What Consumers Like about Used Auto Parts

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Nov 10th, 2019

What Consumers Like about Used Auto Parts

Car owners often find themselves in a plight where they need to replace some parts of their car. The reason could be damage, failure, or even wear. 

Getting a replacement part is a hassle, not to mention the cost and time that it entails. Yet replacing parts is something that car owners have to deal with through the usable life of their cars. Some of them resort to used car parts whenever the need to replace parts arises.

What drives the consumers to buy used auto parts?

Reasons vary from one car owner to another. Below are the most obvious motivations for preferring secondhand car parts.

1. Price

Consumers primarily go for the best price, which does not necessarily mean the lowest price. Instead, it means a price that is fair after considering the age and condition of the auto parts.

Used car parts have always offered the best price since they are usually the same quality as the new parts but cost relatively cheaper. Factoring affordable price and high-quality, we see precisely why replacement part shoppers would quickly take the path of secondhand parts. 

The amount a car owner can save when purchasing used car parts varies depending on the following factors:

  • The type of part needed
  • The state of the components: are they already pulled, or does the consumer need to pull them out?
  • The age and condition of the part (repaired, refurbished or salvaged)
  • The demand for the particular used car part in that area

2. Ready availability

Car owners often need to replace parts as soon as possible. Unfortunately, parts may take longer to get to the car owner when ordered as new components, undoubtedly inconveniencing customers. 

To avoid a long waiting period, most car owners prefer the used auto parts industry. Here, there is an assorted range of car parts as well as hassle-free auto assistance. Used car parts are not only easy to access, but also they are widely and readily available. 

Car owners find parts for their car from the same make and model but which is no longer on the road due to an accident or other reasons.

3. Availability of hard-to-find classic car parts

Just like any other business, automotive manufacturers usually aim to make profits. As such, they implement all possible strategies to ensure they earn a high income and make huge profits. One common practice is to stop producing parts for low-demand cars. This way, they can pour their resources to manufacturing components for newer models in the market. 

This practice leaves old car owners with no option but the used auto parts marketplace. Fortunately, this industry has a plentiful supply for classic or old cars, allowing owners to maintain their old vehicles. Most of these used parts are those that were initially produced by the car manufacturer rather than aftermarket parts, which assures high quality.

4. Competitive industry

In any market, consumers will always prefer to go for products that are available in different places because it presents them with various options. In the same way, car owners prefer parts with a wide range of choices. 

Not only does this help car owners evaluate all the places, but it also gives them a chance to compare these products from different sources. You can find secondhand car parts from the following sources:

  • Through online dealers
  • Salvage yards and junkyards
  • Recycling groups
  • Auto parts shops and dealers

These options attract car owners as they can make comparisons as to the quality, price, location, and other factors. New parts, on the other hand, come from limited sources.

5. High quality

Most used parts have the same quality as OEM or genuine parts. These parts generally come from cars of the same make and model but are no longer in use, unless the owners have replaced them with aftermarket parts before disposal. Therefore, when consumers buy these parts, there’s a high possibility of buying OEM-quality parts.

6. Environmentally-beneficial

Going for used car parts reduces the need to manufacture new parts. Manufacturing new parts require energy such as electricity, oil, steel, and other raw materials. When consumers purchase secondhand car parts, they lower the demand to mine iron or other natural resources, cut on cost and energy, and reduce pollution.

All these help keep the environment clean as well as mitigate the depletion of resources. Eco-friendly consumers, therefore, prefer to go for used car parts to help reduce their impact on the planet. 


Sam O.