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Common Body OBD2 Trouble Codes & How to Fix Them - Part 2

Technical  ·  October 26, 2021

Common Body OBD2 Trouble Codes & How to Fix Them - Part 2

The lights on your instrument panel aren't entirely helpful when it comes to troubleshooting problems with your car's body, and that's where OBD II codes come into play.

This guide is the second part of our ongoing series, where we cover the most common Body (B) OBD II trouble codes and how you can fix them.

Let's get started with a quick recap of these codes and how you can use them.

Recap: B (Body) Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Firstly, let’s do a quick recap. This guide is part of our series of guides explaining to you the most common onboard diagnostics (OBD II) codes and what they mean. More specifically, we’re looking at B (Body) diagnostic trouble codes associated with comfort, driver assistance, safety, and other related issues.

You can refresh your understanding of OBD II by checking out our introductory article or Part 1 of this series here

Common Body OBD2 Codes and Their Easy Fixes

Without further ado, let's look at another set of common Body OBD II trouble codes, what they mean, and what you can do to fix them.

OBD2 - B0005 Collapsible Steering Column Deployment Control

Affected part: This code relates to your car’s deployable steering column and its electrical connections. It’s also possible that the Restraint Control Module (RCM) triggers this code.

What’s likely happening: This trouble code is likely triggered because the deployable steering column is faulty. Besides that, it could also be that the wire harness or the electrical circuit is open or has suffered from a short.

If the code is triggered by the RCM, then the module itself might be faulty.

Symptoms: You might notice the airbag warning light on your instrument panel come on. 

How to fix the problem: This problem requires an up-close visual inspection of the affected parts. That means checking the wire harness and its pins to ensure no tears, rips, or other visible signs of damage. Unfortunately, this task can be labour-intensive as it involves removing the collapsible steering column for a much closer inspection.

OBD2 - B001A Driver Seat Belt Anchor Pretensioner Deployment

Affected part: This trouble code relates to the driver-side seat belt anchor pretensioner. Aside from that, a problem with the Sensing and Diagnostic Module (SDM) could also trigger the code.

What’s likely happening: The most likely reason behind this trouble code is that the pretensioner itself is faulty. Besides that, the pretensioner’s wire harness could be open or shorted, or the overall circuit has a poor connection.

If the SDM is the source of this problem, then the module might be problematic, requiring a check.

Symptoms: The airbag warning light on your instrument panel might come on.

How to fix the problem: The troubleshooting process for this problem begins with an up-close visual inspection of the driver seat belt anchor pretensioner and its electrical connections. On top of that, the wire harness must be inspected for damage, especially to its pins.

Any damaged parts, including the Sensing and Diagnostic Module (SDM), must be replaced to resolve this issue.

OBD2 - B0020 Left Side Airbag Deployment Control

Affected part: This trouble code relates to the left side airbag. The problem might be the airbag itself, its wire harness, or the electrical circuit.

What’s likely happening: The most likely issue here is that there's a fault with the left side airbag that could prevent it from deploying. It could also be issues with the electrical circuit and connections responsible for deploying the bag in the case of a collision.

Symptoms: You’ll usually find the airbag warning light illuminated on your car’s instrument panel.

How to fix the problem: Firstly, this problem is not something you should do yourself since it relates directly to your airbag. A DIY repair could result in accidentally triggering the bag to deploy, causing severe injury.

Instead, take the car to a qualified mechanic immediately, and they will safely troubleshoot the left side airbag, its wire harness, and the electrical circuit.

OBD2 - B0050 Driver Seat Belt Sensor

Affected part: This is a seat belt sensor trouble code, particularly relating to the one at the driver’s seat.

What’s likely happening: The most likely reason for this code is that the driver-side seat belt sensor is faulty or that there’s a problem with the electrical system. For instance, the wire harness might not be firmly connected, leaving it open or shorted out. It could also be the electrical circuit suffering from a poor electrical connection.

Symptoms: Even though this problem relates to a seat belt sensor, it’s sometimes accompanied by the illumination of the airbag warning light on your instrument panel. By checking the OBD2 trouble code, you’ll be able to rule out any airbag issues.

How to fix the problem: Resolving this issue will first require an up-close inspection. From there, you might find that you’ll need to purchase a replacement for the driver-side seat belt sensor or its wire harness. Besides that, all parts must be inspected for any electrical shorts that prevent them from working correctly.

By Ray Hasbollah

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