Mazda Premacy / Mazda 5


Jan 15th, 2020

Mazda Premacy / Mazda 5

The Mazda Premacy, also known as the Mazda 5 in some markets, was introduced in 1999. It is a compact multi-purpose vehicle that sits between the min MPVs and the larger ones classed as minivans. The MPVs were quickly becoming popular as both work and family commuters, given their spaciousness, comfort, and affordable price.

First Generation Premacy, 1999-2004

The first-generation Premacy was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1999 and offered as either a five-seater or a seven-seater mini MPV. The Premacy was the least-expensive 7-seater in the market during its release. 

Using the CP platform, the Premacy was available in either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. As a sedan-based vehicle, the Premacy is relatively easy to manoeuvre. As expected, it drives and handles like a sedan. It has a roomy interior with collapsible second and third-row seats, which allows more cargo space or seating capacity, depending on the need. 

The Premacy was available with different engine options depending on the country and trim and offered with either a 4-speed automatic transmission or a 5-speed manual gearbox.

  • 1.8L FP-DE I4 (74 kW/ 152 Nm)
  • 1.8L FP-DE I4 (84 kW/ 161 Nm)
  • 2.0L FP-DE/FS-ZE I4 (90 kW/ 171 Nm)
  • 2.0L RF-T DI Diesel I4 (66 kW/ 220 Nm)
  • 2.0L RF-T DI Diesel I4 (74 kW/ 230 Nm)

This mini MPV was sold in some Asian markets as the Ford Ixion. The Chinese auto manufacturer Haima also produced their version called the Haima Freema.

Second Generation Premacy, 2004-2010

Released as a 2005 model, the second-generation Premacy was sold worldwide as the Mazda 5, except in Japan. This version was based on the C1 platform, which means that it shares a lot of its components with the current Mazda 3. In most countries, the Premacy replaced the Mazda MPV for the minivan segment.

Its interior is comfortable and roomy, while the exterior still retains the sporty look that distinguishes it from earlier minivans. These characteristics, combined with an affordable price tag, make it a popular choice among buyers.

It was powered by Mazda's MZR series, with variations in engine capacity depending on the country and trim level.

  • 1.8L MZR I4 (85 kW)
  • ·2.0L MZR I4 (110 kW)
  • 2.3L MZR I4 (117-119 kW)
  • 2.0L MZR-CD Diesel I4 (89-105 kW)

A mid-cycle refresh was incorporated in 2008, consisting of a new front bumper, rear LED lights for higher trim levels, new luminescent gauges, and additional rear air-conditioning vents. The Mazda 5 received a further update in 2010 that included electronic stability control, traction control, and other safety features.

Third Generation Premacy, 2010-2018

The new Mazda 5 was released in its third-generation form with more aerodynamic body panels and lines. The overall appearance was more in line with the latest releases of the Mazda sedans, incorporating the prominent Mazda 5-point grille.

Engine options were from the upgraded MZR series, introducing SkyActiv technologies from the 2015 model year.

  • 1.8L MZR L8-DE I4 (93 kW/ 165 Nm)
  • 2.0L MZR LF-VD I4 (110 kW/ 187 Nm)
  • 2.0L MZR LF-VDS I4 (110 kW/ 187 Nm)
  • 2.0L MZR LF-VE I4 (101 kW/ 184 Nm)
  • 2.0L SkyActiv-G PE-VPS I4 (116 kW/ 200 Nm)
  • 2.5L MZR L5-VE (127 kW/ 226 Nm)

The power and torque ratings indicated above vary depending on the country market and the local emission standards.

With the introduction of the SkyActiv models in 2014, numerous upgrades were included as standard equipment or as options depending on the trim levels. At this time, additional body colours came with interior upgrades, making Mazda 5 more luxurious but still competitively priced.

The Premacy / Mazda 5 production ended in February of 2018 and Mazda has turned their marketing to the now very familiar and popular crossover market with the likes of the CX-3CX-5 and CX-9.

Premacy, Still Popular in the Used Market

The Premacy, although only sold for a few years in Australia, remains a good option as a reliable and roomy car for the family or an all-around vehicle with ample cargo capacity.

If you are looking for a used Premacy car parts or have one that you would like to sell, feel free to contact us at, and we will gladly assist you.

Fred Cajulis