Ford Maverick


Aug 23rd, 2019

Ford Maverick

Ford Maverick, a rear-wheel drive, compact car was manufactured by Ford from 1970-1977. It made its debut in 1969 as a subcompact “import fighter” to try and rival foreign models that had started to dominate the US automobile market. 

Despite the Falcon undergoing some design changes in 1966, it could not meet the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards that would take effect in 1970. One change suggested by the authority was to have cars with their ignition switch mounted on a locking steering column which would be introduced in the Maverick. 

The Maverick’s features included a fastback roof, pop-out rear side windows, long hood and a short deck.

The Grabber

During the mid-1970s, the Maverick Grabber was introduced sporting a spoiler. It was initially a 2-door sedan with two inline-six engine options: a 105 hp 2,800 cc and a 120 hp 3,300 cc engine. 

Subsequently, in 1971, it was manufactured as a 4-door sedan. There were several improvements made including an upgrade to a 210 hp 302 CD V8 engine. The cars also came with a vinyl roof, a larger tyre fitment, spoilers and a “dual dome” hood.

In 1972, a sprint package was offered with the Maverick. You could get one customised with white and blue-toned paint and a unique colour-coordinated interior. The car came with several luxury additions and, at the time, was considered a cheap alternative to the more expensive European luxury makes like the Audi, Mercedes-Benz, among others.

Changes in 1973

The 200 CID 16 engine was introduced as the standard engine replacing the 170 CID engine. The brakes were improved, and the previously optional chrome grille became standard. The cars were fitted with AM/FM stereo, and the front bumper was made slightly larger. It was fuel-efficient and grew in popularity after the Arab oil embargo in 1974 which resulted in increased fuel prices.

The Stallion (1976)

The Stallion package was introduced in 1976 after the Grabber was dropped. Some improvements on this model included a new grille and front disc brakes. It also replaced the old under-dash T-handle with a foot-operated parking brake.

By Eric Anyega