Should I Buy Auto Parts Online?

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Jun 08th, 2021

Should I Buy Auto Parts Online?

We’ve reached a stage where you can buy pretty much anything online. Auto parts are no exception to that, as you can buy them online not only from Aussie sellers but anywhere in the world. But should you do that? We’re here to help you figure out.

There are many reasons for buying auto parts online, and it’s not just for the potential savings! First, it’s easier now to ensure you're ordering high-quality parts. Plus, finding the exact parts you need online is a breeze. Lastly, auto parts finders can connect you to suppliers who have the parts you need.

In this article, you're going to discover all the different reasons why buying auto parts online is the better choice. We'll start by exploring why auto parts are cheaper online before providing you with tips on identifying the correct parts and making sure they're of high quality.

Lastly, we’ll tell you how you can buy parts easily on

Let’s get started.

Why Are Auto Parts Cheaper Online?

Auto parts online are significantly cheaper than those you’d get at a store or even at your trusted workshop, and there’s nothing shady about that. Here are three main reasons why that’s the case.

Online Sellers Aren’t Paying for a Physical Store

First and foremost, sellers are usually not operating from a brick and mortar location like those you usually buy parts from. That means their business expenses don't include the same amount of rent, utilities, and all sorts of other fees that business owners pay when they have a retail location.

They Spend Less on Salaries

Plus, they’re not paying for as many staff as a retail location, and having fewer people to pay contributes to lower costs.

By selling online, these auto parts companies make substantial savings and, like they enjoy telling you in their ads, “passing those savings on to you” by selling at a lower price tag.

Fewer Steps between the Warehouse and You

Typically, car parts (or any other type of product, for that matter) go through many steps between the warehouse and the store you buy them from. From warehouses to transportation hubs and storage facilities, and every step adds a little bit to the final cost of the product.

When you buy auto parts online, the order is usually dispatched directly from the warehouse. From there, it's passed to the courier, which then sends it directly to your doorstep. Fewer steps in the process mean lower costs overall.

How to Correctly Identify Auto Parts When Ordering Auto Parts Online

One of the top challenges when shopping for auto parts online is ensuring that you're getting exactly what you need. That, alone, is one reason why many people prefer buying car parts in-person rather than online.

Still, there's little to worry about when it comes to that. When searching for parts or discussing with the seller, you can provide several details to guarantee you're getting the exact part you need.

Those details include:

  • Vehicle Identification Number: The VIN is more than just a serial number. It also details your vehicle's brand, model, and year manufactured. Both you and the seller can use these details and check that they correspond with the parts you're ordering.
  • Pictures: You can, and should, provide the seller with photos of the parts you want or the parts you're trying to replace. Sellers often appreciate this, too, because it makes it much easier for them to find the items you're requesting.
  • Manufacturer Descriptions: Quite often, such as with aftermarket parts, the manufacturers themselves have already listed what car brands and models their parts are compatible with.

How to Ensure Quality When Buying Auto Parts Online

Another concern among would-be online auto parts shoppers is that the parts they’re ordering aren’t of high quality. That’s a valid concern, as there are some bad apples out there who sell sub-par auto parts.

To avoid those dodgy sellers, here are a few steps you can take:

Buy from Reputable Sellers

Always buy from reputable sources, such as those who have familiar names. Even better, ask your friends, family, and even your regular mechanic which sellers are good to buy from.

Choosing a reputable seller might be slightly more expensive, but the peace of mind you get is priceless.

Research the Seller

Reputable or not, do your homework! These days there’s no reason not to Google the seller and see what comes up. 

How long have they been in the business? Do they have a physical address? Do people have written reviews about them? All of this information is incredibly helpful.

Read the Reviews

When you find reviews on the seller, read them! Not just the good or the bad, but read a healthy mix of them to get a complete picture of what the seller is really like.

Sure, take reviews with a grain of salt. But still, they can be pretty helpful. How the seller addresses complaints is one important aspect to look into when reading reviews.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Auto Parts Online?

Earlier in the article, you saw that cost savings are one of the first (and biggest) benefits of buying auto parts online. But that’s not the only one!

Besides saving money, here are the other benefits of getting your parts online instead of at a physical store:

  • Get hard-to-find parts: Depending on the vehicle you drive, car parts can be pretty challenging to find. That’s undoubtedly true for classic cars, some imported vehicles, discontinued models, and so on. However, online shopping gets you those parts quickly without you having to cold-call hundreds of suppliers.
  • More options: If the local workshop is your only source for upgrades and aftermarket parts, then you’re truly missing out. Buying auto parts online provides you with many more choices for part colours, designs, and performance-related options!
  • Door-to-door delivery: Best of all, the parts are delivered straight to your door or specified address. 

You can search online stores individually, but that can be very long-winded. What about search a car part online? That’s more like it, but how?

How to Locate Auto Parts Online at

Some people love scrolling through long lists of car parts to find what they want, and that’s fine. You can check the ads at If you want to cut to the chase and submit a parts request, you can do that with the Part Finder at

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Head on over to the online request form
  2. Fill in all the necessary details about the parts you’re looking for.
  3. Provide additional details like photos, VIN, model, and so on.
  4. Include your contact details
  5. Click ‘Send Request’

That’s it! Your request will go out to hundreds of auto parts sellers across the country, who will then send you quotations for those parts. Of course, you won’t have to reply to all of them, just find the ones with the best deals!

Best of all, the deal happens directly between you and the seller. CarpartAU doesn’t take a commission or charge you a fee.

To learn more about buying the best auto parts online, head on over to Then, check out the Marketplace to see what other people are selling, or read the Blog to keep yourself up-to-date with the automotive industry happenings in Australia and worldwide!

By Ray Hasbollah