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Who Are The Best Wreckers In Ferntree Gully Australia?

Recommended Wreckers  ·  January 28, 2021

Who Are The Best Wreckers In Ferntree Gully Australia?

Easy access to spare car parts is crucial in every city. If you happen to live in Ferntree Gully, access to spare car parts won’t be a problem, thanks to the abundance of auto wreckers and auto parts sellers in your area. 

Not sure which of the Ferntree Gully wreckers to go to? That's why we're here! Read on for the six best wreckers in Ferntree Gully, Australia. Many of these businesses have been operating for years, so they know about car wrecking and car recycling like the back of their hand.

Best Car Wreckers in Ferntree Gully

1. Pick-a-Part Kilsyth

Need a car part? Come over to Pick-a-Part and, you know, pick a part! This self-serve auto part and wrecker shop was established in 1986. You can tell from reviews that these wreckers have won the hearts of the people of Kilsyth. Their services include car wrecking, scrap recycling, and the selling of metals. 

They sell secondhand parts and secondhand cars, too. Of course, if you need car parts or metals, you'll be picking them yourself since Pick-a-Part is a self-serve auto shop. People say their stuff is incredibly cheap. You may want to check them out.

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2. Imlachs ELV Recyclers

ELV Recyclers is another self-serve auto parts shop where you can get spare parts for less, provided you have a little knowledge on car dismantling. Because they have so many cars in their scrapyard, your chances of finding good parts in their yard are high. The only thing you should worry about is the roads. They are so bad it might be hard to pull wheeled tool kits around. Keep in mind that, to enter the yard, you need to show your license and pay a $2 entry fee.

On the other hand, if you want to get rid of your vehicle—vans, trucks or 4WDs— ELV Recyclers are ever searching for cars to recycle. They offer reasonable prices for scrap vehicles and come to pick them up for you promptly at no cost.

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3. VicRecyclers Cash for Cars & Car Removal

Established over a decade ago, VicRecyclers offers specialised auto wrecking and car dismantling services throughout Ferntree Gully and Melbourne, Australia. At VicRecyclers, you can expect friendly workers, fast attendance and a great deal.

Being the top-notch, licensed cash-for-car company that they are, VicRecyclers show up to pick up your vehicle fast, de-pollute it using specialist equipment, pay right then and there, and tow it to their shop. Their process is fast, easy, and you’ll get your cool cash on the spot. 

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4. PUGWRECK Peugeot Parts Recyclers

PUGWRECK Recyclers claim they're "Not your ‘average’ Wrecker"—why? Perhaps, one reason is that they exist to serve Peugeot owners alone, and they've been doing this for over two decades. PUGWRECK specialises in the repair and purchase of old Peugeots and also sell new, secondhand, and reconditioned Peugeot spare parts, especially the hard-to-find ones.

PUGWRECK never sells a part without first testing it, ensuring that it's in perfect working condition. They provide excellent service, sell quality parts, plus, their people are accommodating. You can even go to them for some Peugeot advice. Little wonder they have a large loyal customer base. 

Fun fact: Customers who wear Pugwreck's sticker on their Pugs will receive a discount. 

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Owned and controlled by the Blackley family, PINK4WD was created in 1978. Though it started in Moorabbin, this VACC-accredited dismantlers now has up to 6 yards around Melbourne. They stock a wide range of high-quality secondhand parts for vans, commercial utes, and Japanese 4x4's. Call them if you have cars to dispose of or cars that need parts replacements. 

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6. Metro Car Removals

Metro Car Removals is a cash-for-cars Company that offers car removal services around Ferntree Gully. They exchange their money for your scrap cars, buying all car makes and models starting from Holdens, Mercedes, Fords, and Land Rovers, to BMW, Volkswagen, and many other brands. The dismantling process with Metro Car Removals is quick and hassle-free. Just make sure you have your driver's licence when you call them.

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Easier Way to Find Car Parts in Ferntree Gully

Your chance of getting whatever spare auto parts you need from the Ferntree Gully wreckers in our list is high. However, you would still need to check each of them or other Ferntree Gully in the Directory

Did you know that there's an even easier way? Head over to our homepage and fill out the Part Request form. We'll let our inventories of over 500 spare part suppliers know about your request, and you'll be notified by whoever has the part. This way, you'll also have the opportunity to compare various quotations and buy from the best dealer. Now, do you want to say thank you or what? Haha.

By Damilare Olasinde

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