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Best New Car Deals in Australia for November 2020

Manufacturers  ·  November 11, 2020

Best New Car Deals in Australia for November 2020

If you're in the market for the best discount cars, now's a great time to go shopping. In this article, we're going to look at what some of the brands have to offer for November 2020. 

A quick glance to the past three quarters would show 2020 as one of the worst years for the global automotive industry in a very long time. With the worldwide pandemic that started in the first quarter, governments all over the world began instituting strict lockdowns which restricted people’s movements. That, combined with other factors, drove down the demand for new cars everywhere, including Australia. 

Showroom Car Deals in November 2020

In June and this October, new car sales started showing some signs of life, albeit tentatively. To improve showroom traffic and entice more new car buyers, dealerships in the country are offering new car deals for November 2020.

But don’t forget: this list isn’t exhaustive and is subject to change. So, keep your eyes peeled for more car deals all around you in advertisements or when you’re driving past local dealerships.

Alfa Romeo

Let’s kick off this list by looking at what’s on offer by Alfa Romeo. Among all the models in the Alfa Romeo stable, the Giulia sedan doesn’t seem to be in high demand among Aussies. It should come as no surprise then that the carmaker has dropped the prices on this model to start at only $60,900 as an attempt at boosting sales. Will it work? We have the rest of the year to find out.

Meanwhile, that car’s five-door SUV sibling the Stelvio Ti has its diesel demo version on offer for about $60,900 as well, down from its previous before-on-road price of $78,900. 


German carmaker Audi has also taken plenty of steps to sweeten the deal and encourage people to start buying cars again. For starters, they’ve taken into account how most car dealerships aren’t seeing the same foot traffic as they used to. As a response to that, Audi Australia has built an online car-buying platform, allowing you to shop for cars right in the comfort of your own home!

Unlike other carmakers, there doesn’t seem to be specific models that they’re trying to push with promotions. Instead, they’re encouraging sales by offering more free goodies packaged with their SUVs. These include things like free on-road costs as well as free servicing and warranty coverage for up to five years. In terms of financial savings, those will add up and save you a pretty penny in the long run!


BMW Australia has plenty of model-specific deals to go around. For starters, the company is offering the BMW X5 for about $10,000 cheaper. The X5 xDrive30d M Sport, for instance, is going for $119,900, a considerable leap down from its previous price of $130,000 overall. If you’re in the mood for one of BMW’s SUVs, you’d be glad to know that the X1 has dropped to $49,900, while you can also get your hands on the X3 for just $69,900.

Overall, BMW also offers a few deal-sweeteners in the form of scheduled servicing and guaranteed value. It's never been a better time to become a BMW owner, that's for sure.


Fiat is offering discounts on a few models, like the Abarth 595 (now at $28,450) and the 500X (currently at $34,450). On top of that, the Italian carmaker is also offering something unique: a bonus of $500 off if you're a repeat Fiat customer. 

That’s pretty awesome, in my opinion. Not only is Fiat attempting to attract new customers with their discounted prices, but in a way, they’re also rewarding existing owners for their loyalty and support to the Fiat brand. Well done!


Ford probably has one of the most comprehensive offerings of discounts and promotions right now for models like the Everest, Endura, Escape, Puma, Ranger, and even the Ford Focus.

For the first one, you can pick up the Ford Everest Trend RWD for only $55,900. If you’re looking for a newer and more family-oriented SUV from the Ford stable, you can grab the luxury midsize Endura SUV starting at $43,990.

Long time favourites like the Ford Escape and Ranger are also going at discounted prices starting at $36,490 and $46,490 respectively, including dual-cab ute versions of the Ranger in particular.

Of course, we shouldn’t forget to mention that the compact member of the Ford family, the Ford Focus, is also on sale. You can drive off with it at a starting price of $27,690. 


If you’re looking to get a great deal on a Japanese vehicle, consider one of the many Toyota’s discounts or deals on offer. 

For this month, you can get the Toyota Hilux with a bonus of $1,500 with a finance deal for several versions of the truck, like SR 4x4 dual cab or others. 

While Toyota isn’t chopping off any discount from Corolla’s regular price tag, it is offering attractive financing terms. You can get the Toyota Corolla at a pretty irresistible rate of 3.9%, which is a fair bit lower than usual. That’s not exactly an immediate upfront discount, but the bottom line is savings for you in the long run.

Keeping Track of New Car Deals in Australia

Keeping up-to-date with new car deals in Australia isn't always easy. It's a very competitive market, and carmakers are continually trying to one-up each with all sorts of incentives. So, how do you keep track of these deals so you can get the car of your dreams at the perfect time? 

The best way to do that is to subscribe to your favourite car companies' mailing lists. Aside from that, keep your eyes on’s Blog, where you’ll read updates on everything going on in the automotive industry in Australia and the rest of the world. We can also help you locate hard to find auto parts through our Car Part Finder. Visit our website now!

By Ray Hasbollah

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