Connected Cars: What Are They & How Are They Revolutionising The Auto Industry?

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Feb 02nd, 2021

Connected Cars: What Are They & How Are They Revolutionising The Auto Industry?

Have you heard of connected cars? These are the "new" entrants into the ever-evolving car industry. The convergence of the Internet, communication, and automotive technology is what drives this transformation. Connected cars aim to offer a customised driving experience that will redefine transportation. 

What Is a Connected Car?

It’s a car that can connect to the internet through a wireless local area network or WLAN. The connected vehicle communicates bidirectionally with systems in other cars. It allows you to share internet access and data with other internet systems outside and inside the vehicle.

What Are the Features & Benefits of a Connected Car? 

Features of a Connected Car

The features of a connected vehicle are meant to enhance driving experience by allowing the driver to communicate with traffic signals and road infrastructure. With its internet connectivity, it is possible to communicate with other road users. 

Here are the smart features of a connected car.

1. Connectivity App

Manufacturers have created apps that help people connect to their cars remotely. You can do practically any function, like switching the headlights on and off, opening the sunroof, and even starting the car. This is made possible by an app. To top it off, you can locate the car remotely using its GPS.

2. Internet Connectivity

A connected car can be tethered to the internet either through a SIM card or embedded chipset. It can easily access the internet so long as a stable wireless network is available. The connected cars can offer onboard WiFi connectivity and download any over-the-air updates from the manufacturer. 

3. Security

Connected vehicles come with critical security features like emergency SOS calls, roadside assistance, real-time location tracking, or sharing. In addition to the onboard safety equipment, these safety features can also be accessed when in life-threatening situations. 

4. Other features

A connected car may also feature remote parking, young drivers' protection, and entertainment.

To enhance security, the auto industry plans to develop Dedicated Short-Range Communications radios operating with low latency.

Benefits of a Connected Car         

  1. It provides access to a broader range of entertainment or infotainment services on the go. 
  2. It offers an advanced navigation system via third-party applications.
  3. It has improved security features that help keep track of the car even when not driving. 
  4. It allows remote access to different functions of the car. 

How Do Connected Cars Work?

Any car that has an internet connectivity feature can be called a connected vehicle. The current technology allows automobile companies to apply two types of systems while manufacturing connected cars. These include tethered and embedded systems. An embedded system comes with an in-built antenna and a chipset, while a tethered system features hardware that connects the vehicles through a smartphone app.

They will use 5G technology.

How Is Australia Warming Up to Connected Cars? 

Australia's government has warmed up to the idea of connected cars. Governments in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, and Western Australia are conducting transport technology trials. 

In addition, the National Transport Commission (NTC), an independent adviser to Australian transport ministers, is undertaking a phased regulatory reform program. The future seems bright!


We are witnessing how the convergence of connectivity, electrification, and customer demand revolutionises the auto industry to adopt changes. Vehicles are now offering internet on-the-go and may allow up to 7 vehicles to connect at once. 

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