Currumbin Wreckers Gold Coast

For Wreckers, By Wreckers  ·  August 4, 2022

Currumbin Wreckers Gold Coast

Subaru auto parts and car repair specialists are hard to come by if you’re in Southeast Queensland or the Northern Rivers. Good thing there are Currumbin Wreckers in the Gold Coast region. 

Don’t get us wrong, they deal with ALL makes and models but have specialised in Subaru auto parts for 20 years as a member of Wreckers Network, a Subaru-focused auto group. 

Their Pinnacle-powered system makes it easy and fast to locate new or used car parts in their inventory and source parts from over 200 other wreckers in the country. This Capricorn-preferred supplier offers several freight options to ensure prompt delivery of auto parts to your doorstep. 

Services Offered by Currumbin Wreckers                                    

Think of Currumbin Wreckers Gold Coast QLD as your one-stop shop for car parts and automotive products/services. You get the following under one roof:

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Most of their Google reviews mention the words price, Subaru, and professional. Let's see how these words were used in the reviews: 

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