Common car parts and when they need to be replaced - eg. Filters & Batteries


Sep 29th, 2019

Common car parts and when they need to be replaced - eg. Filters & Batteries

Keeping track of your car's condition can be quite time-consuming for most people. However, with the help of maintenance schedules, it has become a lot easier to keep track of what needs fixing and when. Like all machines, cars are also built from several different parts and components that soon need replacement due to them being worn down. Also, most parts are made up of fluids that are to expire in a certain period and require refilling.
Maintenance is the answer to your car's long life, and here's a list of what parts and fluids need replacement. These are generally the common parts and fluids that require to be changed from time to time. Failure to replace them promptly may result in complications that you would need to deal with eventually.

Cabin Air Filter
This part is found in many new vehicles. It filters out dust and prevents pollen and allergens from getting into your cabin and also keeps the inner workings of your heater/conditioner clean.
When to replace and what happens if not changed
Cabin air filters are usually changed after a year or even earlier if required. Its lifespan shortens when frequently used on dusty roads and polluted atmospheres. Replacing this filter is cheaper than other parts and do not require much technical knowledge.
A clogged air filter is the root cause of the poor performance of your vehicle's heater, air conditioner, and defroster. Failure to replace a clogged air filter will affect the way your car operates and may even cause the premature deterioration of your air conditioner's inner parts. To make matters worse, warranties don't usually cover damages of this nature.
If your car's air conditioner or heater doesn't work properly, check the air filter. If you don't recall when you last replaced the air filter, it's best to get a new one immediately.

Engine Air Filter
A car's engine requires a constant stream of air to function efficiently. This stream of air flows through the filters, which prevent dirt particles from getting into the system and causing any damage. Like all other filters, this one needs periodic replacement as well. Engine air filters are cheap and easy to replace.
When to replace and what happens if not changed
Engine air filters must be changed at least once a year, though this widely varies from car to car. Some vehicles are equipped with an indicator telling the driver when the filter needs to be changed. If driving on dusty roads regularly, you may need to replace it more frequently.
An air filter that is clogged will gradually start to choke your engine and its components. The car will burn more fuel than usual, affecting its efficiency and performance.
The spring season is said to be the best time to get your engine air filter replaced. There's wisdom in this advice since the engine would be all clogged up by springtime with all the dirt and debris caught from summer through winter.

Axle Fluid
Apart from engine and cabin air filters, most vehicles (especially cars with all-wheel drive) will also require occasional replacement of differential or axle fluid. This fluid must be in proper condition to increase the component's lifespan and improve its efficiency.
When to replace and what happens if not changed
Always refer to the owner's maintenance manual for the instructions about the axle fluids and the required frequency of replacing it. Some cars require an axle fluid change after rough use. Some do not require a replacement at all, while others may need it quite frequently. If you use your vehicle heavily, such as four-wheel driving on a regular basis, then this kind of maintenance becomes imperative.
Not replacing the axle fluid of your car will result in a reduced lifespan and create complications in the functionality of the components.
It will be beneficial to regularly replace the axle fluid if your vehicle travels in off-road areas. Better yet, replace it right before going to places where you might have to cross streams. Water entering and mixing with the substance can cause serious complications.

The battery is one of the essential components of any vehicle. The constant cycle of charging and discharging weakens it and will require replacement.
When to replace and what happens if not changed
A car's battery typically lasts between 2 and 5 years. It is advised to get your battery checked for any technical issues. If there are signs of inefficiency or weakening, it's time to get it replaced.
Driving your vehicle with a weak battery can cause unnecessary problems. Starting your engine might cause you troubles, including problems with several systems that run on your car's battery.

To avoid any of these hitches, consider getting it inspected after a few years of use. It will not only save you from stress but also from car towing charges.

Summing up, do not underestimate the importance of knowing all the DIY-serviceable parts in your car and when to replace them. With these handy tips, you save yourself from having to deal with unnecessary repairs and costs!

Above is a list of service parts, that can be maintained by most drivers on the own vehicles, the rule of thumb is, when in doubt ask a professional - so if there is something your quite unsure about - Then make an appointment to get your car checked by a Mechanic. You can't beat experience, and the last thing you want is a $200 problem turning into a $3000 problem.