The Pros and Cons of Aftermarket Car Parts


Nov 30th, 2018

The Pros and Cons of Aftermarket Car Parts

Choosing the right place to get the parts that your vehicle needs can always prove to be an arduous task. If you have recently repaired your car or you have got your car parts changed, then you will know how expensive spare parts could be. Replacing your car spare parts will always lead to you accumulating huge bills. But what can you do, you can’t manufacture your own car spare parts. As costly as car spare parts could be, there is a less expensive option which can save you some cash. The right option can be aftermarket panels.

What are Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts are those which are not made by the original manufactural – they are not made by the company that made the spare parts in your original vehicle. These are spare parts that have gone through many hands before the final get to your reach. Aftermarket panels are often less expensive than Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) which is an alternative. OEM panels are made and produced by the manufacturer of your car, these panels come directly from your car manufactural and they are designed specifically for your vehicle. Aftermarket panels are produced by third parties that have complete zero link to your vehicle manufacturer.

Conventionally many people think that aftermarket panels are of lesser quality when compare to the panels that come from original manufactural, many people believe that since aftermarkets panels are cheap they will definitely be less fit. And that is how it use to be sometimes ago; these days aftermarket panels have improved greatly and you can say they are on par with panels that originated from the original manufacturers. This blog post will open your eyes to the pros and cons of aftermarket panels and will give you reason why you should use aftermarket panels and why should not, ultimately, you will have to make the decision yourself.

The Pros of Aftermarket Panels

The first pros of aftermarket panels is the cost, the cost of spare parts is the major reason while you are out in search of alternatives to original equipment manufacture panels. Aftermarkets panels are often very cheap and you do not need to break your banks before you can get your hands on them. They are always less than the OEM panels in price so, if you want to get a new panel for your vehicle and you are worried about your pocket, getting aftermarkets panels will definitely be your best deal.


Aftermarkets panels gives you an array of manufactural to pick from unlike OEM panels which gives you only one choice of manufacturer. This lack of monopoly in aftermarket panels offers customers the opportunity to select and this makes the prices to be very cheap. If only a manufacturer is the one controlling the price, the price will definitely skyrocket. A big selection gives more convenience since you are likely to find your aftermarket panels in your local store unlike OEM panels which you can only get from the manufacturer shop.


The quality of aftermarket panels is one thing that has always causes a lot of debates between car owners and dealers. Many people believe aftermarkets panels are too cheap to be good and this is not always true, personally, I believe the quality of aftermarkets panels depends on the manufacturer and the store you get it from. Quality of aftermarket panels varies greatly with respect to manufacturer and store. It is good you seek the opinions from those who have likely buy them. Automotive forums will also offer you the opportunity to read reviews and get direct opinions from people that have use the panels. Find yourself a good manufacturer and you will always enjoy your aftermarket panels. If you know a mechanic that you really trust, ask for their opinions because they have come across several kinds of panels in the past, their experience will really be useful in shaping your choice.


Since aftermarket panels are made by many manufacturers, they are always many panels for you to choose from and there is a better chance of you getting the one that perfectly suit our vehicle.


Aftermarket panels are easily offered, you do not need to wait for many days due to shipping delay. This offers you great flexibility and help you to quickly get your vehicle back to the road.

The Cons of Aftermarket Panels

Aftermarket panels like every other good things you can find in life has its own downside. Sometimes the cons of aftermarket panels include the following:

No Warranties

Original car manufacturers will provide you with bumper-bumper mouth-watering warranties, which may last for three to four years, when these panels fail, manufacturers always want the failed panels shipped back to them. In the case of aftermarket panels, there is no warranty covering the panels you purchase and if these panels should get faulty within some days after you purchased them, you will have to get new ones. This is a great downside of aftermarket panels that you have to consider before getting them. Some reputable aftermarket manufacturers will give you warranty after purchasing their panels; this is one of the reasons why you need to purchase your aftermarket panels from a reputable store.

Variable Quality

Since there are tons of aftermarket panels available in the market, this has given room for so many inconsistent qualities. You will encounter panels that are produced from poor quality materials and thus such panels will spend few days before getting spoilt. It is advisable you allow your mechanic to help you choose.

Problem of System Incompatibility

Since aftermarket panels are not produced by your vehicle manufacturer, there is a great possibility that the aftermarket panel that you buy may not be compatible with your vehicle.


Aftermarket panels are good choice when it comes to buying panels for your vehicle, aftermarket panels stores offer you the convenience of getting the panels you need in your hands immediately. This is a very good option if you need your vehicle urgently and you can not wait for days expecting original manufactured panels from your vehicle manufacturer.
Some aftermarket panels are even better than OEM panels, they will offer you better durability, greater strength and even last longer than the OEM panels.  Just ensure you pick the right store, check for review and consult your mechanic before you make any purchase.