What Are Car Maintenance Apps And Are They Any Good?

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Apr 20th, 2021

What Are Car Maintenance Apps And Are They Any Good?

Wherever there's a need, there's an app. That has been a universal truth for many years now, no matter what kind of smartphone you use. Still, there are many apps that people don't know about simply because they've never thought to search for them. A car maintenance app is a perfect example of that.

You see, all car owners know that their vehicles need periodic maintenance. Still, because these maintenance tasks only need to happen once every few months or even less frequently, it’s not surprising that people tend to forget about them until later.

That’s why a car maintenance app has the potential to be very useful. Besides being a place where you can keep track of all your workshop visits, some of them even give you a timely reminder for when you’ll need to go next.

To spread awareness about such apps, we will look at what they do and how they can benefit you in the long run.

Let’s get started.

What Do Car Maintenance Apps Do?

The primary function of a car maintenance app is to help you keep track of your car’s routine servicing details. The idea here is that the app will act as a point of reference that you can check so that you’ll never forget to take your car in for an oil change or anything like that.

Basically, the car maintenance app is your way of keeping complete records regarding your car’s maintenance and repairs.

What Kind of Details Can a Car Maintenance App Track?

There is a wide range of details that an average car maintenance app can track. Firstly, details about your car like the brand, model, and registration numbers are usually the first thing that you can use the app to track.

That will come in handy, especially if you’re using an app that can track multiple vehicles. For example, you may have more than one car in your household or own a small business with a fleet of five or so vehicles.

Besides that, these apps can track mileage and fuel details too. We've even seen some apps that help you log and keep track of the kind of oils you put in that particular vehicle.

Bear in mind that the exact details will depend on the app itself. Different apps may allow you to track more or fewer details regarding your car’s maintenance and repairs.

Push Notifications

Some of these apps take things a step further by having a push notification feature. You’ll be able to set a reminder, and the app will tell you when your next car servicing is due.

Of course, suppose you were to browse the Google Play or Apple App Store on your phone right now and compare these apps. In that case, you’ll see that some of them have additional features aimed at supporting these essential functions.

Other Supporting Features

Some of these additional functions might include:

  • Fuel and mileage record keeping
  • Using the phone camera to scan and store your workshop receipts or other service documents
  • Allowing you to track multiple cars (like in a household setting) using the same app

What’s the Difference Between Free and Paid Apps?

A car maintenance app is just like any other that you’ll find available for your smartphone. Some come totally free of charge, or at least with a set of basic features you don’t have to pay for.

Others may include a paid or premium option that costs a few dollars but promises additional functionality.

So, why might you want to choose a paid app instead of using a free one?

Well, here are a few possible reasons:

  • Paid apps typically unlock premium features that the free app doesn’t have.
  • Paying for the premium app might include important backup features, such as cloud storage, so you’ll never lose any information you’ve stored in the app.
  • Some free apps display plenty of advertisements which you can disable by paying for the premium version.

What Are Some Good Maintenance Apps to Use in Australia?

From what we’ve seen so far, the car maintenance apps available for Android and iOS are not tied to any particular country. That means that being in Australia won’t stop you from using the most popular car maintenance apps developed in other countries.

Some of the best apps include:

CARFAX Car Care 

This just might be the best car maintenance app we've seen so far. One of the best features of this app is that it allows you to simultaneously track up to eight cars. As mentioned earlier, that's handy if you've got a multi-car household or a small fleet of vehicles for your business.


This car maintenance app is focused a little bit more on the financial side of things. It will help you track your registration, maintenance, and even fuel costs in the same app.

My Car

Just like many other similar apps, this one allows for tracking multiple vehicles.

Auto Care 1

A key highlight of this app is that it allows car owners to track fuel costs. Aussie users will appreciate the ability to switch to metric measurements like kilometres and litres.


Earlier, we mentioned how some apps allow you to scan and save your paper receipts and service documents. This app is a perfect example of that feature. You can store all your documents and records in the app. 

Best of all, you can forward all of those records, such as to a prospective buyer or perhaps if you ever switched to a new mechanic.

How to Choose the Best Car Maintenance App

As you can see, there are several car maintenance apps already out in app stores. Each of them comes with unique benefits and drawbacks. 

To choose the best one, you'll have to consider your priorities and match them to the app's features. Don't be afraid to try a few apps before finding the perfect one for you!

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By Ray Hasbollah