Top 5 Best Salvage Car Auctions in Australia

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Top 5 Best Salvage Car Auctions in Australia

Salvage car auctions are a lesser-known part of car buying and selling that many people aren’t aware of. After all, why would anyone want to bid on a car that’s a total write-off? As it turns out, doing so has plenty of benefits.

Salvage cars offer plenty of financial savings. Most people buy them for the remaining functional spare parts or as a cheap material to tinker with as a DIY hobby project. They’re also a less-costly way to find rare collectable models worth fixing up.

Whether you're looking for damaged cars for sale in Sydney or anywhere else, this guide will be a helpful starting point for you. You’ll find our top 5 picks for the best salvage car auctions in the country. Plus, you’ll see what benefits these auctions offer and a few helpful tips for newbies.

What Are the Best Salvage Car Auctions in Australia?

You can find salvage cars for sale in Australia pretty quickly these days. In fact, you’ll have way too many options if you live in any of the country’s major cities that it can be quite overwhelming.

We’re here to help.

Here are our picks for the top 5 best salvage car auctions in Australia:

1. Auto Auctions

Let’s suppose you’re looking for some of the best damaged cars for sale NSW has to offer. In that case, you'll want to check out Auto Auctions in Sydney.

They've been in the business since 1946 and call themselves 'Australia's leading car auction'. They hold their auctions three times a week, selling general vehicles, as well as fleet, government, and corporate cars.

You can call them in advance for a virtual pre-auction walk around the cars you’d like to bid on.

2. 1800 Salvage 

Aside from taking in damaged cars for sale in Victoria, 1800 Salvage also serves customers from all over the country through their trusted partners. They’re an excellent business that makes it easy for you to sell off your salvage car.

This business also has strong relationships with other industry partners, including auction houses. That way, you can rest assured that your car will end up in the hands of interested buyers instead of rusting away somewhere.

3. Aberdeen Auto Auctions 

Aberdeen Auto Auctions buys salvage cars and offers them for sale through auctions. Like many other auction houses, there is no dealer profit involved. That makes the entire transaction a lot more affordable for everyone involved.

Currently, their auctions run every Wednesday at 6.30 PM. However, you can check their website for details on upcoming auctions to plan ahead.

4. Motown Auto Wholesale

Motown Auto Wholesale focuses primarily on selling cars right off their lot. However, they occasionally have damaged vehicle auctions as well. Given the car models they deal with, those auctions are worth looking out for.

That's because Motown Auto Wholesale deals with your everyday vehicles, but they also have classic and muscle cars. So, there's always a chance of finding a diamond in the rough here.

5. Manheim Auctions 

If you prefer nationwide salvage car auctions that mostly happen online, check out Manheim Auctions.

Their ‘upcoming events’ page will show you a list of all their ongoing auctions, with catalogues that you can browse. Check their page often, as you might find an auction in your area that you can attend physically.

Alternatively, you can also highlight the ones that are only being run online through simulcast. Those will have online catalogues that you can browse before watching the broadcasted auction in real-time.

What Is a Salvage Title Car?

A salvage title car is simply a car that’s a total loss. These vehicles have been written off entirely, typically because they have suffered too much damage.

More specifically, a salvage title car is not worth repairing for the owner. 

The costs of those repairs and the car’s value as a damaged vehicle are higher than market value, which makes it not worth fixing up.

Should You Buy a Car from a Salvage Auction?

Buying a car from a salvage auction is not good if you’re looking for a reliable vehicle for everyday commuting.

Why Do So Many People Still Flock to Auctions?

Well, that’s because buying a salvage car is an excellent idea for these reasons:

5 Quick Tips for Salvage Auction Newbies

Salvage car auctions can be pretty intense and exciting, especially to newcomers. So, if this is your first time taking part in one of them, here are 5 quick-fire tips to keep in mind:

  1. Research: Always do your research before bidding on anything. Auction houses will provide information ahead of each auction event like catalogues and virtual walkarounds. Take advantage of these offers by knowing what’s available ahead of time.
  2. Don’t rush: Auctions can get intense and heated at times. Still, you should keep a cool head and never rush. Remember: there will always be other auctions, other cars, and other opportunities for great deals.
  3. Clear budget: Always set a clear budget for how much you’re prepared to spend at an auction. Then, stick to the budget to prevent yourself from overspending.
  4. Not all damage is visible: Never forget that not all damage is visible with salvage cars. So, despite all the research you might do, it’s best to assume that each car has some internal damage you’re not aware of yet.
  5. Keep a clear head: Overall, just keep a clear head. Salvage car auctions offer lots of benefits, and many people come back for the action and excitement of those events. If you're a serious buyer, you must keep calm.

You can find more car salvage auctions and similar businesses through CarpartAU. Check out the Directories to narrow down auto businesses in your area and get their contact information.

By Ray Hasbollah

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