Risks of not servicing your vehicle reguarly ( Especially new ones)

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Sep 16th, 2019

Risks of not servicing your vehicle reguarly ( Especially new ones)

There are many reasons why it is necessary to service your car, especially when it is new. Failing to service your car regularly poses many risks to your safety and that of others. You may wonder; what happens when you miss servicing your vehicle, especially when it is new.

Reduced Safety on The Road

Failing to service your car regularly reduces your safety and that of your passengers. A car breaking down while in motion risks your life and that of the passengers. This is riskier, especially when proper maintenance isn't carried out on the tyres and brakes. Fluids must also be replaced frequently to reduce friction between the turning points. Make sure to replace them when they get worn out.

Risking Support From The Manufacturer ( Warranty becoming void)

If you miss a service, your manufacturer has the right to void your warranty, and rightfully so as all this information is given to you in your owner's handbook.

When you run out of warranty, you may get still get covered by your manufacturer under the "Good Will Warranty". Proof of regular servicing suggest's to the manufacturer that you have done everything that is required to maintain your vehicle. 

Service history books being stamped and dated will improve the chances off a good will warranty, this is especially handy when an engine or gearbox fails just out of its warranty period.

Shortens Your Car's Life

Servicing a vehicle can be troublesome and tiring at times. By maintaining your car regularly, you improve its lifetime so that it can serve you for a more extended period. It also saves you money since you don't need to replace your car every three years. Apart from extending the lifetime of your vehicle, you also limit the occurrence of mechanical issues. Repairing or replacing parts of your car can be very expensive. 

Depreciation To The Value of Your Vehicle

Servicing your car not only increases the lifetime of your vehicle, but it also adds to its value when selling it, it's always easier to sell a car with an up to date service history. Good service history attracts competitive prices; buyers are far more educated these days. The second-hand vehicle's market is very competitive, and small things like a complete service history may just sway the buyer your way.

Effects your insurance claim value

When claiming from your insurer, the insurer will check at your service history to determine the amount to compensate you. Having a good service history will ensure that you get better compensation when you are insured at market value. 

Poor Fuel Economy

Fuel consumption in a car is affected by several factors. Among them is the performance of the engine, brakes and tyres. When parts get worn out, and they fail to work efficiently, the fuel economy tends to increase, and let's be honest petrol isn't cheap.

Increased Emissions

Servicing your car will ensure that all parts, such as the engine are working efficiently. Failure to maintain the vehicle will eventually cause it to burn through fuel and oil, creating pollution and increased emissions out of the exhaust pipe.

Engine Oil Sludge

Oil sludge can build up in the engine of your car. Oil sludge prevents the smooth and proper flow of oil in your vehicle. This is common and can usually be seen from removing the oil cap and inspecting the inside of the cylinder head or rocker cover.

Unnecessary Wear and Tear

Failing to service your car regularly will put undue pressure on your vehicle, you may not see this as a problem in the short run, but with time, repairs may be necessary sooner rather than later, a two or three hundred dollar service may save you a few thousand dollar engine replacement in the long run.

To conclude, it is essential to service your car, especially when it is new. It may not seem necessary, but in the long run, it may end up being very costly.