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Discontinued Cars: Top 10 Cars You Wish You Bought Before 2021

Manufacturers  ·  February 3, 2021

Discontinued Cars: Top 10 Cars You Wish You Bought Before 2021

Few things can be more disappointing in the car world than seeing your dream car discontinued. Sadly, that’s just a fact of life regardless of who you are or what that perfect make and model might be. A discontinued car could be bad news because it may lead to discontinued car parts as well. 

That may make it more challenging for existing owners to find the auto parts they need. Still, as they say, it’s the circle of life, and all good things must come to an end. 

10 Discontinued Cars You Should Have Bought Before 2021

In no particular order, here’s our 2021 discontinued car list including all the models that plenty of people wish they bought before 2021.

Holden Astra

News about Holden’s departure from Australia came out long ago, so no one was shocked when that day finally came. Sadly, the entire Holden lineup was discontinued as part of that departure, including models like the Holden Astra.

The Astra badge had come and gone, though it made a return on Aussie streets back in 2015. The vehicle ended its run with its seventh generation. It came in several body types like the hatchback and sedan versions.

Ford Mondeo

The production of the Ford Mondeo ceased in the middle of 2020. Its discontinuation indicated the changes in car buyer demands. You see, Ford Australia chalked up the reason for discontinuing the Ford Mondeo because other car types, namely SUVs, were much more in demand these days.

That didn’t fare well for the large, four-door sedan, which meant that the Mondeo had to leave.

Chevrolet Camaro

Australia saw the Chevrolet Camaro in late 2018 when it was being imported and converted to right-hand-drive. Throughout its time here, it was the Holden Special Vehicles assembly facility that Aussie-prepped it, up until the second quarter of 2020 when the vehicle was discontinued.

This all-American muscle car was a thing of beauty, and sadly there are no plans to ever bring the car back in the future.

BMW i8

You may not have seen this particular BMW on Aussie streets. That's because there were only about 155 of them that were ever bought in Australia since its arrival in 2014.

In early 2020, BMW announced that they would stop producing any more of this hybrid sports car.

Alfa Romeo 4C

2020 saw the discontinuation of many cars across all categories. Even luxury sports cars like the Alfa Romeo 4C weren’t immune to all the culling going on.

The Alfa Romeo 4C was a two-door, mid-engine sports car that came either as a coupe or roadster.

Holden Trax

Here's the second Holden on this list. Sure, the entire Holden lineup was discontinued due to the company leaving Australia. Still, we include this model on the list to represent the crossover SUVs.

As a 5-door subcompact crossover SUV, the Holden Trax had been around for quite some time since 2013. The car was discontinued in 2020.

Honda City

Honda City is probably one of the most recognised models out there, especially having been around for five generations. The latest generation made its debut in Australia at the end of 2019.

Sadly, just like the Ford Mondeo, this model was discontinued due to changing tastes of Australian car buyers. According to Honda, drop in the sales of new sedans triggered the discontinuation of this model in Australia.

Infiniti QX80

Despite the increased demands in SUVs that caused the discontinuation of several other models mentioned earlier, it would seem that not all SUVs benefited as a result. The Infiniti QX80 is a perfect example of that.

The QX80 wasn’t the only Infiniti luxury SUV to be discontinued, though. The Infiniti brand as a whole (which represents premium vehicles under Nissan) went the way of Holden, leaving Australia in 2020.

Renault Clio

Our next discontinued car is an echo of several previous models mentioned on this list. The hatchback Renault Clio was also discontinued, and its manufacturer Renault gave a very familiar reason for that decision.

Can you guess what it is?

That’s right. Renault, back around mid-2020, announced that it would discontinue the Clio as a way of making space for its new upcoming SUV models.

Toyota Camry V6

Plenty of Toyota fans were probably hoping to get their hands on the V6 Camry. However, they were met with disappointment when the discontinuation was announced. Toyota wasn’t discontinuing the car in favour of SUVs like many other carmakers, though. 

Instead, the plan was to facelift the Toyota Camry in hybrid or four-cylinder engine options. Whatever the case might be, the V6 is not an option for the Camry anymore.

What Does It Mean for a Car to Be Discontinued?

There can be a lot of confusion about what it means to have their car model discontinued for anyone unfamiliar with the lives of cars. Yes, there will come a time when hard to find auto parts will become a reality for those owning discontinued car models. However, it’s reassuring that it’ll take quite a while before that happens.

By law in Australia, car companies have to continue making the necessary parts for discontinued cars, at least for a 'reasonable' amount of time. The law doesn't define 'reasonable' in terms of months and years, so it's up to the manufacturer to decide.

Still, it’s no cause for alarm.

Suppose the manufacturer no longer produces spare parts for a discontinued model, you’d still have plenty of other options to find the parts you need. For one, you could look to OEM and third-party manufacturers that may have parts compatible with your vehicle.

Beyond that, you could also get your hands on second-hand parts that still have life in them.

There’s Hope for Owners of Discontinued Cars

Whether you opt for OEM or aftermarket, new or used car parts, you can always search for them through You can use the Part Finder to submit a request. Our system will distribute this request to over 500 suppliers all across Australia. That starts the ball rolling and soon enough, you’ll get quotes from sellers who have the part. It will then be a simple matter of choosing the best deal. You may also browse the Marketplace to see second-hand parts that might suit your vehicle. Locate an auto part today!

By Ray Hasbollah

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