The Best Website to Find New and Used Car Parts


Sep 18th, 2020

The Best Website to Find New and Used Car Parts

There are thousands of websites that you can browse to buy new auto parts and thousands more to locate used car parts. But wouldn’t it be great to find both new and used car parts in one place? is such a website. It serves various automotive purposes, like buying and selling new and used auto parts, selling used cars, locating mechanics and car specialists, finding wrecking yards, and many more. 

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t miss It is, without a doubt, one of the best websites for your automotive needs. 

Accessible Australia-Wide

No matter where you are in Australia, you can access CarPart’s services as long as you have a computer or smartphone and an internet connection. We operate nationwide and are not limited by distance or geography. Through our vast network and database, we’re able to help you gain access to local shops, suppliers of new and used car parts, and service providers. 

500+ Vetted Sellers of New or Used Auto Parts

We have a network of 500+ vetted sellers and wreckers across the country, making it easy for us to connect you to the nearest certified sellers in your city or suburb. By finding one within your locality, you cut down the shipping cost and facilitate aftersales concerns such as warranty servicing. If for any reason, you prefer a seller outside your locality, you’re free to do so no questions asked.

The wreckers in our network are mostly owned and run by multi-generational families. They are known for their reliability and dedication to providing customers with high-quality parts and services.

Only One Website to Visit 

Instead of checking multiple websites in search for the most competitive price, you only need to go to one website – We’ve simplified it. It's a hub that connects you to automotive parts sellers and service providers without the need for you to open so many URLs or make several phone calls. Whether it’s new or used auto parts you're looking for, we have reputable sources for you. 

One Request Contacts All

To make it even easier for buyers, we’ve provided a Quick Parts Request on the left-centre section of our homepage. With that ONE form to fill out, you get your request sent to ALL sellers in our network. Now, if you think that the auto part or accessory you’re looking for needs to be described in more detail, you may use the Advanced Request form. It works for both new and used car parts, you only need to specify which in the advanced request form.

So you see, you do away with the tedious process of calling countless sellers, repeating specs and descriptions, and comparing prices between websites. Instead, there’s this simple form that you fill out once, hit ‘Send Request’, then wait for the system to work it out. Then you start receiving quotes from which you choose the best. The remarkable thing about it is that you don’t waste time talking to a lot of people, dialing numbers, or punching keys.

Competitive Pricing

Here is how it works. Sellers and wreckers who have the car part you need will check their inventory and, if they do have it, compete to get your attention and naturally give you their best quote. Through this system, you’re assured that the auto part you’re buying is reasonably priced. From the quotes you receive, you then pick the most advantageous offer and discuss payment and shipping options with the seller.

Free to Use – No Obligation

The tool for requesting a part is free to use. You may send your request through the platform as a guest, but signing up would be so much better for you. By registering, you get full access to all the tools offered by whether you’re using it as a buyer or a seller of new or used auto parts.

Easy-to-Browse Classifieds

The classifieds is one way to advertise your business if you’re an auto parts seller or car wrecker. Car owners who are looking to part out their car may also find CarPart’s classified ads section very useful for one-off selling. It can help them widen their reach, especially since they have no established customers to speak of like regular sellers have. 

For buyers, of course, the ads are another place to search for new or used auto parts. At CarPart, it runs right smack in the centre of the homepage, so it's hard to miss. You can choose to ‘browse all’, which honestly is not a good idea since that would mean going through 6,000+ items (and growing!). 

What you should do is browse intelligently. On the search bar where it says 'I'm looking for', type what it is you're searching, fill out the suburb or postcode where you'd like to search, and the kilometre radius. This search function is intuitive – for instance, typing 'sun' will promptly show all suburbs from Sunshine NSW to Sunset Beach WA, so you only need to scroll down the list and click the applicable suburb. 

Auto-Dedicated Directory

Owning a car involves a continuing responsibility for maintaining it. Besides buying auto parts, you will require servicing and repair. So when issues come up, who are you going to call and how are you going to find them? Of course, you’re calling the specialists and locating them via CarPart’s directory. 

There’s the Yellow Pages plus a host of other directories, so what makes CarPart special? For one, it’s automotive-dedicated. Two, it’s intuitive and user-friendly. The best way to know is to find out and try using it. You may start here

Helpful Blog 

The key to fully enjoying your car is getting ahead long before car problems occur. That’s where our blog comes in. We have tons of articles to guide you in your car ownership journey, tips for locating the best-priced new or used auto parts, plus updates about the industry and the motoring world. You may also subscribe to CarPart’s blog (Yep, it’s free!) so that you don’t miss any article. Just go to the homepage and scroll down to the bottom to find the subscription section.

Best Locator of New and Used Car Parts

The goal of CarPart is to give its users the best browsing experience, whether they're searching for new or used auto parts to buy, selling used car parts, or locating the nearest automotive electrician in their suburb. The website has so much more to offer besides those, so head on to now and sign up for free