The Best Way to Clean Your Car Engine in 8 Easy Steps


Jan 04th, 2019

The Best Way to Clean Your Car Engine in 8 Easy Steps

Many people are hesitant about cleaning their car engine for fear of damaging something, which is a pity because this task is vital in maintaining the health of the car. It helps prevent damage and keeps the resale value high. Remember, a clean engine is a happy engine.

Aside from regular cleaning and servicing, defective parts need to be replaced from time to time. Only a clean engine bay will allow the engine to operate efficiently.

Car engine cleaning is not as difficult as it used to be. Modern car engines are already protected from water, dirt and other harmful elements. 

Best Way to Clean Your Car Engine

Below are the steps to follow in cleaning your car engine without any professional help.

1. Remove Dirt

First, you need to remove the debris trapped in your grille or vent opening. You will notice debris like grass, leaves or cotton balls. You may also use compressed air or just a hand brush.

2. Cover Sensitive Parts

After cleaning the grille and vent opening, cover all the sensitive parts like sensors, distributor, wiring, and spark box opening with plastic bags. The engine is waterproof, but this measure is for extra protection.

3. Disconnect the Battery

While cleaning the engine, be careful not to spray water rightly into the engine. This may cause some serious damage on the engine, like arching or blow of the fuse. You need to make sure that the bolt is in the negative terminal of the battery and the positive terminal is disconnected for cleaning the battery outside of the engine.

4. Apply Engine Degreaser

After covering all the sensitive car parts, it’s time to apply an engine degreaser, starting from the bottom. This will ensure that it doesn’t leak on you. Don’t over-spray the degreaser as it will remove the wax from your fender.

5. Wait for Soaking

After spaying the degreaser, you need to wait for 3-4 minutes to loosen up everything. If you have applied degreaser on crannies and nooks then wait for 30 minutes and let it soak for a while.

6. Clean the Engine

Now, you are all set to clean your car engine. Avoid using a high-pressure hose because it might disconnect some wires. Instead, use a garden hose. If you still notice dirt after this step, you may need to reapply the degreaser and leave it on for 5 minutes more.

7. Remove the Plastic Covers

After you're done with cleaning your car engine, it’s time to remove the plastic covers from the sensitive car parts. Wipe these parts with a clean and slightly damp cloth or a microfibre towel.

8. Dry the Engine

Let it dry and spray with an engine aerosol dressing for a showroom shine.


There had been a lot of major changes in how modern car engines are manufactured, and these innovations have made cleaning the engine so much easier. A plastic shrouding now covers engines, and electronic connectors are fully protected by plastic housings. The only sensitive auto parts are the alternators and wiring. With these simple steps, you need not spend a cent to keep your car's engine squeaky clean.