechanics is one you should note, as they offer roadside assistance to help you if your car’s broken down somewhere.

As expected, they also offer the standard fare of services like car servicing, inspections, brake, tyres, and battery replacements.

6. Raby Bay Mechanical Repairs

What you can find here: Here, we have a family-oriented workshop offering repairs in Cleveland, Redland City. They take pride in providing fast repairs at a reasonable price, carried out by expert mechanics.

They offer general mechanical repairs, brakes and suspension fixes, and logbook servicing. More importantly, they also do inspections and can issue roadworthy certificates.

7. Ipswich City Mechanical

What you can find here: Ipswich City Mechanical is another one worth checking if you’re nearby. They’re a workshop certified by the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) and offering a 12-month or 20,000-kilometre nationwide warranty, which gives you plenty of peace of mind.

Over here, you can get regular servicing done and a wide range of mechanical repairs that you might need. 

They can do child-restraint fitting and headlight restoration for you and issue roadworthy and COI certificates.

8. Brisbane Auto Shop

What you can find here: When you’re looking for one of the best mechanics in Brisbane, check out Brisbane Auto Shop. They’re independently owned with more than 10 years of experience performing auto repairs.

Their website offers online bookings for regular and logbook car servicing, safety inspections, roadworthy certificates, tyre and battery replacements, and more.

9. South East Queensland 4x4

What you can find here: For all 4x4 drivers in the area, South East Queensland 4x4 is a name you’ll want to remember. They’ve been in the business for more than 30 years specialising in four-wheel drives, offering a wide range of servicing options, repairs, and inspections.

Being a 4x4 specialist, South East Queensland 4x4 also offers diesel tuning as one of their many services to help you get the best out of your engine.

10. Auto King Mobile Mechanics and Roadworthy Certificates

What you can find here: Last but not least, we have Auto King Mobile Mechanics and Roadworthy Certificates. Their name says it all—they’re one of the best mechanics offering mobile services and repairs in the state and nearby areas.

More importantly, they also offer mobile roadworthy and safety certificates, and do mobile pre-purchase inspections for customers.

You’ve seen our picks for the 10 best mechanics in Queensland so far. But if you’re anywhere else in Australia wondering, “How do I find the best mechanics near me?” you should check out CarpartAU

The Directory is a handy tool for finding the exact kind of auto service providers you want in your local area so you can get in touch with them quickly. Check it out now!

By Ray Hasbollah

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