10 Most Popular Cars in Australia

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Feb 03rd, 2020

10 Most Popular Cars in Australia

Back in the day, you could easily spot a Holden Commodore or a Ford Falcon in almost every Australian home. 

In the early ’80s, for instance, the Ford Falcon, Mitsubishi Sigma, Nissan Skyline, Ford Laser and Holden Commodore ruled the roads in our country.

Toyota and Hyundai soon hit the market, and it was time for a switch. Over the years, though, several changes have taken place. Today you can spot different car brands in our homes. Even so, some brands remain common a sight. 

Below we look at some of the popular cars today in Australia.

1. Toyota Hilux

Currently in its eighth generation, the Toyota Hilux is yet again Australia's most popular car. The Hilux has held this position for three years, becoming highly reputable as a result. Its build as a robust and reliable dual cab ute has kept it at the top in terms of sales. Last month, the Hilux recorded over 3,900 sales countrywide, and it's not hard to see why.

The Hilux has excellent steering. In terms of safety, it has registered a good rating. The mid-size pickup truck sports a sturdy suspension system and is powered by a 2.8L engine that can handle almost all terrains. It has a sleek interior as well as a superb entertainment system. 

2. Ford Ranger

Just close behind the Hilux, is another ute – the Ford Ranger. Of course, this reveals where the taste of most Aussies lies. The Ford Ranger offers a smooth and satisfying driving experience. It boasts of several impressive features and good looks, including adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning. 

The introduction of the 2.0L twin-turbo diesel engine to the Ranger made it record even more sales. The interior is just as stunning as its stylish exterior looks, with a state-of-the-art infotainment as its key feature.

With additional features including Smart Keyless entry and SYNC3 integration, it’s pretty much clear why many Australian are in love with the Ford Ranger. 

3. Toyota Corolla

With the Ranger and Hilux taking the lead in terms of popularity, many may have forgotten the Toyota Corolla. A few years ago, the Toyota Corolla was a common sight on the road. Not that that has changed, but the Japanese model is no longer at the top.

If there’s a car brand that has stood the test of time, it is this one. At a fair price, the Corolla has proved to be an economical and reliable car for Aussies. Besides, it doesn’t call for a lot to maintain.

The latest Corolla version has plenty to offer, ranging from a spacious cabin to a sleek look. A 2.0L Dynamic Force direct-injection engine powers it. It is available both as manual and automatic transmission. 

In addition to active cruise control, the Corolla has other impressive features like pedestrian detection, lane departure alert, and automatic braking technology – not to mention the touchscreen display.

Perhaps this explains why it is the most preferred car beside the Hilux and Ranger. 

4. Mitsubishi Triton

The Mitsubishi Triton takes fourth place. Over the years, the Triton has grown steadily to be one of the most popular cars in Australia. In 2017, the Triton took 10th place as Australia's popular car. A year later, it moved five positions up, and today it stands at the 4th place. In December 2019, more than 2,300 units of Tritons were sold in the country.

It is available in both 4×2 and 4×4 configuration. The Triton has proved to be a practical car to many Aussies because of its powerful engine. It also has plenty of cabin space and has active stability and traction control systems. Safety-wise, it has an excellent ANCAP rating.

Other features the Triton offers include a Smartphone Link Display Audio (SDA) system, Electromatic rearview mirror and heated seats. 

5. Hyundai i30

In the top 5 dominated by the utes and the Corolla, the Hyundai i30 finds its way as one of Australia’s preferred cars. It has shown remarkable performance and won the country’s Best Car award six times. 

Undoubtedly, the i30 hatchback is among the most reliable cars in the market today. It features a cascading front grille, twin-tip exhaust and panoramic sunroof. The i30 recorded more than 25,000 sales in 2018. Last month almost 2,000 units of the car were sold in Australia.

It doesn’t matter if you love a diesel, petrol or turbo engine, the i30 certainly meets your needs. The hatchback has some impressive features such as Smart sense safety functions and dual-zone climate control system.

6. Mazda 3

The Mazda has been a consistently preferred choice for many Australians. In 2018, the Mazda 3 became the first of only two Mazda cars that made it to the list of most popular vehicles.

Although it had dropped in position recently, it still is a reliable car brand in the market. It has a stylish touch both in its interior and exterior. In terms of fuel economy, the Mazda 3 is above-average.

It has a topnotch suspension system, good steering and road handling, and excellent brakes. The Mazda 3 has established itself as a superb compact car which explains why it made the top 10 popular cars list again. 

7. Mazda CX-5

Sitting behind the Mazda 3 is another entrant from Mazda, the flagship SUV model CX-5. It is among the best medium-sized SUVs in Australia. For the last seven years, the CX-5 has been the best-selling SUV in Australia.

Last month the car sold over 1,800 units in Australia.

That alone speaks a lot for this Mazda car. The car has a spacious interior with an excellent design. It delivers one of the best performances from a car in its class and returns an excellent fuel mileage.

A turbocharged 2.5T engine powers it. It comes equipped with Radar Cruise Control, 360° view, Emergency Brake Assist, Dynamic Stability Control, Electronic brake force distribution and ABS brakes. Safety-wise, the Mazda CX-5 has an excellent rating. 

8. Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 first made the list of Australia's most popular cars in 2018 and has since remained among the top. This powerful SUV from the Japanese automaker has proved to be among the best cars on our roads. It joins the Hilux and Corolla in making Toyota one of the best-selling automakers in Australia.

The RAV4 has an excellent exterior finish. It has a good rating when it comes to safety and handling. There’s more to expect from the 2019 RAV4 which is a hybrid SUV. Last month, the RAV4 registered sales of over 2,200 units. It is available in a 6speed manual or automatic transmission depending on your preference.

The RAV4 comes in choices of 2WD and 4WD drivetrains. In terms of engine, you can have your pick between the 2.0L or 2.5L petrol engine and a 2.2L turbo-diesel one.

9. Hyundai Tucson

The Hyundai Tucson is next on the list. Sure it had a recent fall in position, but it has still maintained its status as a popular car for many Australians. This medium-sized SUV is one of the best in terms of safety, comfort and look. 

Also, it offers a great experience on the road owing to its solid suspension, precise steering and powerful engine. It features electronic stability control and packs six airbags. With all these and many other features, one can easily see why it's such an appeal to Australians. 

10. Mitsubishi ASX

With over 2,000 sales in December last year, the ASX takes its spot as one of the most popular cars in Australia. The ASX offers a great driving experience as it comes with heated seats, 18” alloy wheel, a panoramic roof and LED Daytime Running lights. 

Also, it has a Smartphone Link Display system and a solid 7" infotainment touch screen with music and call abilities.

With the year just starting, we can’t wait to see how different car brands fare for 2020. 


Sam O.