How To Dispose Of Old Cars In Australia: The Environmentally Responsible Way


Nov 18th, 2020

How To Dispose Of Old Cars In Australia: The Environmentally Responsible Way

For many people, it's hard to imagine seeing their first car reach its 'end-of-life' status. Yet, the sight of old cars just sitting there, rusting away is quite common in any city or neighbourhood. Why don’t some car owners dispose of their old cars properly?

In case you're wondering, you shouldn't let an old car sit there rusting away while plants grow all over it. That's bad for the local environment. Some ways to dispose of old vehicles properly are recycling and scrapping car parts. 

Contrary to what most people think, calling for recyclers or car removals is quite straightforward. While it may take a bit of effort, it is not something that you would call difficult. The truth is that there are several environmentally responsible ways you can do to dispose of old cars in Australia. You could sell that ancient jalopy, dismantle it for parts, donate it, or trade it in when you buy a new one.

Sell that old car

The first and most obvious way to dispose of an old car is to sell it. That’s right! Even if you’ve got an old, end-of-life vehicle with an engine that won’t turn over, there is still a chance that someone out there might want to buy it. Don’t just put up a ‘For Sale’ sign and assume that someone will throw money at you, though. You do have to put a bit of effort to find a willing buyer. Thankfully, the internet makes it much easier for you to do that these days.

But why would anyone be interested in buying your old, possibly useless, car? Well, you have the following prospective buyers and their possible reason/s for paying you cash in exchange of your outdated workhorse:

1. Enthusiasts of your car’s make and model who want to restore it to its former glory; maybe for personal use, or perhaps to flip and sell it off to other enthusiasts.

2. Someone who wants to dismantle it for parts, either to sell or to use on other vehicles they own.

3. Someone who will pay you so they can resell the vehicle themselves.

The point here is simple: don’t be so quick to dismiss your vehicle and assume that no one wants it. Put in a bit of effort, and you might find a willing buyer that’ll be happy to take it off your hands! Getting some cash out of it is a lot better than letting it rust and pollute your local environment, that’s for sure!

Dismantle it for parts

Of course, if you’re no stranger to fixing or tearing cars apart, you can always dismantle it yourself. After all, there is a financial incentive for this. Firstly, when you find car parts that are still functioning, you can sell them as used car parts and make a bit of money from that transaction. Second, you could make some spare change by recycling the materials from the vehicle’s interior, including glass, plastic, and fabrics from the upholstery. At the very least, you could make a few bucks by sending panels and other metal parts to recycling facilities.

Donate the car or its parts

If you’re more interested in doing a good deed rather than pocketing a few extra dollars, then consider donating the vehicle. Do a bit of research on the businesses and organisations in your local area. Perhaps there’s a charity that is willing to take in old cars to sell off for fundraising. Or, who knows, there might even be an automotive or technical college nearby that would love to use your vehicle for their students’ practical training.

The point here is to give the vehicle away to someone who can make use of it, rather than leave it on your property to serve as nothing more than an eyesore.

Trade it in

Here’s probably one of the most common ways to dispose of old cars – by trading them in. If you plan on buying a new vehicle anytime soon, negotiate with the dealer or seller and see if they’ll accept your old car as a trade-in. Some car buyers are quick to assume that their vehicle has zero value as a trade-in vehicle, but they’re usually wrong. 

A little negotiation can go a very long way, because not only might you get a decent dollar figure on the trade-in, but they’ll also do you a favour by getting that old car off your front porch! If that old car has no sentimental value to you, then let someone else worry about how to deal with the vehicle. Just think of them as a service for car removals, clearing the way for whatever new model you decide to buy.

Find a local auto wrecking company

Wouldn’t it be nice for you and the environment if there were companies that could handle everything? Imagine if you could find a business that does car removals, which will also recycle old cars and dispose of old cars as well. If you’re wondering whether or not such a business exists, then you haven’t heard of auto wrecking companies!

In Australia, one of the most environmentally responsible ways of disposing an old car is to call up an auto wrecking company. Rest assured, there are plenty of such companies all across the country, so you’re probably not far away from one!

Typically, car wrecking companies will pay to buy your old vehicle off of you, even if it’s at the end of its life. They’ll take the car away while you stand there counting your cash (so to speak). But don’t worry, though. They’re not going to just let your car rust away in some lot in the middle of nowhere. Instead, they’ll dismantle the car and sell off any usable parts, while the rest of the vehicle gets recycled, reused, or scrapped.

In simpler terms, if you want to get rid of your old car but you’re concerned about the environmental impact, then an auto wrecker is the way to go. They’ll handle everything from start to finish; car removals, then to recycle old cars, and then dispose of old cars as well.

To find the best and nearest auto wreckers in your area, check out the Directory over at There, you can filter out any type of automotive business in your area, including car wreckers. You may also check out the featured Wreckamended Wreckers on our homepage. Once you get their contact details, you can call them directly and tell them that you’ve got an old car to sell. 

It’s that easy! Call or contact now!

By Ray Hasbollah