Will Dash Cams Become Mandatory In Australia?


Nov 06th, 2020

Will Dash Cams Become Mandatory In Australia?

Dash cams have become popular around the world. In Australia, the tide is gaining momentum. A recent survey shows that 72% of Australian drivers are comfortable with a law that will enforce mandatory installation of dash cams.

Dashboard-mounted cameras are gadgets that record everything that happens the moment you start driving. These cameras come with specifications. Some can record in darkness; others can record sound, while others have in-built GP. However, all dash cameras possess an SD card that stores the footage. 

As more nations embrace dash cams, will Australia join the movement?

Should Dashcam Installation Become Mandatory in Australia?

Here are some reasons why Aussies believe dash cams are important.

Protection of road users

One reason for the increasing support for the use of dashboard cameras is the protection they offer drivers. It becomes easier to establish the cause of an accident, making it easy to succeed in insurance claims or prove wrongdoing in court proceedings. 

However, proving a driver's innocence varies on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes the scene captured by a dashcam is not detailed enough. Missing details complicate the case. It becomes impossible to protect the driver when crucial information is missing.

Deterrent to road rage incidents

Aussies believe that dashcams will help control road rage. Lesser cases of road rage mean safer roads. 

Road rage has been one of the causes of road accidents in Australia. It happens when a driver is unable to control emotions as a result of extreme anger. The driver may exhibit erratic behavior and aggressive driving, threatening other road users' safety. 

Many incidents of road rage ended in a shooting, and dash cameras helped to identify the suspects.

Car safety and security

Car safety is another reason why Australians support the mandatory installation of dashboard cameras. A dash camera helps monitor the vehicle when the owner is not around. In the event of a break-in or vandalism, finding the suspect becomes relatively easy.

Reduction in insurance fraud

Dashcams help to control insurance fraud. After an accident, most people suffer from shock and memory loss. It becomes a challenge to explain what happened before the crash.

When the event surrounding an accident is clear, lawsuits and cases of unfair insurance payments will reduce.

The Australian police believe that dash cameras will improve people’s adherence to traffic regulations. Because of the hard evidence available from the camera recording, drivers will be more inclined to abide by traffic rules. 

Online Community Campaigns for Mandatory Dashcams

The online community is doing its best to make people aware of the importance of having dashcams. Their actions have brought about several positive outcomes:

More drivers are installing dash cams

In one renowned Australian-founded Facebook Group, people have been posting videos recorded by their cameras. The clips are about essential aspects of road safety captured live as they happened. As a result, more car owners have been installing dash cams. 

People are sharing crucial lessons

Using footage from dashboard-mounted cameras, members of the group have been educating each other about road safety. One crucial lesson, for example, is how to identify road rage. Such lessons have encouraged more car owners to install cameras.

Better appreciation of safe driving procedures

The same group also hosts open forums, discussing in detail how to drive safely. They also discuss how to handle careless drivers and how to track hit-and-run drivers using dash cams. The group has been growing by the day. Soon the influence from these online communities will sweep Australia. The most probable outcome will be more drivers embracing dash cameras, eventually making it mandatory.

Can Dash Cam Footage Be Used In Court?

Dashcam footage can be used in a court case to provide crucial information. For instance, an issue concerning speed can be resolved using a recording captured by a GPS-enabled camera.

Be warned! Footage captured on a dashboard camera can be used against you. For example, if you use a personal vehicle for other purposes, the footage can be used to persecute you.

Also, deleting the dashboard camera recording is an offense. Such an action could be used against you during court proceedings.

Besides observing traffic rules, ensure you beef up your security by installing the best dashboard-mounted camera.

What Are Some Features of a Good Camera?

Before dashcams become mandatory in Australia, it would be a good idea to learn about the features to look for in a camera. Here is what you should consider:

  • The camera should be able to record in night vision.
  • Ensure it has a looping feature.
  • Purchase a camera with g-force sensors.

Final Thoughts

The tide of mandatory installation of dash cams is gaining momentum. A smart driver shouldn’t be caught off-guard. Instead, you should be prepared by having a dashboard camera fixed; buy a good camera that will record clear footages even at night.

With dashcam, you keep yourself and your car safe. Moreover, you will have the upper hand in a lawsuit in case an unfortunate event happens to you. However, you should ensure that the camera is correctly installed so that it records a broader scope. Finally, always confirm that the dashboard-mounted camera is functional. Having a malfunctioning camera is the same as having none.

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By Eric Anyega