Top 10 Car Wreckers in Tasmania

Recommended Wreckers  ·  March 17, 2022

Top 10 Car Wreckers in Tasmania

If you didn’t know it yet, Tasmania wreckers have plenty of value to offer. They’ll help you get rid of an old car you no longer want (and pay cash for it!), but that’s not all they do. They also sell new, used, and reconditioned car parts at very affordable prices.

Without a doubt, car wreckers can help car owners like you and me in many ways, and today, let’s dive into our top 10 picks for the best car wreckers Tasmania has to offer.

10 Best Car Wreckers Tasmania

1. Tasmanian Auto Recyclers

What you can find here: First on our list is Tasmanian Auto Recyclers, one of the best wreckers Launceston people are happy to have. 

You’ll see from their website that they specialise in late model and low mileage cars.

For all four-wheel-drive enthusiasts out there, Tasmanian Auto Recyclers also sells parts for 4WDs and even commercial vehicles. 

So, if you’re ever looking for 4x4 wreckers in Launceston, this is an excellent place to check out first.

2. Tassie Wrecker

What you can find here: Next on our list is Tassie Wrecker. Like many other wreckers, they offer cash for cars of all brands. They provide free removal service not only for cars but also commercial vans, 4WDs, utes, and even trucks.

That'll be an excellent place to check if you're in Tasmania with a heavy vehicle you'd like to get rid of or spare parts you need to buy. 

3. Moonah Auto Parts

What you can find here: These guys used to be known as Moonah Auto Salvage, and their website says they’ve been in the business for over 25 years. 

You can check out the vehicles they’re currently wrecking on their website –with pictures! They’re also the best place to go for new, second-hand, and reconditioned parts, which you can get at competitive prices with a 3-month guarantee.

4. Camdale Auto Wreckers Tasmania

What you can find here: Searching for Camdale auto wreckers in Tasmania isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. Just check out Camdale Auto Wreckers, a family business that’s been recycling cars since 1967.

Aside from wrecking cars, they also sell used auto parts and new aftermarket parts. Their list of services also includes fitting for those parts bought from them—now, that’s something you don’t want to miss.

5. Alternative Spares

What you can find here: Here’s another all-around good car wreckers in Tasmania. Alternative spares in Derwent Park advertises the models they’re currently wrecking on their Facebook page, and they sell both new and used parts for most car models.

6. Budget Wrecking 4x4

What you can find here: If 4x4 wreckers in Launceston are a little too far away for you, you shouldn’t worry too much. Budget Wrecking 4x4 is over in Dilston, ready to offer you the same services.

Here, you have a car wrecker specialising in four-wheel-drive vehicles. While most wreckers will likely also have 4x4 parts on sale, you'll find more options and more extensive selections at a 4x4 specialist wrecker like this one.

7. Japanese Parts World

What you can find here: So far, we've seen a couple of wreckers specialising in 4x4 parts. Well, you can also find Hobart wreckers specialising in Japanese cars instead, like Japanese Parts World.

They've been in the business since 1984, supplying new and used car parts. As their name suggests, they specialise in Japanese parts for brands like Toyota, Mazda, and Nissan, among many others. 

8. Forster Street Auto Wreckers

What you can find here: Like many of the other businesses on this list, this one is a family-owned operation that’s been wrecking cars for over 25 years. They’re known to have affordable parts for almost any car make and model you might have.

9. Rodney Hyland Cars and Parts

What you can find here: This wrecker specialises in recycling early to late-model cars and commercial vehicles, and even four-wheel drives. They also offer a fitting service for any parts you buy from them.

10. Recycled Auto Parts Tasmania

What you can find here: Last but not least, we have Recycled Auto Parts Tasmania (RAPT), also known as Just Japanese Auto Recyclers. 

Their website shows you the car models they’re currently dismantling, as well as any specials they currently have on offer.

Interestingly, they also run a machine shop where they’ve been reconditioning cylinder heads and engines for over 3 decades.

Where Can I Find Parts for an Old Car?

Suppose you’re in Tasmania, and you need parts for an old car, your first option is to check the many car wreckers Tasmania has, starting with the ones you’ve seen listed above.

Still, you must know that there are other options as well. For example, wreckers don’t just sell their parts at their stores or warehouses, but they’re also online these days.

So, another way to find parts from wreckers in Tasmania is to check CarpartAU. You can find great deals on used parts from sellers in Tasmania and the rest of Australia.

If you can’t find what you want, you can also submit a request through the Part Finder instead. That request goes out to suppliers Australia-wide, and those who have what you need will get in touch with you.

From there, it’s a matter of ordering the parts and having them sent to you in Tasmania.

By Ray Hasbollah

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