Volkswagen Parts | Buying Aftermarket VW Parts


Oct 14th, 2021

Volkswagen Parts | Buying Aftermarket VW Parts

Let me guess. You’re on this page because you need Volkswagen parts, and you need them quick, right? Perhaps, too, you’re considering aftermarket and second hand Volkswagen parts to keep the costs low. 

For the repair and replacement of VW auto parts, you may opt for genuine parts produced by the German automaker or its OEM if you can comfortably afford the price tag. You may also choose second hand Volkswagen parts, which you can source from wreckers for cheap. 

In this article, we will focus on a third option – aftermarket Volkswagen parts – which are not only more affordable than new genuine parts but also more widely available. 

Volkswagen Cars – from the Pre-War Type 1 to the Latest EVs

Volkswagen cars have been around for about 8 decades and still counting. This points to how invaluable and prodigious the brand has grown since its inception before WW1. 

From the legendary Beetle (born Type 1) to its younger siblings, like the Bora, Passat, and Tiguan, to name a few, the German company has risen to become a major player in the global automotive scene.

Replacing Volkswagen Parts 

If you own a Volkswagen vehicle, you know you’ve got a great automobile asset right there. However, after a while, you’ll need to change some of the parts due to wear-and-tear, accidents, refurbishing, and other plausible reasons.

Volkswagen parts are available in the auto market, and more rampant are the aftermarket parts, which you could easily find in the nearest car parts shop in your neighbourhood.

Aftermarket Volkswagen Parts

Aftermarket Volkswagen parts are not manufactured by Volkswagen or the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Independent companies, or sometimes OEM partners, designed and engineered these components to function like the stock part that came with your VW car.

What Aftermarket Parts Are and Aren’t 

Aftermarket parts are readily available and cheap.

  • They come in diverse forms and functions – The shape and appearance can vary depending on the manufacturer. So, it’s not surprising to find a particular Volkswagen exhaust pipe in over ten different shapes, colours, materials used, added features or functions, and prices. The variety of options makes the business risky, attractive, and profitable all at the same time.
  • They’re everywhere, readily available – Aftermarket companies involved in manufacturing car parts for popular brands like Volkswagen are littered all over the world. They do this either in partnership with the original manufacturing company or independently. 
  • They’re more affordable – The aftermarket industry makes Volkswagen parts abundantly available, resulting in a healthy competition that makes them cheaper than the genuine parts from Volkswagen.

Aftermarket parts are not necessarily substandard.

  • They are not necessarily inferior – It’s a common assumption that aftermarket parts are substandard or inferior since they’re not directly from VW. This can be true in some cases but not always. ‘Aftermarket’ only means that they’re not VW, OEM, or stock parts, but they could be made by Bosch, Magna, Denso, and NGK - all respectable aftermarket brand names and big names in the auto industry. In short, the key is to find high-quality aftermarket Volkswagen parts.
  • They may not look like the VW part – As explained before, they will have the same function as the stock part but may differ in appearance. In fact, most of these are modified, aka mods, with features that enhance the original product's design, quality, and performance. 
  • They are not fakes. OK, due to the abundance of manufacturers and openness in the market, there could be some fakes out there. However, genuine aftermarkets are authentic and not posed as genuine VW parts. In fact, they are marketed and want to be recognised as their own brand. 

In short, the sweeping generalisation that all aftermarket parts are cheaper because they are substandard or counterfeit parts is a FALSE and UNFAIR statement.

Does using Volkswagen aftermarket part void your warranty?

Your Volkswagen dealer will go to great lengths to make you believe that using aftermarket car parts will automatically void your warranty, but that is simply not true. 

If you bother to read the fine print or the Australian Consumer Law, you’ll find out that what invalidates your new car warranty is when the aftermarket product you used has caused a damage to an original auto part.    

This means, you should be more concerned about using aftermarket mods - the ones that up performance to the point of driving your car abusively or in an excessive manner. Volkswagen’s servicing mechanics will be quick to spot that, so beware. 

Besides, if you’re still half-way through your warranty period, it seems pointless to go for aftermarket parts. Why don’t you take advantage of the warranty while it lasts, instead?

You’re better off using genuine Volkswagen parts and services covered by the warranty. Even if the damaged part is not covered by the warranty, you’ll do well to still go for Volkswagen original parts. 

Why? Keeping your car 100% stock will help you maintain a high market value for it, if it ever comes to that. 

At the end of your warranty window, you can then join the aftermarket league.

Are there no factory warranties for aftermarket parts?

That’s not always true either. It’s your role to ask for a manufacturer warranty for any merchandise, whether that’s a vacuum cleaner or an aftermarket Volkswagen part. 

Even second hand Volkswagen parts you buy from Aussie wreckers carry with them some warranty, so you can expect so much more from brand-new aftermarket Volkswagen parts

Again, the consumer law protects buyers by holding dealers/sellers/service providers accountable and ensuring that what you paid for will perform as promised and be of acceptable quality.

Where can I find VW parts near me?

As I’ve mentioned in the intro, there are several ways.

  • Go directly to VW dealers and get the part you need. Just a heads-up, some parts may need to be ordered, so there’s a waiting time involved. Also, you can expect it to be pricey.
  • Go to parts suppliers near you and ask for OEM or aftermarket VW parts.
  • Search the internet for Volkswagen parts near me, or Volkswagen parts Sydney or wherever you are in Australia. You may also enter your suburb to further narrow down the results for VW, OEM, or aftermarket Volkswagen parts within your locality. It's also a good idea to include specifics, such as VW performance engine plus specs if you have those.
  • You can also checkout VW wreckers near you. For this option, I think you’ll find this directory handy.

What if you want to get quotes from various sellers without picking up your phone to make endless calls, driving around your neighbourhood to check on parts suppliers, or browsing hundreds of sellers/shops online? 

Well, there’s hope for you. You can send us a car part request! Yes, one request is all you need to do, and you’ll get competitive quotes from various car parts sellers and wreckers within the area you specify. Neat, huh? Try it now, it’s free.

The Bottom Line

There you have it! It’s always good to be well informed before paying for anything that has to do with your Volkswagen car. 

Choosing Volkswagen aftermarket parts is not a bad idea. In fact, it gives you many options and even levels the playing field to bring car parts prices down.

One good thing to remember is never to part with your hard-earned cash without doing due diligence.