Best Toyota Wreckers in Perth

Recommended Wreckers  ·  November 5, 2021

Best Toyota Wreckers in Perth

Your Google search for the best Toyota wreckers in Perth has brought you here. Whether you’re getting rid of an old car or shopping around for used car parts, auto wreckers are the right place to go. 

The best Toyota wreckers offer high-quality used car parts in Perth, as well as car removal and disposal services. The best ones to consider in this state are Perth Parts Solutions (PPS), WA Auto Parts, A1 Malaga Auto Dismantlers, Auto Plus Wreckers, and MRZ Wreckers.

Before we get to the best Toyota wreckers Perth has to offer, let's look at the benefits that car wreckers bring. You might be surprised at what you’ll discover!

The Benefits of Using the Services of Car Wreckers?

Since you’re looking for wreckers, I can assume that you already know what car wreckers are and what they do. On the off chance you don't, you can check out our previous article about the benefits of using the services of car wreckers.

Here’s the short version of that article.

Car wreckers bring a lot of good to people and the environment because of their services, to wit:  

Easy Removal and Disposal of Unwanted Cars

Possibly the most popular service offered by wreckers is car removal and disposal. So, no matter where you’re from in Australia, you know that you can call up a wrecker and have them take away that old junk sitting in your driveway!

Buying and Selling of Used Car Parts

I bet you know about this most. When car wreckers take old cars and tear them down, they’ll salvage any valuable parts and put them on sale. That’s why you can find some of the best cheap auto parts in Perth by going straight to a car wrecker before shopping elsewhere.

Plus, if you happen to have a random car part that’s still useful, you’d likely be able to sell it to your local wrecker as well.

Maximising a Car’s Usefulness

A car buyer gets a new car, drives it for a couple of decades, and leaves it to rot and rust. That's the all too familiar life story of a modern car.

It’s good to know that there are car wreckers who pick up that story and give it a new spin. They’ll save that old jalopy from a meaningless existence.

Useful car parts are reconditioned, and tyres and other rubber parts are upcycled to become furniture, mats, and other useful objects. The metal frame is crushed and recycled.

The bottom line: when you pass an old car to a car wrecker, none of it goes to waste.

Where to Find High-Quality Used Toyota and Lexus Parts in Perth

Now let’s look at some of the best Toyota wreckers in Perth.

1. Perth Parts Solutions (PPS)

The first one on our list of Toyota wreckers in Perth is PPS or Perth Parts Solutions. This company has plenty to offer, whether for cars, four-wheel drives, or even commercial vehicles. 

So, no matter what category your Toyota falls into, you know that PPS can help you out.

Not only does PPS supply parts for your car, but you can also engage them for advice and guidance on finding the best ones to fit your vehicle.

Now, suppose you’re looking for Toyota wreckers in Osborne Park, you’ll be happy to know that Perth Parts Solutions (and the other Malaga-based wreckers on this list) are all just about 15 minutes away from Osborne Park by car.

2. WA Auto Parts

Here's one more of the many excellent Toyota wreckers Perth has to offer. WA Auto Parts offers all the services you’d expect from a car wrecker. They do car removals, pay cash for your old car, and of course, they buy and sell used car parts.

If you're not keen on dropping by or far away from Perth, then you should know about WA Auto Parts. They’re big on e-commerce, so they can post parts out to you by mail.

3. A1 Malaga Auto Dismantlers

Here is another Toyota wreckers Malaga residents are happy to have around. If you’re closer to this side of the state, you’ll find A1 Malaga Auto Dismantlers within easy reach.

Let’s say you’ve got a car or a truck – heck, even a bus – you’d like to get rid of, A1 Malaga will be there right away to provide removal services.

4. Auto Plus Wreckers

If you’re looking for Toyota wreckers in Maddington or Welshpool, you’ll be in good hands with Auto Plus Wreckers. This company works with many different car brands, but you can bet they’ve got what you need when searching for Toyota parts as well. 

That’s true whether you’re looking for mechanical parts, body parts, or even accessories. 

5. MRZ Wreckers

Last but not least, you’ll want to give MRZ Wreckers a look-see as well if you’re searching for a Toyota wrecker. Like the other excellent wreckers on this list, MRZ Wreckers does both car and truck wrecking, car removal, and they’ll also pay you cash for your old car. 

They even boast of a free same-day car pick up on their website, so give them a call if you want your vehicle removed in a jiffy.

Find Wreckers the Easy Way!

To find more car wreckers in Perth or anywhere else in Australia, check out the Directory at There, you can choose from a wide range of automotive businesses in the dropdown menu and find the ones that are closest to you.

By Ray Hasbollah

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