Used Auto Parts vs New Auto Parts with Pros and Cons


Nov 27th, 2018

Used Auto Parts vs New Auto Parts with Pros and Cons

The percentage of the second-hand parts to that of new ones is a landslide; the difference is significant and clear. However, allow me to show you a quick analysis. 

You take your car to a dealership company for repairs; you are most likely to get new parts as a replacement to failed ones. On the other hand, if you take your car to an independent mechanical workshop, the probability that you will be a offered a second-hand part is very high. 

A dealership service company and mechanical workshops are both capable of repairing vehicles, but in my opinion mechanical workshops with experience look at things differently, quite often problem solving rather than reading procedures directly out of a handbook. 

However, they do have their own separate beliefs, which is why there is a landslide in the percentage of users of second-hand parts compared to the new parts.

To make my comparison fair, I won't be jumping to conclusions. Right here in this article, I will be showing you the pros and cons of both second-hand parts and new parts.

What Exactly are Second-hand Parts?

These are automobile parts that are not sourced directly from vehicle manufacturers. Often, they are sourced from accident vehicles that still have functioning parts. These parts are to suit a specific type of vehicle and are quite often better quality than new aftermarket parts, but that's a different story. 

An estimate of one of our very own top Australia's car show, it was estimated that about 80% of independent mechanical shops make use of second-hand parts. This is due to the fact that they seem to trust second-hand parts supplied by reputable suppliers that stock low kilometre wrecks.

However, second-hand parts do have cons just as it has its pros.

Pros of Second-hand Auto Parts

Reduction in Price

You will agree with me that car maintenance is a big deal, anything that will cut down the price and still give at about the same quality is a plus. Second-hand parts have less expensive compared to new car parts. This is one primary reason why panel shops prefer it just as much as our local garage. Although the quality might vary, a good and trusted mechanic always seems to know how to find the best suppliers.

The Quality of Second Hand Parts Can be Equal or Even batter than the New Parts ( aftermarket )

In the case of new aftermarket parts, automobile parts manufacturer always wants to strike a balance between the performance and price. Which, in turn, makes them reduce the performance somehow to be able to fit into the market. While on the other hand, second-hand parts are most time genuine (OEM), therefore making them more durable than their reverse-engineered aftermarket opposition.

The Large Scale of Varieties

There are so many wreckers and scrap yards that sell second-hand parts; some even specialize in manufacturing of a specific type of car or brands. In my experience, these specialists have more knowledge about their particular niche than anyone else in the spare parts game.

Second-hand Parts are More Available

To get a new part, sometimes the wait is four or five weeks out of Germany, Japan or even Malaysia, with technology these days most second-hand dealers can order parts from each other and have them in different parts of the country overnight. 

Cons of Second Hand Auto Parts

The Quality is Not Constant

You are indeed most likely to get what you paid for. This case applies to second-hand parts a lot. It takes professionalism to be able to identify a second-hand car part. Some second-hand parts are of low quality and performance. Thus, If you don't know your way around car parts, it is advisable you allow your mechanic to source them on your behalf.

The Selection Process Can be Completely Overwhelming

Second-hand parts are available from so many different wreckers; my advice would be not always to go the cheaper option, but to go with the supplier you feel would offer the most help if the deal went pair shaped.

Beware If No Warranty is Given

Unlike new parts, second-hand suppliers have the option of giving no warranty, if there is no warranty - its simple don't buy the part.

New Automobile Parts

New parts, otherwise known as OEM parts, are manufactured by the vehicle manufacturers. These parts are parts that match the specific car part that failed.

Pros of New Auto Parts

Easier to Choose

Your range of which particular type of part to choose is streamlined. You don't have to bother about which kind of brand to choose, so also is the price. Visiting a dealership, you should be given the retail price that is attached to that particular part. ( sometimes it can be worth more than the whole car though )

Assurance of Quality

New parts work precisely the way the old one that you replaced worked. You don't have to bother about it developing issues with time because of lack of compatibility.

New Parts Have a Warranty

Original part automobile manufacturers supply their products with at least a years warranty. This could be void if the manufacturer deems that the part was fitted incorrectly, or the wrong lubricants were used.

Cons of New Auto Parts

New Parts are More Expensive

The price of new parts is about 60% more than those of second-hand parts. In turn, increase the financial costs on both the car owners and mechanics.

You Have to Buy From a Dealership

The limited number of places to buy from is a major limiting factor. Although there are online platforms to buy from, it takes more time and resources.

Quality May Not Be as Good as It was Said to Be

Paying more to get the best without getting the quality that you paid for can be devastating. It is like finding out that you only paid for the name and not the quality. This is a risk you must accept might work for you or may not.


Based on the analysis above, you should be able to decide which is the best. It will also help you to ask your mechanic to use either new parts or second-hand, they have probably been there and done that a million times over when in doubt ask a professional :)