Buy Auto Parts the Right Way: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Nov 26th, 2018

Buy Auto Parts the Right Way: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you are a car owner, you can attest to the fact that the cost of auto parts at car dealerships happen to be on the high side. A simple piece which costs only a few dollars to produce could be priced at more than 1000 times the amount at a retail shop. Most times, this is done because a lot of car owners have no idea about these things. This would be different, however, if these car owners took out the time to do some shopping around.

In this article, you will find some great tips on buying auto parts by yourself without the fear of getting screwed. 

Do a Personal Research 

A lot of research precedes buying auto parts. There are at least two great websites you should visit when deciding what to buy. One is which is a massive database of used auto parts, while the other website is eBay which is very popular when it comes to sales of auto parts that are either new or remanufactured. 

For your search to succeed, follow these steps:

  • Find the auto part that you need on
  • Choose your distance and run a search to ascertain the market price within your location.
  • Proceed to eBay.
  • Run the same search then have the results sorted by pricing and lowest shipping.
  • Take note of the listed estimated time of delivery as buying parts from overseas could take as long as one month to be delivered to you.

Verify Parts 

Place a call to your dealership to verify your part number accurately before making a purchase. Neglecting to do so may result in frustration. Some car parts are specially made for particular engines and transmission combos. You’ll also learn that there is a long list of car parts which could be potentially affected, such as computers, sensors, and essential items such as alternators or starters.

Haggle Smartly 

Know when to drive a hard bargain and when not to. First, Remember that grapes must be compared with grapes. Never expect that a wrecking yard will price-match its 30,000-mile engine with another engine nearby which has 300,000 miles written on it.

Secondly, while haggling, ensure that you have done your homework by researching the earlier mentioned sites. Also, ensure that you apply honesty. This is because they have similar info just like you and if you try to be funny, they will sense it and may even act likewise with you.

Watch Out for Deals & Coupons

Retail shops for car parts are expensive. However, this does not imply that it should be the same for you. Sometimes, you could find things like starters and alternators which are 20 dollars lower than what you see on eBay or at a junkyard. They may even come with extra benefits, like a limited lifetime warranty and sometimes free shipping, if you're lucky.

You can shop for things like a battery, fluids, and also filters from online stores like eBay or Amazon. While on it, snag free coupons and discount vouchers. If you find that you have not gotten up to the amount that entitles you to use a coupon code, add a few items that will be useful to you in the long run (such as a coolant or even filters). These small perks add up and translate to savings, no matter how small.

Look for Rare Parts Yourself

Some auto parts for hybrid cars, classics, and also high-end car models are unique. Sometimes, you will find these rare parts at the dealership but won’t find it on eBay or Carpart. This happens a whole lot of times. If you visit a junkyard that has such a vehicle in its inventory, however, you might be able to find this unique part for a far lesser price. Similarly, it can be hard to find specific modules meant for older car versions or limited editions. Whenever you plan on buying a car part that is rare, unusual, and kind of hard to locate, try searching for it in person.

The Old-fashioned Way

If your search online proves unsuccessful while trying to find a specific auto part, then you should pay a visit to a self-service junkyard. If you know what to do, take your tools and remove the part yourself. While it requires your time and some elbow grease, it will save you a significant amount of money.

Seek Help from Online Forums 

Sometimes, you might succeed in finding a rare car part, but it may be in a location that is quite far from you. This is where you need to get help from fellow car part enthusiasts. You will find a lot of people who use your car make and model on online forums. You can ask for their assistance in the acquisition of an auto part. There are sometimes dedicated threads for parts-listing on make or model forums.

We hope that you will remember these tips by heart and use them to sharpen your shopping skills when looking for the best-value auto parts for your car.