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Brembo Brakes: What's So Special About Them?

CarPart  ·  January 11, 2023

Brembo Brakes: What's So Special About Them?

Brembo brakes are popular worldwide, partly because you often see those on luxury and high-end supercars. Their attractive brake callipers are incredibly recognisable even from a distance, but are Brembo brakes all about the flash? Or are they unique for other reasons?

Brembo brakes are special for reasons other than aesthetics. Brembo brake rotors, pads, and callipers are larger than stock ones, allowing for better braking performance. They’re also made of superior lightweight materials that don’t compromise durability. 

All these qualities push up Brembo brakes’ price tags, which is why you’ll typically find them on high-end vehicles.

There’s more to Brembo brakes than just a flashy, attention-grabbing exterior. This guide will help you understand what makes them so special and whether or not you can install them on your car as an aftermarket upgrade.

What Are Brembo Brakes?

These expensive, high-end brakes are made by Brembo, an Italian manufacturer that’s been around since the ‘60s. The company started supplying brake parts to auto manufacturers like Alfa Romeo and has since done the same for industry leaders like Ferrari and Nissan.

Brembo brakes are well known for their luxurious appearance, particularly their brightly coloured brake callipers that you can see from far away.

More importantly, they’re known to provide superior braking power, durability, and reliability to go with their high-end aesthetics. That’s why Brembo brakes are used in high-performance vehicles of all types, from cars to motorcycles and even commercial trucks.

Besides callipers, the company also produces Brembo brake pads, disks, modules, and even aluminium suspension components. These components work together as a complete Brembo brake system.

More than 60 years since the company was formed, Brembo has expanded and now has manufacturing plants in the US, China, Europe, and even Mexico. They produce high-performance brake parts catering to buyers all over the world.

While Brembo brakes often come as original equipment in many high-performance vehicles, you’ll also find them as aftermarket parts for upgrading your vehicle.

What Are the Advantages of Using Brembo Brakes?

Whether your car rolled off the factory floor equipped with these brakes, or you invested in an aftermarket Brembo brakes kit, you can expect the same quality and enjoy the following benefits:

1. Larger Size

Brembo brake components are built to be larger than standard ones, adding significantly to their performance. As you’ll see, bigger is indeed better for brake systems.

More specifically, the larger diameter of Brembo brake discs results in better braking torque. Plus, the larger brake pads accompanying those discs generate more friction and dissipate heat much more quickly. 

On top of that, the larger brake calliper pistons enhance the other components by quickly generating more braking power.

2. Lightweight

Brembo brake components are much lighter than other brakes of the same size because Brembo uses lighter materials.

Lighter brake materials mean the car can enjoy superior braking power without sacrificing fuel efficiency and low emissions.

3. Better Pad Materials

Brake performance doesn’t solely depend on the callipers or rotors. The brake pad is also a crucial component that contributes to overall performance, and Brembo pads are superior.

Brembo brake pads are larger than usual, making them efficient at generating friction and dissipating heat. Not only that. Brembo brake pads are constructed of tailor-made materials that work exceptionally well with the slotted/drilled Brembo brake rotors to generate more friction and provide better braking power.

4. Distribution of Braking Power

Brembo, especially when working with car manufacturers, also emphasises the distribution of braking power. That's why cars with Brembo brakes have balanced braking power between the axles.

As such, vehicles equipped with those brakes enjoy much more effective braking, especially when performing at high speeds.

5. Component Synergy

Lastly, Brembo brakes also have an advantage over other brands because they’re designed to function as a complete system. It’s not a question of just Brembo brake callipers, pads, or even rotors, but it’s about how well all those components work together.

The thing about Brembo brake systems is just that: they’re designed as a system to work together and bring out the highest braking performance possible.

Are Brembo Brakes as Good as OEM?

Brembo brake components are better than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brakes. In fact, Brembo is the original equipment manufacturer for some of the highest-performing cars available on the market, including but not limited to:

Brembo brakes have been tried and tested over the decades in the most demanding applications, including heavy commercial vehicles and motorsports cars and motorcycles—so, it’s not just marketing hype.

Can I Put Brembo Brakes on Any Car?

Yes, you can put Brembo brakes on any car. All you have to do is find a Brembo brakes Australia aftermarket supplier and get a kit that fits your vehicle.

The reason you don’t see Brembo brakes used so often as aftermarket upgrades isn’t because of any technical obstacles. They’re hard to find because they are expensive, with two-piece brake rotor sets selling at the tune of thousands of Aussie dollars.

You may want to read about the price of brake pads price in Australia here.

Again, if the price isn’t a concern, all you have to do is find an Australian distributor or supplier to get your hands on Brembo brakes for your car.

You can also find Brembo products and other brake components through CarpartAU. Check out the Marketplace for deals on used parts or submit a request through the Part Finder. The request you submit will go out to parts suppliers all over Australia, who will help you get the parts you want.


By Ray Hasbollah

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