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Can You Buy Luxury Cars Under 50K in Australia? Check This Out

Manufacturers  ·  May 7, 2021

Can You Buy Luxury Cars Under 50K in Australia? Check This Out

In the automotive world, luxury cars are often branded in such a way that they seem unattainable. Given the massive price tags for some of these brands and models, that's certainly the case for most regular people. Still, we often take that branding at face value and fail to realise that some luxury car models are much closer to our budget than we might think.

You can buy several luxury cars in Australia for under $50,000. Recent models that fit that budget include the BMW 119i M Sport, the Audi Q2 35 TFSI, and the Audi A3. The Mercedes-Benz A180 and the Mini Cooper 3-Door Hatch are two other budget luxury cars.

These are premium brands and $50K is still a lot of money, but luxury cars are not exclusive to the super-wealthy as you will find in this article. Even top worldwide luxury car brands have options at much lower price points than their flagship models. We’re going to prove that by showing you a few.

So, let’s get started!

What’s Considered a Luxury Car?

First and foremost, let’s clear up a few things about the term “luxury car,” which we will use repeatedly throughout the article. That term is entirely subjective, and there are no fixed definitions for it. More importantly, there is no specific price range that categorises cars as “luxury”. 

So, for this article, we'll loosely define a luxury car brand as the opposite of an everyday brand. The cars that we'll look at in this article come from reputable brands that offer a higher degree of comfort and style, and yes, are also typically more expensive.

In other words, even though you might not be working off of a fixed definition, you’ll know that you’re talking about a luxury car when you see it.

Luxury Cars You Can Get in Australia for Under 50K

So, let’s get straight to it. Here are five luxury cars that you can get in Australia for less than $50,000.

BMW 119i M Sport

Price: Just under $46,000

Whenever you see the BMW badge on the back of a car, there’s no question that it’s a luxury vehicle. The German brand is known for producing high-quality and expensive luxury cars, though most people forget that they have more budget-friendly models.

A perfect example of that is the BMW 119i M Sport. This particular variant comes with a 1.5-litre turbo engine with a maximum output of 103kW of power and 220Nm of torque.

Engine specs aside, this luxury car also looks good inside and out. The interior offers plenty of space, and it comes loaded with several driver-assist technologies.

Audi Q2 35 TFSI

Price: Just under $43,000

Audi is another German car brand that’s all about luxury. This 4-door luxury SUV proves that the company has at least one budget luxury car in its lineup, and it’s one with plenty of value to offer.

The Audi Q2 35 TFSI has a maximum output of 110 kW of power and 250 Nm of torque, both higher than those of the BMW just mentioned.

You and your family are going to have lots of fun riding around in this car, primarily because of its spacious and comfortable interior. Of course, it wouldn’t really be a luxury car if its exterior wasn’t aesthetically pleasing, and this model certainly is a pride to look at.

Audi A3

Price: $36,600

If a small luxury car is more your style, Audi has that, too! The Audi A3 is a compact luxury car with a maximum output of 85 kW of power and 200 Nm of torque.

As you can see from both the price and the specs, this was intended to be an entry-level model for those who want an affordable, luxury German car. At approximately $36,600, it’s undoubtedly one of the most affordable luxury car brands.

Mercedes-Benz A180

Price: $45,000 

No list of luxury car brands would be complete without Mercedes-Benz. For this article, we’re looking at the Mercedes-Benz A180 in particular. That is another small luxury vehicle (or a ‘compact’ one, if you prefer that term) that gives you all the style and comfort one would expect from a Mercedes model.

In terms of performance, the A180 has a maximum output of 100 kW of power and 200 Nm of torque. That’s thanks to the 1.3-litre turbo direct f/inj engine that’ll give you an excellent taste of the fine German engineering that you’d expect from one of the most reputable car brands in the world.

The A180 has that sleek signature look on the outside and exceptional comfort on the inside.

Mini Cooper 3-Door Hatch

Price: $37,500

Last but not least, we have the Mini Cooper 3-Door Hatch. There might be some debate about whether or not this is a luxury brand to begin with. But as mentioned earlier, the term 'luxury car brand' is very subjective, and we feel that Mini fits right on the borderline; not too high up the luxury food chain, but still not an 'everyday car brand' either.

In any case, the Mini Cooper 3-Door Hatch is the most affordable option in the Mini Cooper lineup.

Like several other models mentioned on this list, this Mini Cooper has a maximum output of 100 kW of power. It does have slightly more torque at 220 Nm, though.

The car’s interior certainly has that luxury feel, yet all the controls and buttons are still very user-friendly. Some people might find the trunk space too limited, but you and your passengers will look good and feel very comfortable sitting in this car.

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By Ray Hasbollah

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