Where Can I Buy Car Accessories Near Me?


Nov 25th, 2021

Where Can I Buy Car Accessories Near Me?

Cars and human beings are a natural combination; well, mostly. Cars are mass-produced, but drivers like you are unique individuals. So, how can you make your car as unique as you? That’s where car accessories come into play.

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the places you can shop for car accessories in your state. As you’ll see, there are plenty of unique car accessories that you can use to individualise your car and tailor it to fit your style!

Where to Shop for Car Accessories

Finding a place to shop for car accessories these days is not all that difficult. No matter where you are in the country, you’ll likely bump into a car accessories shop just down the street. On top of that, your options on finding exterior and interior car accessories online are practically limitless.

Still, before you run a ‘car accessories near me’ Google search, there’s one thing you need to know: not all car accessory shops are the same.

Sure, you can find cute little knick-knacks online or at your local hardware store. However, if you’re looking for some serious accessories to make your vehicle more practical, comfortable, or pleasing to the eye, you’ll want to find a real car accessories shop.

There’s a long list of these shops all over the country, but here are some that we’ve picked to get you started, no matter where you are.

New South Wales (NSW)

Car Accessory World

  • Contact: +61 02 9620 4000
  • Address: Glenorie, NSW
  • Website: Caraccessoryworld.com/int/

The first business on our list is Car Accessory World over in Glenorie, New South Wales. This business specialises in one type of car accessory: custom car covers suited for the Australian climate.

On their website, Car Accessory World also boasts of being the exclusive supplier for Covercraft products in Australia and New Zealand, so you know they're serious about what they do.

So, regardless of what make or model you drive, this is your go-to place if you’re looking for custom car covers to protect your car from sun, rain, snow, and anything else the Aussie climate might throw at you.

Queensland (QLD)

AST Auto Accessories

  • Contact: 07 3630 2944
  • Address: 22 Hurricane Street, Banyo QLD
  • Website: Astauto.com.au/

Now, if you’re looking for a car accessories store that caters more to ute and 4x4 drivers, AST Auto Accessories in Queensland is where you want to be. They’ve been in the business since 1997, focusing on protective accessories for both passenger and commercial vehicles.

A glance at their website will tell you how wide their product range is. You can find interior accessories like cargo liners and car mats. Plus, they’ve got plenty of exterior accessories that you’ll want, like bull bars, roof racks, and more!

Another thing worth noting is that AST Auto Accessories also caters to buyers looking for wholesale products and prices.

Victoria (VIC)


  • Contact: 03 5358 3073
  • Address: 48 Main Street, Stawell VIC
  • Website: Autopro.com.au/stores/stawell

Suppose you’re looking for a store in Victoria that will offer you great variety in exterior and interior car accessories, garage tools, and performance parts, then you should visit Autopro Stawell.

This business is a perfect example of a one-stop shop that has everything a car owner needs under one roof.

Two things that surprised me about this business: their selection is so vast they’ve even got the best power washers for cleaning your car!

Tasmania (TAS)

TAS Autosport

  • Contact: 03 6243 6666
  • Address: Eastern Shore, TAS
  • Website: Tasautosport.com.au/

As you can see from the other businesses on this list so far, not all car accessory shops are made the same. Some shops offer anything a driver could need, while others specialise in a selected niche. Well, TAS Autosport is another excellent example of the latter.

This business in the Eastern Shore of Tasmania specialises in auto sports accessories. If you live nearby, this could easily become your go-to place for accessories like racewear, helmets, race harnesses, and even head & neck support products!

Aside from those, they've also got plenty of interior care products on sale, so you'll have no problem finding your usual windscreen and tyre cleaners here.

Western Australia (WA)

A1 Auto Accessories

  • Contact: 08 9417 5234
  • Address: Unit 2/21 Blackly Row, Cockburn Central, South Lake WA
  • Website: A1autoaccessories.com.au/

There’s no shortage of accessory shops in Western Australia, either. A1 Auto Accessories has it all: parts, floor mats, weather shields, bonnet protectors, you name it!

One thing to love about this shop is that the website also sorts its products by vehicle brand. So, if you want to find all the made-for-Hyundai parts, for example, you can do that at a click of a button on the side menu.

Another thing many buyers will appreciate is that A1 Auto Accessories is also heavy on e-commerce. You can order parts through the website or check out their eBay store, too.

So, even if you’re on the other side of the country, you can get the accessories you need from them without a problem.

South Australia (SA)


  • Contact: 1 300 554 288
  • Address: 262 Gilbert Street, Adelaide SA
  • Website: Motoquipe.com.au/

Last but not least, we’ve got Motoquipe in South Australia. They brand themselves as the ‘experts in custom fitting car accessories’, and judging by their product lineup, they’re not joking around.

For instance, they offer tailor-made seat covers, and you can design your own, as well. That’s something not every accessory store gives you: a chance to create your accessories that no one else has.

They’ve got all the usual accessories you’d expect like console covers, cup holders and more. So, even if you’re not in the market for any custom accessories, you'll still find a couple of things you like here.

What Unique Interior Car Accessories Can I Buy?

Like any other car owner, I sometimes find myself searching for cheap car accessories near me. But what you and I need to remember is that there are so many more unique choices for interior car accessories that you can spend your money on.

We’ve already seen a couple of examples earlier, like custom seat covers and floor mats. Why stick to generic designs that everyone else has when you can get yourself one-of-a-kind accessories for your car’s interior?

Besides that, you can also consider accessories like:

  • Colourful LED lighting for your dashboard and ceiling
  • Dashcams - Not just the ones that record the front, but also those that record the rear and inside of the vehicle
  • GPS Trackers hidden in the interior
  • In-car infotainment systems
  • And many more

Remember: there are endless possibilities when it comes to car accessories. So, shop around at the stores listed above and discover things you never even knew existed!

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By Ray Hasbollah