Where to Find Mercedes Car Parts in Australia

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Dec 19th, 2019

Where to Find Mercedes Car Parts in Australia

Finding affordable replacement parts for your Mercedes Benz can be an uphill task, especially if you don't know where to look. If you are replacing an auto part for the first time, wreckers and auto dealer shops may take advantage of your situation and charge you onerously for a piece you can get elsewhere with a massive price cut.

The trick is to know the right places to find parts for your auto in Australia at a reasonable price.

If you are looking for places to get Mercedes parts, then you just caught the right train. Below we list various places where you can get them, whether it’s headlights or car doors.

The choice will depend on your location and budget, the quality you require, and the urgency of your need.

1. Mercedes-Benz Authorized Dealers

Even before beginning your hunt, the first place you should consider is authorized dealers. There are several authorized dealers all over the country. You can use their website to locate the retailers nearest to your location. In Australia, Mercedes has authorized dealers in SydneyNorth JacklinHervey BayGold CoastBunbury and other towns.

Also, make sure to confirm the operating hours so that you are not inconvenienced.

Genuine parts from authorized dealers will have the same standards as those installed in vehicles leaving the factory, assuring you of the quality, dependability as well as durability of the item. 

Unlike aftermarket parts, getting parts from an authorized dealer does not void your warranty. These parts come with a 2-year warranty which justifies their high price. Getting parts from an authorized dealer is also fast. Also, you get additional benefits such as 'perfect fit' installation kits which cut on service expenses.

2. Local Importer and Independent Sellers

If you can't access the authorized dealers, you can try the independent sellers. Mercedes-Benz allows independent shops to sell genuine parts and accessories, as well as used genuine parts that have been remanufactured.

The prices of these parts are just about the same as those of authorized dealers. On the upside, you don’t have to go to a retail shop because independent sellers tend to sell products closer to where the consumers are. Independent dealers of genuine OE and OEM Mercedes parts include Silver StarMB Centre PerthAmmstarPro StarAustStar among others. You can visit their websites and check the parts and accessories they have. 

Some independent sellers such as Silver Star even have delivery services to their customers. 

You can also try local importers such as Unique Auto Parts and Tooley Imports. Most of the car part specialists such as Unique Auto Parts Service have locations spread across Australia, including Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Victoria. 

3. Online Sellers

There exist a lot of online sellers today dealing with different products. All you need is an internet connection to check online sellers such as eBayHollander PartsJJ Auto Parts, and CarsRus in Australia. 

In these online sites, you can get replacement parts for your Mercedes car. There are some downsides to online sellers. First, the parts you find are mostly secondhand. There is no guarantee of the warranty or return policy. There is also a chance of transacting with fraudulent businesses and persons.

Unlike with authorized dealers, you also can’t confirm the quality of the part you are getting until it has been delivered to you. 

Trusted sellers such as eBay and CarsRus have reasonable prices on their parts. 

4. Aftermarket Sources 

Aftermarket parts are a good option if you are going for affordability. Aftermarket parts are cheaper compared to OE and OEM parts. They are also readily available. 

In Australia, you can get aftermarket parts from the following:

  • Car parts specialists such as Run Auto Parts – Always check the return and refund policies of auto part dealers. Some have delivery services that cut on transportation expenses. Auto part dealers also have special offers so you may be in luck. You can also confirm the specifications and features of the part you are getting through their website. 
  • Swap meets such as Epping Swap Meet - Swap Meets are ideal if you are looking for parts of a classic Mercedes car. They are hosted on different days at different locations, so you have to stay updated. Sites such as auswapmeets.com can help you confirm the dates as well as the venue of the swap meets. In Australia, swap meets are held in all states. It doesn't matter if you reside in Western Australia or the Northern Territory; there is always a swap meet at some point during the year. However, swap meets can be unreliable because you won't find parts of new cars. And if you miss a swap meet around your area, you would have to wait for another or go to one that's not within your locality. You also don't get an assurance of the quality of the parts and a warranty.
  • Auto part shops & recyclers such as Aus Auto PartsSmart Parts, and Central Motor Wreckers – Auto parts and recyclers can be flexible with the price, and you can bargain for the part you are getting. They are available in different towns all over Australia. When getting parts from such dealers, you only need to visit the closest location to yours. Alternatively, you can ask them to deliver as most dealers offer this service. However, the delivery option means you won’t be able to ascertain the quality of the part you are buying until it gets to you. 

5. Mercedes-Benz-dedicated Car Wreckers 

You can easily find Mercedes parts from exclusive Mercedes wreckers such as Merc4WD and Mega Car Wreckers. Parts from wreckers are cheaper, and you get to confirm their quality. Since these parts are usually from other Mercedes cars that are no longer on the road, you get an assurance of their standard.

You can also try other general wreckers in case you are not lucky to get the part you want at Mercedes-Benz dedicated wreckers. Some of the general wreckers in Australia are QLD Auto Parts, Advance Auto Parts, Wreckery, Imlachs Self Serve Auto Parts, Pick-A-Part, and Jollys Auto Parts.

6. Carpart.com.au website

Carpart.com.au links you to various sellers and dealers of the Mercedes part. All you need to do is send a request of the Mercedes replacement parts you want, and Carpart.com.au will do the rest for you.

Carpart.com.au helps you locate sellers that deal with the parts you want nationwide. They will find you an ideal and trustworthy seller or dealer of the auto parts and automotive supplies you need as soon as possible. 


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