Finding Car Parts in Australia without the Hassle


Jul 09th, 2021

Finding Car Parts in Australia without the Hassle

Finding the right car part for your vehicle used to be an exhausting task. Finding the right AND cheap car part – now, that's the real challenge! But not anymore! The internet has changed all that.

Still, searching online has become both a boon and a bane for people like you who only want to find a specific auto part.

Yes, SEARCHING car parts online has become like a walk in the park, but FINDING the exact part you need is not!

Let me guess. When you typed the name of the auto spare that you’re looking for on the search box, you got flooded with results that are not even remotely related to the part you want, right? That can be very annoying, of course. I presume you silently wished there was a search engine that understood the car part language better or knew what you were looking for.

Well, it’s you’re lucky day – wish granted!

Get the Right Auto Part with ONE Request

Yes, that’s all it needs – one Request for Part – and you’ll get tens to hundreds of relevant quotes from CarpartAU’s network of 500-plus wreckers and auto parts sellers across Australia.

CarPartAU Helps You Locate Auto Parts & More is a one-stop solution to find car parts online. It’s the Adam’s Bridge between you and hundreds of auto part sellers who have the exact part you need. Not only that, it is also an invaluable resource for informative materials about cars, auto parts, and automotive events. 

It features three tools that come in handy for a buyer struggling to find rare car parts, repair shops, and mechanics. It also works the other way if you’re an auto parts seller. Isn’t that lovely? Let's see what the site does for you. 

1. Car Parts Finder Tool

When searching for rare parts, you need to look for individual wreckers, auto parts resellers, and stores selling high-demand OEM car parts. To each seller or wrecker, you’ll need to describe the specific part you need, and you know how much time and effort (and patience!) those repeated transactions require. There are thousands of such sellers and wreckers in Australia, and only a few will have those rare parts in their inventory. Good if you know who those few sellers are, but you don’t. That's true when you do it all by yourself.

Now you can do it in the smartest way possible – request your part through CarPartAU

All you must do is fill out a single request form, describe the auto part, provide your car specs and VIN, and if you can, upload a picture of the part you’re replacing. Click ‘SEND’ and wait for the quotes that sellers/wreckers will send to your preferred email or phone number. 

Uploading relevant files and photos can speed up the search and increase response rates. Hundreds of wreckers and auto part suppliers will receive your request, opening a window for the most competitive offers from wreckers and suppliers who have your car part. It saves you a lot of time and allows you to choose the best deal for your car part at no expense. Yes, you don’t pay CarPartAU anything for this service! 

2. Directory

Whether you're looking for auto electricians, wreckers, auto supplies shops, or windscreens & tinting specialists, you can find them here. From here, you can contact the experts nearest you.

Let’s say, you're looking for an auto electrician. You may now choose from the dropdown list of the professional you're looking for and specify your area, e.g., your postcode, suburb, and state. This will quickly fetch you the contact details of auto electricians in the specified area.

Alternatively, you can look for the contact details of a mechanic shop that you vaguely remember. Just enter the company name, or whatever part of the name you remember, it's okay. The CarPartAU directory is intuitive enough to auto-suggest who you're looking for and provide all the details you need. Again, the directory is free to use! Find auto parts sellers and contacts here!

3. Classified Ads

Are you an auto parts seller? Do you want to increase your sales? CarPartAU has a high-traffic classifieds section that helps your auto parts store or wreckers company become more visible to buyers anywhere in Australia and the world. This is the best place to intensify your reach and help buyers find you easily. Start posting ads with this Quick Sign Up. This is free service for once-off sellers who want their ads viewed by tens of thousands of website users monthly.

However, if you’re a professional parts dealer like many of our advertisers, who would like to promote their company and have their products featured and ‘bumped’ up for high visibility, then you should register as a dealer here

Hey, wait, CarPartAU's Classified Ads section is not just for the sellers. If you’re looking to buy car parts, or even an entire used car, the Classified Ads would be a great way to start your search with our car parts listing.

4. Blog for every car owner and enthusiast

The CarPartAU blog has everything from guides on caring for your car's interior to reviews of the latest releases in the Australian automotive market. This section updated daily with car reviews, how-to guides for car owners, and car DIY articles, the latest on controversial issues, car events and shows, and just about everything you need to know about Australia’s automobile industry.

This article is but one piece of the thousands of articles in the CarPartAU blog. Browse all categories here

Save Time. Save Money. Stay Safe.

Indeed, Australia has thousands of online stores, so why rely on CarPartAU?

Why You Should Use CarPartAU to Search for Auto Parts

One request equals tens to hundreds of relevant quotes

CarPartAU is linked to more than 500 wreckers and car parts suppliers from everywhere in the country. Whether you're from Melbourne or Perth and want to find car parts from your neighbourhood, you can have more than 50 sellers giving you their best deals.

Saves time and money

One CarPart request is more powerful than hundreds of blind calls and visits. It ensures that all suppliers receive the same specs and details to make relevant quotes for your car part request. This way, you’re not wasting your time, not the gas and not even those exhausting calls.

Quick and easy steps

Searching car parts can’t get any simpler than this 1-2 step.

  1. The first step is to fill up the request form at CarPartAU’s website and click SEND. (Note: This step is the only real work you’ll do, so make sure you do it carefully and meticulously. It ensures that you get the correct part – specs and all.) 
  2. The next step is to choose from the bidders with the best offers.

As soon as you start receiving the offers, you may compare them and choose the best offer that fits your requirements. Then all you need to do next is contact the wrecker or auto parts supplier and discuss the payment and delivery options. CarpartAU doesn’t get a cut or anything from what you agree with the seller. It’s all between you and the seller. 

Free of cost

CarPartAU’s services to buyers are totally FREE. The website benefits from the traffic that you bring, so you’re most welcome. It’s your gateway to Australia’s vast network of auto parts sellers, car wreckers, and auto professionals


Coronavirus made us learn this lesson the hard way. Wherever you are in Australia, you can use CarPartAU's Auto Part Finder and its other services. Whether you’re looking for rare parts or discontinued car parts, it’s got you covered. 


CarPartAU will not ask for any credit card information or financial details. All it needs is a way to contact you (an email ad or a phone number) through which sellers and wreckers can reach you with their best offers. 

The environment loves it

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. You’re the planet’s caretaker. Taking part in the 3Rs does Earth a lot of good! You not only get to choose the best price for your car parts, but you’re also reusing something, reducing your carbon footprint, and lessening the burden on the planet. 

And you know what else, by making your fingers do the walking instead of your foot hitting the gas pedal, you make Mother Earth happy.

Finding Auto Parts Fast 

As long as you own a car, you're going to need a permanent solution for easy car part search. And that solution doesn’t need to be a tedious process that takes a lot from your 24 hours and wallet. All it takes is your 2 minutes on CarPartAU's Parts Request and Finder Tool to make your enquiry reach genuine sellers and wreckers across Australia. 

Find Your Car Part Now!

Are There Other Options for Finding Car Parts in Australia?

Besides CarPartAU and its 500-plus registered wreckers and auto parts sellers, you can also try the following options. 

Yellow Pages

The YP is a popular website that has successfully made its phone and address book online for your convenience. It goes decades back with its literally ‘yellow’ pages, and you can imagine how hefty the original book used to be. 

Car parts search with the Yellow Pages can help you gain a lot of experience (and headache, I must say) through the countless long calls with the sales executives of every auto part store in your suburb. It follows the procedure of searching for wreckers in your area and requesting quotes from every wrecker you find in the search result. The YP can tell you about the services each listing offers and direct you to their website. That’s pretty useful – if you didn’t know about CarPartAU.

HAPSA – Hotline Auto Parts SA

Hotline Auto Parts is an auto parts locating system using a digital radio system to help customers fill up a Part Locator Submission Form. You can find any replacement parts such as automatic and manual transmissions, gearbox differentials, suspension and car panels. 

When you have finished placing the request for your part, all HAPSA members will know of the request and reply if the requested part is available. This emailed reply will contain the location of the part, its condition and all costs associated with the purchase, including the delivery of the particular part. 

Their members are primarily based in Adelaide and South Australia and are ready to ship their auto parts anywhere in Australia. Since it's using a hotline, you need to call instead of comparing the quotes online. There’s a Victoria counterpart for this, the Melbourne Hotline, which works pretty much the same way.


Gumtree is a great choice to buy parts from individuals, sellers and wreckers. A tree where its 'gummies' can find everything. It's one of the best online channels for buying anything, big or small, new or old, from individuals. Whether you want to buy a car or cars parts, you can search for it here. Beware of frauds and imposters, though, and make sure you're buying from a reliable seller.

Swap Meets

Swap meets were a popular way to find car parts, but the coronavirus had made it practically impossible to have a fixed date for the meets. Most of the meets held in different states were cancelled, and a new date for those meets are not yet published. Swap meets are the traditional way of finding classical car parts and are very useful if you’re in search of rare auto parts.

Wrecking Yards 

If it's an easy-to-find part, you can go straight to the wrecking yard. Most of them are self-serve. There you can find the car parts yourself from the pile of vehicles, which requires a tremendous amount of patience and hard work. Before you venture out to sweat it out, you can check the wreckers’ stocks and make sure they have the parts you’re looking for.

Other Methods

The local dealers and shops are also a great way to find car parts. You can also wait till the next swap meet to find your part. I advise observing social distancing and maintaining hygiene throughout your hunt for car parts.

A Final Word

Finding car parts with remains the best of these options. Due to its massive network of wreckers and sellers, it makes the whole process easy for you to locate auto parts. 

Whether you’re searching for discontinued car parts or parts that have become ‘rare parts’ due to the monopoly of giant dealerships, the Car Part Finder tool will help you find it. No need to make any more blind calls or random visits to physical stores. To find auto parts without the hassle, go straight to

By Sooraj Sj