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BYD e6

Carpedia  ·  March 3, 2022

BYD e6

In today's world of massive electrification, carmakers race to the top with new technologies. Among the newcomers is BYD, which has been around for a decade, and the e6 is one of its first models that entered serial production. 

The BYD e6 debuted way back in 2009, but it wasn't available in Australia. Eventually, it came in a very limited series when it was bought by the Sydney taxi company.

Meanwhile, the Chinese manufacturer was busy gaining new technologies and coming up with an all-new model which they presented last year. The Australian version is on the way, and it will be the cheapest all-electric passenger car on the market.

The First Generation of BYD e6 (2009-2021)

The development of this minivan started way back in the first decade of the 2000s, and the production model was finally ready in 2009. The first series of 40 units were delivered to Shenzhen, China, as a new fleet for a taxi company. 

Soon after, deliveries to other parts of the world started as well, including North America, Europe, the UK, and other places. 

However, BYD e6 Australia didn't arrive that soon. It eventually came in 2020 and soon after replaced by the second generation.


The original BYD e6 came with a relatively simple design approach. The goal of the Chinese designers was to create a compact yet practical minivan that would be suitable as a taxi (or similar functions). 

It’s not hard to notice that the styling was heavily inspired by Honda Odyssey. However, the original e6 was a significantly smaller compact minivan.

Other than the full-electric powertrain, the overall design was relatively simple, with a simple suspension setup and four-disc brakes. The battery, which carries a 10-year warranty, is placed under the floor.


The original BYD e6 compact minivan has a wheelbase of 2830mm, total length of 4560mm, width of 1822mm wide, and height of 1630mm. It has a kerb weight of 2380kg.

BYD e6 Dimensions:

Powertrain, Battery, and Range

While the BYD e6 Australia arrived a little late, it didn’t differ so much from earlier models. It was equipped with the same electric motor mounted at the front axle, with a max output of 90kW. 

The battery has a capacity of 72 kWh. Per WLTP tests, the range is 400 kilometres per charge. Of course, in real road scenarios, this number is so much lower.

BYD e6 Specs:

The Second Generation of BYD e6 (2021-present)

The original e6 was replaced with the second-generation model last year. After a couple of delays, it is finally coming to Australia, with significant changes in many aspects and lots of updated technologies.


As expected, the second-generation model brings an entirely new design. Once again, we are talking about a compact minivan, though the overall shape and lower ground clearance leave an impression that this is a hatchback rather than a van.

In any case, the new model looks attractive and brings changes in size. The new model measures 2800mm in wheelbase.

While that is shorter than the original, things are completely different in terms of the overall lengths, where the new model is good for 4695mm, compared to the original's 4560mm. It is 1810mm wide and 1670 mm high.

BYD e6 Dimensions:

Big changes came under the skin as well. There is an entirely new, more refined suspension setup, which includes an independent McPherson strut at the front and a multi-link setup on the rear end. 

Also, the front wheels now come with ventilated disc brakes, while the rear wheels carried on with classic disc brakes.

Powertrain, Battery, Range, Charging

Interestingly, the new model has less power than the original. It comes with a single electric motor, mounted on the front axle, with a max output of 70kw and 180Nm of max torque. 

Logically, you can’t expect impressive performances with these numbers, so it’s no wonder that the top speed is 130 km/h. 

On the other hand, the new model features a 72-kWh battery, which, in combination with this modest electric motor, provides a pretty high max range of 520 kilometres, according to WLTP. Still, a more realistic range is around 415 kilometres, which is still a respectable distance.

This BYD electric car supports various charging options, including a fast charger. With a 60-kW DC charger, this battery needs just 90 minutes to recharge.

Features and Interior Design

This is the most affordable all-electric passenger car in Australia – the BYD e6 price starts at less than $40,000 now. 

That doesn't mean that it lacks modern features, far from it. 

The truth is that this is a well-equipped vehicle with a long list of standard equipment and safety and driver-assistance features like ESC, traction control, speed-limit recognition, hill-start assist, a reversing camera and rear parking sensors. 

The list of standard equipment also includes a 10.1-inch touchscreen and a four-speaker sound system, and leather upholstery.

The cabin features excellent materials, and it’s obvious that the manufacturer has given a lot of attention to detail. 

Moreover, it is spacious and practical. Both rows of seats accommodate adult passengers with ease, while the cargo volume is 580 litres, which is more than you get from an average family SUV.

More Electric Vehicles on the Way

According to BYD Au, several more models are to come in the near future. The Chinese manufacturer plans to launch an all-electric hatchback, SUV, and sports sedan by the end of 2023, and an all-electric pickup is in the pipeline, too.

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By Nebojsa Grmusa

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