Does it pay to source parts yourself, or get them brokered ?


Nov 29th, 2018

Does it pay to source parts yourself, or get them brokered ?


If you’re searching for great ways to cut down on car repairs and save some cash, then make it a habit to have your automobile regularly maintained through regular oil changes and having your tires rotated. This is arguably the best method through which your auto mechanic can really monitor the health of your car. By doing so, parts which need to be attended to will not be allowed to depreciate until it gets to a point where the major car parts break down. If the major parts happen to break down, you could end up incurring far more expenses which will hurt your purse more. Just as you care out preventative measures with respect to dental care, regularly taking care of your automobile can help you avoid the occurrence of bigger and more expensive car problems.
There’s more. One other method that will help you to save up on automobile repairs is by buying your own car parts by yourself and bringing them to your automotive technician. Shops have a habit of marking up the parts that they sell, and this strategy is what helps them to pay for expenditures like shop rent, staff wages, payments on expensive equipment, and also to make a profit. Without profit, they will be kicked out of business. Since this method can actually help you save some cash, is it really ideal to purchase your car parts and bring them to your mechanic?
The truth is that this is not really a good idea in the long run and here are some key reasons why –

•You might not receive a good faith warranty if the warranty expires
Assuming you find a very good deal on a car part on an online auto parts shop, and you take it to the repair shop to have it installed by your auto technician, it may seem like a harmless move but you must realize that if the items that you bought end up becoming faulty, you will be at a loss for that item. Your repair shop won't be held responsible, and the items will not be covered under the warranty of your shop. This is so because the parts that you bought for your car may not have been recommended by your repair shop. Also, those car parts may have been produced with substandard items or may not be a right fit for your car which will ultimately result in poor performance.

The only part that a shop warranty covers if you purchase and bring your own car parts is their labor which implies that they will re-install a part that was not properly installed, but they will not take care of the items that you brought. It is obvious that you would not go to a restaurant and give them your steak and then ask that they cook it. Of a truth, you would be able to purchase a steak by yourself at a much lower price than at the restaurant, and this will not let you take your steak to them. The restaurant will not be able to vouch for the freshness of your steak and could get worried that there would be a complaint about how it tastes when, in the first instance, they would not dare to serve you such kind of steak.

•Legal considerations
A repair shop that installs an item that you purchased by yourself and later leads to an auto crash could see itself held legally liable. Most of the time, the court of law will pass a ruling that is against the repair shop. This is because it would be claimed that the shop should not have taken an item that was purchased by a customer on their own and installed it because they could not guarantee its authenticity. This is important because a lot of retail shop owners have invested every penny that they have into their company. Based on this, a lot of repair shops will not accept to install an auto part that was purchased by customers. Do not lay blames on them for taking that decision because it is a risk indeed.

•You could make the wrong decisions
Repair shops for automobiles actually invest quite a lot of funds into equipment for diagnosis. They also stress the importance of their technicians upgrading their knowledge. If you do not have any background in the field of mechanics, it will be very difficult for you to detect the problem. When your vehicle begins to give off signals that there is a problem such as making sounds in an unknown location, the best thing you can do is to leave your car with the experts. These professionals are trained to accurately detect what exactly the problem of your car is and what parts have to be replaced.

•Less convenient
If you end up purchasing parts that are not right for your car or that do not fit with the extra auto parts being provided by your repair shop, it means that you will have to make your way back to the store where you made the purchase or probably wait longer to have a replacement shipped to you. Instead of wasting valuable time purchasing car parts that may not really fit your vehicle in the end, simply let the auto repair shop take care of it.

•You could end up buying subpar parts
Repair companies have built a relationship with suppliers of auto parts. This helps auto-repair shops to make a quick call and order for emergency deliveries from distribution centers in their locality. These suppliers most times recommend the best car part that will be best for the job that they want to do in your car. It could actually look like suppliers of car parts always recommend parts that are more expensive, however, these suppliers would not want to destroy a valuable relationship with their clients by asking them to make use of an auto part that is not fit enough for the job.