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5 Different Car Fluids You Need to Check and Change Regularly

Educational  ·  March 14, 2022

5 Different Car Fluids You Need to Check and Change Regularly

One thing about owning a car is you need to take good care of it if you want it to serve you right. Automobiles are a complex system of machinery that requires essential fluids for the effective functioning of its parts and systems. 

When one of these fluids gets contaminated or falls below the required level, and you don't correct the situation, you may end up spending thousands of dollars on engine and transmission repairs, as well as other auto parts that can possibly be damaged as a result of depleted, dirty, or car fluids leaking

Save yourself the trouble by ensuring you have a car fluids checklist and you carry out proper car fluids maintenance

With the help of a reliable automotive partner, finding maintenance guides and connecting to car part sellers and suppliers can be a breeze. CarPartAU has published several blog articles to guide you in using and topping up fluids to keep your vehicle running optimally.

So, what are these essential fluids? Let's start with the most important and probably the most familiar to you.

Engine Oil

The engine has several moving parts, including bearings, pistons, valves, gears, chains, and pumps, to mention a few. These components need lubricating (that's the work of the engine oil); otherwise, the parts will wear out prematurely or cause serious damage to other parts in the engine. 

You need to check the engine oil regularly. Here's how you do it; open your car's hood, locate the oil dipstick, remove it, wipe it with a clean rag, and then insert it back in. Pull it out again and check; if the level is low or the oil is too dirty, it's time to change.

Brake Fluid

The brake fluid should not leak or be allowed to go low. The fluid's purpose is to ensure the smooth working of the braking system. A leak can be disastrous. It may cause brake failure, and who knows what might happen after that? 

Regularly check the brake fluid as a preventative measure and safety precaution. We cannot stress this enough: IF YOU NOTICE THE BREAK FLUID LEAKING, DO NOT DRIVE THAT CAR UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Get it towed to your closest automotive shop.

Coolant/ Radiator Fluid

Under extreme temperatures, your engine can either overheat or freeze. The coolant/radiator/antifreeze fluid helps keep your engine from overheating and prevents your radiator from getting damaged.

Always make sure your coolant is full to avoid these issues. Plus, carry an extra one just in case it gets depleted while you're in transit.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is what aids gear shifting by easing transitions. If the fluid is compromised, transitions can be a nightmare, and in some circumstances, you may need a transmission flush. 

transmission flush is inexpensive in the long run, especially when you consider the charges that come with transmission repairs. If you regularly drive your car, you should ensure you do regular transmission flushes.

Power-Steering Fluid 

The power-steering fluid is responsible for the smooth and accurate turning. It lubricates and cools the power steering pump, seals, pumps, and steering gearbox. You should regularly check the power steering fluid to ensure that it's topped off.

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By Eric Anyega

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